Recession is right around the corner - Perfect Time For Money Magick

Dear fellow forum members,

Times are getting quite rough. All around the world stores are closing, people are being quarantined.
For the next weeks (months) a betterment is highly unlikely & where I live home quarantine is already mandatory.

I want to encourage all of you who are affected by this situation to NOT just live through it but use this time to better your life. As a lot of businesses are forced to shut down you may not be working your day time job for a while. Let me give you a tip - now is not the time for Netflix. Now is the time to grow in every possible way and manner to come out of this global crisis and be your best self.

Start perfecting your magick, practice more often now that you have the time. Communicate with the gods and spirits, to elevate your soul and being to new heights.

Don’t forget about your finances. The end of this current story is not yet known but what I can guarantee you is that liquidity and monetary resources will always allow you to live a better life, having the freedom of choice. The freedom to choose what to buy, where to live and how to construct your day.

So use this time to pick up a side hustle, be productive in any way and get ahead of the curve. Do not focus on worrying, fear, and panic. Be prepared for everything to come, that means also for everything after this epidemic. When the smoke settles you want to have full pockets and an empowered mind ready to take on the new chapter.

What helped me greatly is working with spirit Bune. Bune has helped me to find my place in business, a direction and the will for constant growth and expansion in every direction. This is why I want to motivate you, reading this to consult Bune, especially during these times. If you are worried about the future, about your finances or just life in general Bune is amazing to talk to. You will be guided and rewarded, if you bring the work ethic, respect and willingness to give back.

If you want to know more about Bune, and i.e. what offerings to use you may check out this post that I wrote here.

If you are in concern about your health situation I find that father Lucifer is a great teacher to consult. He always seems to calm me down and put me back into a place of empowerment when everything seems to be crashing down on me. Of course, respect is the key but father Lucifer has shown nothing but pure empathy and blissful energy to me, every time I consulted him.

I hope that this post encourages you to make the most out of these times and grow.
Until then best of Health, Wealth and Power to all of you fellow members.


Very encouraging.

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great ideas :black_heart: I totally wasn’t even thinking about money workings

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Totally agree. Now is the time for self-empowerment. Opportunities like this don’t arise often.


I’m going to evoke duke bune



Thanks for the encouragement!
I have been a seller for years, studying, qualifying as a sales agent, i have visited large companies … i stopped because of the crisis … which is above all a crisis of trust towards colleagues and companies that betray your trust and ignore what is there 'honesty!

I live with my parents and i am looking for ways to create an altar for the Duchess Bune in my room. I would like to ask you if, on the same table, i could create one for President Buer or if you believe that i risk offending Duchess Bune. I have nighttime awakening problems that i can’t solve with diets and medicines. So i also need Buer’s help.

I apologize for my English and hope to be able to testify my Faith in the Duchess Bune soon as you and other forumists.


In my opinion,spirits they really dont worry about seperate altars as long u shw respect to them n u have to ask duke bune first for that matter.

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