How win a scholarship

Greetings gods of heaven and Hell.

I am about to apply for a major postgraduate scholarship which requires one to sit for technical examination upon nomination(electrical engineering).
Please how can I influence my fate positively to win this scholarship?

thank you for your anticipated magical help.


Make a lucky spell candle. :smiley:

Generally - Orange candle, lined in gold thread.

Hope it helps.


I would think that you could evoke a spirit that deals with influence. @DarkestKnight am I correct?

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why you laughing though?

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SIR, kindly and clearly spell out what to get and how to go about it. thank you

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I wasn’t laughing, sorry if you took it that way.

I don’t know any spells / incantations. I just know how to manipulate energy and use candles from time to time. <— This may help you as well. If you are interested in learning a candle spell for luck.


I will say that you can search the forum for what I recommended

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King Paimon is a spirit who can help you. He is a master of all arts and sciences so can help prepare you to sit for the technical examination, and he also excels at mind manipulation and can help sway the minds of those responsible for choosing the applicants.

You will still be expected to work hard though. King Paimon can be a stern taskmaster.

A search of the forum will bring up all you need to know to ask for his help.


what are you talking about sir? i dont get you.

@joherb_theo there is good information here:

If you search for the name KIng Paimon you will find many posts with information: :+1:


thanks Admin. Can i combine hindu mantra and goetia demons for this purpose? isnt it dangerous?

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Do them at separate times, both the holy and the profane are yours to command as co-creator of your own reality, but mixing things is like mixing delicious roast meat with chocolate, both are very good but they should not be put in the same bowl and consumed at the same time, or you lose what makes each special.

Use #2 & #4 Incantations from this before working with goetia demons:

Newsletter with 4 incantations

4 Incantations To Conjure Limitless Power - LIVE

(I am moderator, not admin, by the way! :smiley: )


ok thanks. What about combining judeo christian prayers and hindu mantras(saraswati mantra) at different interval? someone here said hindiusm is linked to Djinns. how true is that? thanks

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Keep it simple for now, focus on 1 or 2 specific methods is better that trying to mix everything into the same working.

I do not have an opinion on the link between Hinduism and djinns but maybe another member does. :+1:

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I made that mistake in a previous post.

Djinns are directly related to the Quran, not Hinduism. The best way to research Djinns is to begin researching the basics of the Quran.

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Been affected by magic done by muslims whom I supposed invoke Djinns on me. I barely sleep, pin-piercing pains, entities moving over my left foot and biting other parts of my body.

what could be done sir?

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@Lady_Eva But I love chocolate and bacon! :cry: lol

But listen to the Lady, @joherb_theo. I use to combine some magickal methods, but I use them on different steps of the whole process.

About the exam, Vapula has the power to enable a period of practice that makes you an expert in any area of study. Call him and ask help to study.

Paimon can manipulate some minds in your favor. Orias can work on “judges” mind to perceive you worthy and skilled, so you can win a competition (in that case, your scholarship). Auns can be helpful by improving your creativity in writing if you need to. If you’re going to an interview, Ose can make you look more skilled or intelligent than you are, so you can make a good impression.

All that said, you have to take those informations and work by yourself. I’m being vague on purpose here, because you need to look to this and make your plan. After you have it, and had studied a lot, you can work your way into these magick operations, opening your road to success.

And also, do your best. To put things to work you have to make your own effort in the physical realm. In that case, eat those books on your breakfest. And good luck, wish you the best.


pgod of light or dark, please kindly outline practical step to call vapula and others. I need 80/100 mark to get the scholarship. Quite competitive. though i have strong faith that i have been nominated for the scholarship already.

Madam, pls between Vapula and goddess saraswati of hindu tradition which is more effective?


First, I believe that you wanted to say “sir”. lol

But I’m not that old yet (I’m 31), and the queen never gave me that title, that lady… :rage:

Second, I never worked with Saraswati so I can’t say how powerful she is. But I believe that’s your intention, emotions, energy, desire, everything you put on your magickal operations that does the work more efficient.

Also, magick takes time. Do your operation, know that is going to happen and forget about it by studying a lot!