How to train your legion


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I love this!
Great to hear that they worked. I have been following up your activities with your legion.


you can do that yourself.

legions can be housed inside a pocket dimension.

i do not recall seeing servitors building one,
but it’s worth a try, right?

I’d combine that work with the guidiance of a powerful magick teacher like thoth / amaymon / Asmodeus or Hecate.

so the servitor legions are supervised by someone who haves the necessary skill level.

Hecate created her own pocket dimension by herself,
she’d be my first go-to on that project. :wink:

Same for Asmodeus and Amaymon, those can also clearly teach the necessary skills.




Could I make a pocket realm from my Astral Temple?


I think that, by definition, the astral temple IS a pocket realm, mate.

We should ask those who know more about this, such as @anon48079295, but I’m pretty sure it is.


I agree.

If you have an astral Temple,
you already own Astral space.


@Yberion can I pm you ?

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Anyway I could get a legion and be part of this?

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The guy who made the legions had a deadline for applications. It ended in February. Sorry bro.



Yea, because he had originally offered for 10 Mages to participate and in total he had to create legions for more then 120 People.

each Legion is a total of roughly 2000*2000 spirits, => 4000000 times the 120 people that requested getting a legion;

So @Qayos created roughly 480’000’000 spirits. (half a trillion)

I think it’s fair to say,
that he could have easily charged,
and i want to make sure that he or his buisness benefit from the huge great work he did for the Balg Community.

He certainly done enough for his practice. :wink:


You could still create your own by yourself.

There’s shitloads of explenations and guides on the forum already,
because that question came up a couple of times.

So i won’t re-post everything here,
please use search function.

Still, a short summary on how you do it:

Create a servitor,
from your own essence.
Make it feed on random stray astral entities and thoughtforms (many of them look like eels, or worms)
Give it the Attribute,
to collect enough energy and self-duplicate until it reaches the critical mass for filling an complete legion.

The exact number for that is 1066 x1066 copies.

Once the Spirit has self-duplicated to the according energy pool you’ll have a legion, all of them listening to the same name and working in unicin as if it was just one servitor but marching in a legion.

From there,
just like the normal participants of the project,
you’ll have to disect the Legion and focus on working with them,
to define and find special properties in certain individual spirits,
as they define more specifically into proper rolls and professions.

You can define them further once they’ve been created,
so the original base code structure of your first servitor should have a death switch in it,
and a few general abilites,
alongside with much space for editing and later definement.

To adjust properties,
after the creation,
please use the Spell / command “jajuji”.

quote: " stand alone
And gaze upon the battlefield
Is all that’s left after the fight
And I’m searching a new way to defeat my enemy
I’ve seen enough of death and pain

I will run - they will hunt me in vain
I will hide - they’ll be searching
I’ll regroup - feign retreat they’ll pursue
Coup de grâce I will win but never fight [mercy killing]
That’s the Art of War!

Breaking the will to fight among the enemy
Force them to hunt me
They will play my game
And play by my rules
I will be close but still untouchable
No more will I see suffering and pain
They will find me no more
I’ll be gone

I will have them surrounded
They will yield without fight overrun

Coup de grâce

I will win but never fight
That’s the…"
-end of quote.

~ can’t help myself, but i heard “Overrun” as “Oberon”. ^^ :rofl: :crown: :love_you_gesture:



and yes,
if you calculated yourself,
you’ll notice that the spirits quayos created are only: 136362720.

But that’s without counting in the spirits that didn’t work as intended,
had to be re-done,
the ones which wasn’t publically visible because conversation went just only via PM,

So please do not bother asking him for any more,
until he offers it by himself.

Thank you very much. :trident:




Majority didn’t receive a legion as he became really busy and dropped off the face of the earth, so gotta count that in too.


Thank you, velenos I didn’t know of that.

Last I heard he was still working on them dissecting them into batches.

But good to know that.

Hope the guide above is helpful to those that missed out. It’s actually better for spirit loyalty of people make their own.

Maybe we can write a more clear detailed guide and provide a template for the creation process.




This was his last update

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I was wondering, one of my legion members, (specifically one which is one of my harem members,) seems like she has a unique personality, so is that possible?

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Servitors depending on how they’re made hold bits and pieces of the creators sub personalities that can create a “new” personality as they learn and develop as well.


If you give souls to all the legion members, can they still be a hive-mind?

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Hiya everybody! :slight_smile:

Batches 6-9 have been sent out, along with a few stragglers from future batches. The rest will be out this week! :slight_smile:

I’m also going to be making an official “How to Train your Legion” post, for anyone looking to optimize their creatures. As they are the weakest constructs I offer, it stands to reason that some will need a workout! :slight_smile:

I welcome any success stories by the owners of the legions. :slight_smile:


Well, man, I thought you were battling the COVID.

Anyway, glad you’re okay.

A few of us have conducted some experiments, with no real success, so a how-to penned by you would be REALLY useful.


I was! I spent the last few months fighting it in my area and securing the locality from it. Since it’s defeated here, I have more time on my hands! :slight_smile:

I have noticed that some people have posted success stories, but not many. I’ve also been PMed about such stories! :slight_smile:


I think I did manage to get the legion to interfere some software, once.

Anyway, we should go about this again, shall we? :wink: