How to supernaturally get money?

Money iessue how to get supernaturally money help me!!!

Try the book “Magickal Riches” by Damon Brand or work with the spirit Bune

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Dear Onkar, Go for Dhyaan Guru Youtube channel. You can find tons of products. I am also Hindu and using many of his mantras. You are from which place in India ? I am from visakhapatnam

Thank so for respond. Am from Mumbai I do believe in matra but don’t use spells are more better…

You can call Nikita, people seem to have good results with her.

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To be totally honest with you, I wouldn’t waste your time on cash money.
Money has a lot of energetic inertia, since people are so preoccupied with it.

I would suggest doing spell work to acquire whatever it is you want to money FOR. Totally cut out the middle section, and just get what you want.


That’s what am asking but how…?

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