How to summon the Archangel of Death, Azrael


I would like to know how you summoned the angel, please


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Im new to using forums so i hope this is the correcr way of messaging you, if not my bad lol . Well i was wondering if you would be able to provide and share rhe rirual for summoning Azrael. I would greatly appreciate. I enjoyed reading your post and it goes to show you that its never a good idea to be disrespectful to a death entity lol


Iminterested in azrael rite


For all interested on how I did the summoning I will provide the rough way I did it back then because I can’t find my old journal.

I took the ritual of Choronzon by Aleister Crowley and changed it so the name invoked is that of Azrael’s. The setting was a pentagram on the floor made by black sand and I utilized a triangle of the art with his sigil on its 3 corners with a scrying mirror.

Hope this helps somewhat. Though I suggest making a sigil for him by the method EA provides in his books and yt video.


Hey could you tell me the summoning ritual please


Welcome @Summoner. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


I like how you used a ceremonial method to summon him. It shows a lot of respect. When I first summoned him I pushed my body to the brink of death and then used my blood to call to him because my intent was to strike a contract with him. I would not suggest this method because he only responds to these when he chooses to, but it was effective. I find that recently the best way to do it is just to use his sigil, a black feather, a small offering of life and death, and a single candle. Since I work with death and blood as my primary I make a small blood offering to cover the life and death aspects(1-2 drops). If you decide to try this let me know your results, not sure if its just a personal line I have established due to contract