How to summon the Archangel of Death, Azrael

I tried looking for the Chronozon rite online and I didn’t see it. Could you please send me the site it’s featured on?

mr titan please can you kindly send me a seal of Azrael,he was once in my be frn with me so i know how he is but i cant invoke him.

Here is an idea. Write Azrael down, and then compile all the consonants and the first letter (minus the vowels, basically A Z R and L) into whatever form of a sigil you like. That also works in a pinch.


can send me a step by step on what u did
2ed if i gave u a pic of me can u azrael tack me befor my time

First I kindly reply that I cannot be a mediator or medium between you and Azrael. As for how to invoke him you can follow the video of E.A on youtube on how to construct a sigil and that will suffice. The way I did it was through ceremonial magic so if you haven’t performed ceremonial magic before it might not work well for you.

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@abc1 First things first: if you’re having thoughts of hurting yourself, it is important that you discuss them with someone who is qualified to help, such as a crisis helpline in your country. Please visit this link to find the appropriate number:

If you feel that you may be an immediate danger to yourself, please call your local emergency number or go to your local hospital emergency room right away. If you are unsure of the right number to call, please visit this link and call the number next to the country where you are located:

Please seek help from a medical professional if that’s where you’re at right now.

Almost every country has a similar crisis line and people who are waiting to hear you out, and help as much as possible.

There’s also a Reddit group that offers non-judgemental peer support for anyone having thoughts of harming themselves, it looks pretty decent:

And this is an article especially for anyone dealing with shame over feeling, or having felt, that their life had become unliveable:

We need to know you’re safe before we can talk magick with you, so please try to talk to someone in your immediate vicinity if you’re serious about wanting to die, because it IS before your time.


can u point me to a medium how can summon him 4 me

You mean like a tool for communication with him?

well yes… i want to die but i cant kill my self. i want Azazel to tack me before my time

It’s best to use magick to try and get a kife worth living.

This forum isn’t a suicide-assistance community, I posted links for you above to get help or talk to people who can understand, please seek help with this, it would be highly irreseponsible and possibly under some circumstances illegal for people to assist you in this quest.


As Lady Eva said this forum is about the advancement of one’s life through occult studies and practice. Our goal is to ascend and in the process solve our mundane problems that arise as in anyone’s life. Even if I knew a swift, proper and powerful way to summon an entity to take you I would still not tell you. And do not think that I am a “goody two shoes”, I am suffering as I live as well but death is only an Ultimatum on one’s path, it’s the last step. I suggest you try to find some support if you have suicidal thoughts or depression. If you don’t and just want to die, then, believe me, going through a ritual or letting an entity take you is far worse than death and I have experienced it.

Hey Alexander12, I was wondering if you could please pm me the rite and instructions for summoning Azrael? I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

(I’m still figuring out the website. I’m sorry about the confusion and multiple deleting. )

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I ll try to find my journal, if I do I will pm you

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Welcome @BlueRose. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the New Magician and Introductions area, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


I would say the same methods of demonic evokation my work on it,
i really can’t say completely sure.

Since for me,
he just aproached me one day, merged with me,
and basically chose to evoke me, rather then i evoking him.

Interestingly enough it was around a time where i was really considering getting rid of a person in close range,
and a friend of mine suggested me to work with him.


Sorry, i wish i could be more precise on that.



Well, that “real Expierience” is easy to claim, when you find things just “amusing”.

However, many actually WORK! to gain expierience,
and if you really have the expierience you claim,
you most propably relied on their work a few times yourself.

Unless you’re the single allknowing being, that doesn’t need to bother to talk to anyone, becouse it’s words are merely meaningless.

Now, regarding the push against “backpaddeling”, it is actually part of good manners,
to listen others out, and agree where they’re right,
and admit that the insight’s they hold are valuable.

That is NOT a sign of weaknes,
quite indeed, it’s a sign of being capable,
to interact in healthy ways with others.

Regarding the statements about death as being a be-all, end all force wich can not be represented by beings, well, i’m sure people like Micah, Dante Abiel, and a good few other on here,
really could teach you a bit or two,
if you were ready to listen to them,
and what they’ve learned first hand.

thank you for being humble and not arguing with the fool.
Much apriciated.




Thank you for letting me know. :blush:

Thanks for putting out your opinion and statements, true enough, the individual there seems knowledgeable and Iam in no place to claim otherwise since I do not know him /her. My comments and convo was simply me explaining that I experienced a certain event as others as well when practiced that and simply used the terminology (eg Death Angel etc). I don’t believe one can evolve through arguments so I won’t, I just don’t like people telling me that I try to miss lead or to control them. Once again brother thanks for your kind words, advice and understanding. Infinite blessings~

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Regarding Azrael though… maybe he saved you all those times because it wasn’t your appointed time to die.


I would like to know how you summoned the angel, please