How to summon the Archangel of Death, Azrael


OK simple and clean as the title says. Any possible ways to summon him?
Ive searched around but nothing satisfied me. Any insight here would be helpful! :smiley:


Angels are best summoned into crystals. However, I don’t see why you can’t summon him like anything else.


Azesiel Thanks for the insight I know that angelic forces can be summoned to crystals but I was looking for something else. Anyway I found a good summoning ritual and I will soon post it here :smiley:


This is definitely something I want to try in the future. The title itself would sound as a paradox to almost anyone. But Azrael is one I would like to learn necromantic rituals from.


Well I found a rather strange way to call him. Well I was browsing through some rites and I just stumbled upon one of my old research archives that had the title
"Rite of Choronzon" so I went through my notes and kept reading until something stroke me, I could modify this ritual for Azrael. I was sure - I dont know how - but I was certain it would work. So at the time one of my aprentice’s asked me about Death entities and I suggested Azrael. He wanted a ritual so I provided my rite and warn him that he would become my guiney pig because at the time I was busy that particular month so I couldnt do it. Anyway I gave him the instructions with my modifications. The thing is that the aformentioned “apprentice” he does not follow my instructions in almost anything and when he fails because of that he is a crybaby anyway. Within the next 4 hours he called me terrified and excited. He did the rite but he did not follow my procedures and proper etiquette to speak to this entity. I had provided him with a Universal circle and he called him there plus using E.A Koettings Alash tad alash incantation. Well he described to me that a heavy presence where at first in the room and he was feeling powerless and he felt drained of energy. Then he heard him. He said What do you want mortal and why you call me. Thjats where he did the mistake. He is extremely arrogant so he spke to him very offensively and tried to use a spirit binding trap to force him to tell him something. He told me he immideatelly choked! He was feeling a bing palm choking him and he felt the immense power he was holding. When he released him he fell down on the floor.

After that I told him that it was rude to speak to such entity with no respect. He insisted to call him again. I told him that it was dangerous as not to piss him off but I gave him again perfect instructions. The 2nd time he came again with the same power and energy that filled everything with death. He told me that when the Azrael arrived every dog in his neighborhood was barking like mad. The 2nd time he spoke properly and he asked that when the time upon his death comes to make him just a dead spirit and not let him pass on. He laughed and told him that he would require 1000 souls for that but he was just playing with him. When he continued to ask he asked for 1.000.000 trapoped souls and that if he do that he maybe will consider to do it. He was not satisfied with that and then he did it again! He thought he could manipulate him. That momment he fell in the floor and had extreme spasms. Azrael then upon his depart said to him that if he calls him again he will defenitely kill him for his arrogance.

Well I just wanted to give a heads up and to let you know that I found a valid (at least for me) way to summon him up. If anyone wants the outline Ill gladly pm to him the rite.


[quote=“Barskevilles Dog, post:1, topic:5316”]OK simple and clean as the title says. Any possible ways to summon him?
Ive searched around but nothing satisfied me. Any insight here would be helpful! :D[/quote]

The Necromantic Riual Book is full of them , its out of copyright so just search for it with pdf at the end.


[quote=“Uru, post:6, topic:5316”][quote=“Barskevilles Dog, post:1, topic:5316”]OK simple and clean as the title says. Any possible ways to summon him?
Ive searched around but nothing satisfied me. Any insight here would be helpful! :D[/quote]

The Necromantic Riual Book is full of them , its out of copyright so just search for it with pdf at the end.[/quote]

Thanks for the info :smiley:


[quote=“Barskevilles Dog, post:7, topic:5316”][quote=“Uru, post:6, topic:5316”][quote=“Barskevilles Dog, post:1, topic:5316”]OK simple and clean as the title says. Any possible ways to summon him?
Ive searched around but nothing satisfied me. Any insight here would be helpful! :D[/quote]

The Necromantic Riual Book is full of them , its out of copyright so just search for it with pdf at the end.[/quote]

Thanks for the info :D[/quote]

As its something i wanted to do myself , i was forewarned by some of the more experienced members to make use of a Psycopomp before moving forward with any of the rituals from the Necromantic Ritual Book.

If you live near a Mosque , spend time praying there as there will be fresh dead bodies nearby which will bring you closer to understanding Azrael , the Angel of Death , he is neither good nor bad, .


I have already established communication with him at this point and from what he revealed to me I had met him apparently when i was younger. At some point my Grandfather which I loved verry much died at the age of 103. So I went alot to the cemetery when i was a kid to visit him I had peace of mind everytime i was there. So there is a special kind of festival/celebration if you want here in Greece wich is called The Saturday of the coming of dead souls(spirits). At that night everyone gather at the church to pray for the dead spirits to be in peace. Behind that church there is the cemetery. I was at the age of 9 but already from my 5 I was a boy of the church and I had special place in there since i was one of the kids that acompanied the priest every sunday a the rites. Anyway that night i happened to fall asleep on a grave of someone who had died 3 days ago. Azrael explained to me that the tall man with the black robe that I saw on that night it was him and he visited me because I was sad and he felt my pain. Also he revealed to me that he protected me on a number of occasions. (I nearly died almost 12 times because of accidents and various other tottaly unexplained reasons) Anyway Iam glad that Iam able to be in touch with him he is such a great teacher and very wise Archangel.


Honestly people death doesn’t just come, unless you have death to pay. It doesn’t work unless you dead. I seen death more than once and he refused to take me, so yes it’s not that easy. Oh and Angel of death is not a good guy his evil.


That’s really a point of perspective. Death is absolute in terms of mortality (of humans). I had my fair share of experiences. Exploring the effects after making contact with a death entity is a matter of choice.


Can you send me the ritual to summon Azrael?


Basically, You just change the name in the rite of Choronzon (can be found online :wink: ) and you use the corresponding magic square for Saturn creating a sigil for him. You follow up either an invo or evo and address him politely. Its better done outside with a portable altar. Those are pretty much the basics. If you still feel like you need more info or an elaborate way of evoking him then message me and I’ll gladly respond to you. Infinite blessings!


He’s an eastern Angel right?


Let me tell you something from my exp. Do not categorize him. He is a force that happens to have an image in our society and psyche. He is a force related to Death. Keep that In mind. The simpler you do it the better. But fair warning and not the kind of “Oh do not call him, he is death yada-yada”. I suggest to humble urself and proceed with standard evo. Have prepared an offering of any kind that has value to you be it food, liquor or anything else. Also, take a bath and be clean. I’d suggest fasting but I will leave it to you. So bottom line from my exp it doesn’t matter what you know, instead look forward to learning directly from him about him.


I’m sorry. Normally I don’t get involved, but I have to clear something up. Death, as a force or a being representing a force, is indeed neither good nor evil. When it is your time, it’s that simple. Death doesn’t set the clock, nor does Death tamper with it. Or any of it’s incarnations. To be saved by an “Angel of Death” is in and of itself a contradiction. I’ll admit, it could’ve been another being guised as what you believe your representation of Death, “Azrael”, would look like, but no Deathly being would “save” someone when it’s their time. And if it wasn’t your time, then they would have no purpose being there, so they wouldn’t be. In simplest terms, though it is much more complex than I could describe to you, they -only- do their job. Nothing more, nothing less. If “Azrael’s” job was saving you, then he or she wouldn’t be a Deathly being. They would be a being of Life. But, as you believe, they aren’t. Therefore, the being you encountered couldn’t have been “Azrael”. Also, a Deathly being wouldn’t have “toyed” with your apprentice. They find no pleasure in such activities. Indeed, they find no pleasure in any activities. They don’t play, they don’t hurt, they don’t cry. They are emotionless, as true Death is. They don’t even find joy in their role. The reason they do it is both because they know of it’s necessity, and, simply put, it’s their role. Finally, summoning a Deathly being will turn up fruitless. Even if there really was a proper way to summon one, they would simply ignore the attempt. True Death is the ending point of all things. Why would it need to answer to a ritual? They don’t come when they’re called. They don’t come when commanded. Or bound. Only when they’re needed.


I agree with what u are generally describing, each and every one of us view things differently. I do understand that “Death” as a universal force cannot be contained in a single entity. What I do understand though is that certain entities can manipulate to some extent those very forces. Azrael, for me, is but a mask for such a force. As for my apprentice the word toyed is but a mere description. Entities in general do not appreciate someone calling them or attempting to and then trashing them. What u say ofc is true as well, some beings do not care as they shouldnt for us. The term I used, “saved” might sound wrong I admit. A being that has powers to manipulate death like forces exist in many traditions. Ofc all these I figured out by many evocations and by other people. I do understand though what you want to point out here and I humbly thank you for your opinion. Cheers!


This will be my final post on this topic, as I can see there is no point trying to point you in the correct direction. You’ve begun backpedaling on what you’ve said, and so I know no matter how clear I make the truth, you’ll keep up your lie. Beings that command “Death-like” forces aren’t “Angels of Death”. In truth, there are no “Death-like” forces. There are many forces of Life, but there is one Death. That is the point of it all. No matter what path you walk in your life, no matter if you’re a spell worker, a king, even a god, you’ll have the same end. Death will take you. Usually I only come to this website to amuse myself with the silly talks of those that dream, but it’s time to set the hard facts. You lie to yourself believing you can change what has never happened into some kind of “turning point” in your life. You lie about your experiences on a website meant to progress the knowledge of those seeking godhood. You present arguments that, yes, have merit to them. However, those arguments have three problems. Firstly, they are highly dilluted by the overly obvious lies sewn into your cloth of a tale. Secondly, whenever presenting an argument, one shouldn’t backpedal. It shows that you’d rather take the attention away from your obvious blunder, try to get whoever you’re arguing with to forget about it, and change it for future reference. And thirdly, you are truly an amateur that does shallow research to try and get recognition where you think you can by being theatrical (even though it wasn’t all that compelling) while you argue against something or someone that has obvious extensive experience in this field, and has a legitimate want for others to ascend. Something you hinder with false information. And sadly, that’s something I’ve seen plenty of on this site, so it doesn’t even make you that special. Finally in this post, I’d like to address the genuinely biggest concern in you. If you have an apprentice, you need to send them to someone else. Admittedly, what you say would normally fool those seeking guidance into believing you have experience. The only problem is that once you actually interact with someone that has real knowledge or experience of the subject, your argument falls apart. Please, seek actual experience in this subject before you try to spread information. Otherwise all you’re spreading is lies and false hopes.


Everywhere there is death, there is Azrael. And death - the process, not just the sign-off at the end of consciousness - is everywhere. If he wants to find you he will. If you want to find him, search for him in places where old things wither and die. You may not want to find him, though.


Well if it seemed like backpedaling it’s not, as I said I accept what you try to point out. Everyone has his/her own opinion and experiences. I do accept that. I indeed used certain words like you say(Angel,death-like, death etc). Now I do not take kindly your way of expressing your opinion about my experience, even if it is something else. I do not intend to impress or lie to anyone here, nor I claimed to be some kind of Ascended af magician that wants to guide others. I do respect whatever experience you have but I dont remember offending you. In any case I will take your words in, reexamine my experience and see where it leads me. But please do refrain from using such words as “if” you know me or what I do. And its not a way to avoid you, no, I am just polite and respect the views, experience, and life of other practitioners. Have a good day sir.