How to summon Naamah

Can someone tell me the easiest ways I can evoke Naamah by certain chants or other rituals?

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I had a vision in which I was told by some random sucubus with purple skin and horns, that if I want to put my tongue inside Naamah’s vagina, I must forget the “Book of the Law”, yet I’ve been to Nahemoth as it is the dark side of Malkuth, the Book has been the light to protect myself from its shadows, yet it prevents me from cummuning with its ruler. As for just contacting her casually like you would do with any other entity, the “Draconian ritual book” by Asenath Mason has a great invocation of her, but you can also do your research and write your own.

What I do is think his name when I go to sleep and meditate with his Enn. You can really notice its energy.

@daulton use the search function. There is a ton of info on working with Naamah on this site. In particular, read @Uncle-Al 's threads on her - they are very good.

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Create your own sigil for Naamah, consecrate it, work on empowering it, focus your goals into the symbol to draw it’s power from the universe.

With the process of making a sigil, you must keep the desire/intent of the sigil and Naamah in mind throughout. The sigil charging process starts before even during the very act of making the sigil.

Create circles around your magical symbol for Neemah. It embodies the energies of protection and focus. The magical purpose of drawing a circle around your sigil is to allow its energy to draw and build and to protect the sigil giving it power.

Some practitioners draw two circles around a sigil to ensure added protection of the sigil’s energy, many fill the space between these two circles with other sigils, magical symbols, and words/alphabet to enhance the energy and the circles protection of the sigil within.

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