Late night video consultation

Tonight right now for anyone who has IPhone FaceTime, I’m offering free completely consultations.

I’ve had some great ones on here with many other forum members so comment quickly PM me your number and let’s get to it.


Shoot. If you only had Kik.

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Ah sorry dude I don’t have it.

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That’s ok

sadly my macbook crapped out on me…perhaps if i get a hang of structuring ill manifest a new one… hah. But did you start your new youtube channel yet?

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No I haven’t made my new channel yet, its in the works though.

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Could you help me out trying to work with Lucifuge Rofocale and i wanted more info about him. There is a lot of misleading info about him i have heard .

@Xblackx Alright, dude. You’ve already been asked once to properly introduce yourself, before you continue going on and on about Lucifuge. Please go to the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum, and failure to do so will result in the removal of your posts and suspension of your account until the rule is respected.