How to solve mental health problems. Just a bullshitty rant

So, earlier on I wrote a post about mental illness and asked if it’s becoming more prevalent or if it’s always been here. And many of you said that it’s always been here as a consequence of the world we live in.

I’ve heard people say that plastic is the problem. It contains a chemical that, when exposed enough, causes a generational decrease in virility. Idk if that’s true.

I’ve always held to the belief that the world’s switch from monotheism to polytheism somehow hurt people as a whole. As this shift distanced us from a natural…thing…like uprooting a plant from the forest floor. I view the world that Christianity created to be unnatural and dehumanizing. I say that because humans are complex creatures, and I feel that Christianity expects us to be simple and shames those who can’t or won’t conform. So, I’d attribute this mental illness issue to be a consequence of this sort of dehumanization built around monotheistic systems, and that they uproot us from a natural “Thing”.

Lots of people like to say that this problem is because we are taken away from nature. However, I live in an agrarian town. Hell, I live on a farm, and farms are places where civilization works alongside nature. Even beyond farmland, there’s lots of natural areas; woods, parks, trails, fishing and camping spots. Sure, they’re controlled, but they’re natural spots. Hell, there’s some forest areas right outside my family’s property. The farm itself has tons of history, and both of our neighbors have ancestral cemeteries. But in spite of all this nature around, I still deal with my own mental illnesses. Hell, I’d argue that they’ve gotten worse. I feel more isolated than ever.

So, idk what to do. I’ve always wanted to find an answer to this question. How do we, as both a society and individuals, cure this epidemic of mental health problems. I mean, life is hard enough without your head getting in the way. How do we cure this collective hopelessness, vindictiveness, and ignorance, so that we can find the natural strength and passion that our ancestors had to get through life? If they, supposedly, had it to begin with.

There’s also a bit more to consider. The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening as it prepares for what’s called the “Magnetic excursion”. This strongly affects peoples mood and anxiety levels, and is part of the craziness we see today. It’s not just us it affects the wildlife too. It’s why we see more beachings, weird migrations and strangely aggressive animal behaviour.

I think you don’t really want to go too far into looking for scapegoats and blaming religions. Good people are good people and stick to a moral code regardless of whether their fertility god is different from their rain god.

Strengthen your electric field, aka astral body as much as possible. Get fit and take care of your spiritual hygiene.
You don’t cure people from this because it’s their choice: you can’t strengthen their psychic protections for them… support them through tough times and teach the kids healthy attitudes and you just do the best you can to lead by example. Be there for them when it’s hard. If or when they come and ask, you can tell them how to protect themselves with good diet and healthy energetic practices as well.