How can you self protect when society is changing in a negative way

Hi everyone,

I have a question. A while ago I went to the stores and I saw an bunch of guys 3 persons, very aggressive towards other people. Now when I did some groceries I saw them again destroying flowers and plats of elderly living there. And knocking on the windows of elderly just to make them scared.

I said don’t bother those people, go and do something else to get rid of energy. Sport etc…
And because I said it, they where looking at me and of course trying to be threatening.
Now I slowly walked away, because 3 people, I was alone. But I do chanted a powerchant of Samael to protect me.

Now unfortunately we see more of those groups and I want to do something about it. Prevent that the next time they attack me.

Let me give you a bit background. We are seeing more and more troublesome people who don’t care about norms, values and respect for woman. They always are with more then one person because there lies they’re power. If they are alone or without weapons they are scared little rats, nothing more.

We gave away that power to individualism and egocentric thinking.
When someone get’s attacked and I see it, I try to do something. But often we don’t see people helping out in any way.

So I was wondering and have some questions to you guys when thinking about magick and spirits:

  1. What would you do when a group attacked you? Yeah ultimately fight back. But in spiritual way?
  2. Is there an incantation that we can use in these situations? Instantly mark someone as a target for a spirit

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For this subject, please refer to the questions, that’s the most important. How do you defend yourself in these situations and can you do something with instant protection/magick


In such a case I’d like to invest into prevention. BTW, fighting back is a bad idea if you are not a professional; all it takes is to get thrown to the ground and its all over, especially if its more than one attacker :+1:

Now to the spiritual prevention:
I live in one of the criminal hotspots in my environment, physical violence is a daily occurrence and if you’re a woman or girl and you’re moving alone you’re considered as fair game most of the time. But I don’t want to give up on the freedom of moving alone at any time of the day or night, so whats one to do? Right, flying under the radar. My most successful approach for this is energy manipulation.
I’ve learned to mute my energy down. It came to my attention that its not always the “on sight” effect that attracts an attacker (or more). There seems to be a connection in between considered as a target and nervous or overall “loud” energy, even if you avoid eye contact or other interactions, etc. It triggers something in our fellows. Think about dressing up really noticeable or out of place in a certain setting: people will notice and probably approach you. It seems to be a similar case with energy. So tone it down. Take notice about how your energy behaves during different times of the day; you will find that a lot of the time its fidgety and all over the place. Try to call it consciously back inside of you.

It really works. I haven’t been approached ever since in an aggressive way (not even slurred at) and I am frequenting places that invite all kinds of police headlines.

Certain shielding techniques can be used to tone your presence down, as well.
If you really really really WANT to work with a spirit on concealment: Bael would be one of your first choices.

I am not sure if you will find the time to remember incantations when you are directly confronted with a “fight or flight” situation (remember: if you are not a MMA champion or a heavily armored special force dude its ALWAYS flight. Don’t play the hero. This is not an anime and you will not turn into a Super Saiyan). I would stick with spirits who are good with keeping your head on your shoulders (everything thought and intelligence related will help you out in a dire situation). Call on them and they will see things through with you without a fight.


Thank you. I find this very interesting. There is certainly the energy of an easy target. For example bullies don’t pick an Kung Fu expert. They pick the guy they can handle.

In my case I always feel the pressure to help or to say something so I’m the guy who they pick out of the crowd. I hate unfairness, injustice. They can feel that energy. On the other hand it’s my power too, so some are doubting in attacking because of that power. So I wandered to use that in calling a spirit. But yes you’re right, avoid when I can. But If I cannot, I’m searching for something that can change a situation instantly, or energy. Very interesting :slight_smile:

On the other hand I’m using prevention in a prayer I’m doing with Samael.


If its about seeking justice for someone else I would go with Belial. Not in the fighting route, at least not on your own. I would ask King B. if he could send a police car into your direction “by chance”, how convenient would that be. Or a bunch of heavy lifters who happen to have a dandy night out. If you’re generally able to attract a group of willing helpers, preferably more people than the count of the attackers, it could de-escalate the situation because strength in numbers. Without someone even doing anything. If you or Belial could spike other people in your area with a sudden fit of courage it could have a positive effect, already (always in a group, or else you could inspire a sweet granny or a physically inept person to interfere, which usually doesn’t end good). For justice.


We were just talking about this in another thread. As I mentioned there, there’s actual physical energetics affecting the planet you have to consider. It’s also why this stresses you more and you’re not so easily able to brush it off.

I posted the physics explanation in that thread:

But the bottom line is, work on your energy body. Then you can withstand the effects better yourself and you’ll also have better interactions. You may even have a positive calming effect on those around you. You want them to perceive you as friendly or, too powerful to bother.

Law of Attraction type stuff: like attracts like, so don’t be like that.

You’ll make it worse… DON’T be like them. That brings them to you.


Thank you both @A_Pariah and @Mulberry

Then I was going the right way. Change my energy to be or invisible or to questionable/powerful/or down to earth to let them go away or to give that calming effect.

Sometimes I’m looking for Justice in an unfair world. That’s hard.
I carry the world upon my shoulder.

Yeah it seems like system that always worked don’t work anymore. More chaos an anarchy. And sometimes like people are crazy

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Another thing you can do to mitigate the chances of a physical attack is to mould your aura into something bigger and scarier. We are, after all, wearing an animal shell and that shell can puff itself up like other animals.

There are plenty of anecdotes around the occult community describing the experiences of people who visualized themselves turning into demons and dragons and other formidable beings to deter physical threats, for example.


I like this, I’m trying something with Samael I’ve learned from NAP rituals.
You can protect yourself against negative people, who harm you shall be powerless and if they try it will return a thousandfold.

It’s not for normal encounters and when your having fun. It’s for the evenings when you walk alone and you would encounter a group who would try to steal something from you. Happened here Friday with an old man.

But I do like all the suggestions here. It gives stuff to think about energywork or aura… Nice!

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I mean, physically, physically… actual high energy cosmic rays are getting through the atmosphere where they were blocked before and MAKING people crazy. Like the full moon on steroids. It’s not the systems those are a symptom. Watch the videos.

That’s why energy working to strengthen and protect your fields helps. That’s physics too.


Self existent one isn’t worrying about DIS ease.

:v: sabbath

I did the reading. Very interesting, I’ve watched the vids now. Thank you for the subtle hint. But it’s a combination. It’s energy of retrogrades too.
A week ago before full moon i had crazy energy. Could get into sleep, waked up very, very early. This week, I sleep a lot, much more then normal. It’s even hard to discipline my practice (power meditation/evocation). Eating healthy i find very hard these days.


There’s also an app called the DisasterPrediction app that tells you when solar flares happen and what the KP Index is. I get a full moon effect with those as well. Only it happens all day.

A KP of 4 and above affects me more than the full moon. Retrogrades don’t effect me at all (they’re illusory and don’t change anything on Earth so that makes sense: they’re basically psychosomatic).
I get tired and cranky. But if you know it’s because there’s a storm it helps you work it out.

The Kp-index is a scale used to characterize the magnitude of geomagnetic disturbances. A geomagnetic storm starts at Kp5 after which the G-scale is also used.

Example chart from NOAA showing a Kp8 storm

  • Kp0 = Quiet
  • Kp1 = Quiet
  • Kp2 = Quiet
  • Kp3 = Unsettled
  • Kp4 = Active
  • Kp5 = Minor storm (G1)
  • Kp6 = Moderate storm (G2)
  • Kp7 = Strong storm (G3)
  • Kp8 = Severe storm (G4)
  • Kp9 = Extreme storm (G5)
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Identify the worst attackers and send spirits of low astral that you can control towards them. They can be tulpas or servers. Or perform psychic attacks. The idea is not to cause serious damage but to terrify your enemies, and use the mechanics of rumor and gossip to make them fear you. Make them think that you have a demonic legion capable of tearing their lives apart. Anyway, if I had that power, I would do it. I don’t give a damn about karma. Do not listen to any opinion of what should be that does not resonate with WHAT YOUR OWN SPIRIT WOULD SEE AS ​​CORRECT IN A HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO WHERE THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR WORK, because only then will you know what resonates with you as just beyond the conditioning of fear or desire.

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When i was reading SAM i remember there is a genius spirit in that book, pretty sure its Misran and all of his powers have to do with protecting, attacking, freezing opponents at the occuring moment and weakening the dmg if they still manage to get u. He gives u a intimidating aura of fear, so u can ask him to make the gangs, groups or whoever these wannabe tough guys are to fear u and people around u or area. If u report them to police he can conceal your idenity from these guys so they wont know.

Honestly if u get Belial and Misran to work together, i think even the most powerful people around you cant touch u for shit, might be reaching but this is what i get from Misran and for belial everyone already knows. :wink:

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Es na ayer Abaddon avage


In magickal ritual, banish negativity, ground yourself, and set wards. There are also a variety of magickal defense and attack tactics you can use, including invisibility spells so troublemakers ignore you, repellant magick to push away intrusive people’s actions and thoughts, bindwork to hinder or stop things, and return-to-sender or curses for getback. What you want to do depends on the situation.

But don’t stop at the magick. Follow up in the real world for best results.

In the physical, practice situational awareness and body language reading, learn real-world self-defense. If you’re in a place where you can register firearms and a state where you can carry, do so. Work on navigating law enforcement as a citizen (including how to be a witness or press charges after an assault or physical altercation, and navigating the legal/court system). Unfortunately, cops and judges need a lot of time to do their jobs while criminals and perps just need an in and an alibi, so you’ll spend more time dealing with cops, lawyers, and judges than you do with perps or criminals even though you’re the victim. It is what it is. If you have a citizen watchdog or neighbourhood watch group, join it and look out for your neighbours. There are other real-world things you can do along those lines; some consideration will uncover more along those lines…

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