How to make a scrying mirror in a shoebox

“Why make a scrying mirror inside a shoebox?”, some of you might wonder. Because it is a simple process, compared to the traditional way of making a scrying mirror. You don’t need to break glass to crumbles, stir it on black paint and glue it on a mirror…and wait a few days to make it dry.

By making your scrying mirror inside a shoebox, you get the depth of view, making it much easier to focus since your focal point doesn’t get distracted compared to a traditional scrying mirror.

To make this kind of scrying mirror, you need:

  • A shoebox, preferable in black.

  • A mirror that fits in the shoebox. Glasscutter could be useful if it doesn’t fit in the box.

  • Glue to get the mirror steady at the bottom of the shoebox.

  • A knife to cut a square on the top of the box, which should be around 25% of the total area. The size should never be bigger than the total area of the mirror, or the focal point and depth of view wont be as effective as it could be.

That is the basics of how to make a scrying mirror inside a shoebox. It is, in my opinion, more effective than a traditional scrying mirror, just because of the mirror being inside the box.


Bumping this tutorial because it’s awesome, and may be especially helpful for new members without much spare cash/needing to be a bit secretive. :+1:


Net a porter boxes here I come xxxx

Just one refinement perhaps, create a false inner lid so you can cover it so it still looks like a shoe box?

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my scrying mirror is! my pc monitor :smile:

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Yes many people use their tablets, pcs and devices - I suspect that is the new purpose for those of us who don’t take selfies :wink:

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