How to offer a bottle of wine to King Belial?

Hey, I’m new here.

I used to work with Belial few years ago but took break from practicing since then and I want to return back to it now. I bought a good bottle of red wine to offer to him and ask him to let me know him better, get initiated into the realms I glimpsed into when I used to work with him, and just generally help me find an ascension.

Now the problem is that I’m not really sure how one is supposed to go about offering a bottle of wine. After getting into the mindset, opening the sigil, calling Belial, should I just open the bottle, state my intent, and let it sit for the night or something? If so, should I pour it to the soil in the morning? Or just put the cork back in and bury it in the olive tree forest near my house at nighttime?

Should I pour it into a glass? It surely won’t fit into a single glass so there’s that issue too. I want to offer the whole bottle so that it becomes somewhat of a worthy sacrifice (since I want to taste it myself too).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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I searched but couldn’t find any information about it.


All that that with barely a few minutes of effort.

Thanks for the links, they answer some of my questions.

I’m still not very sure about opening the bottle, pouring it to a glass, and such though. If I just uncork it then the alcohol won’t evaporate as good because of the small surface area. What would you suggest I do about it?


You offer the bottle to Belial, and let him know that this is his bottle of wine. You pour a glass, set it on your table or altar, and leave for the king to partake at his leisure.

Then, you reseal the bottle, and hide it away, bringing it out only when you are calling upon Belial or when Belial lets you know he would like a glass, as he did with me when I was drinking some cider (the cider was not an offering to him, but he told me that it looked good so could I give him a glass).


Yes, that answers the question.