Disposal of offerings

I usually perform rituals in forested areas and when i finish the ritual what do i do of the offerings to the spirits ? I mean i can’t just leave a shot of whiskey there can i ?


If the spirit has an elemental connection (earth, fire, etc.) you could dispose of the offering into that element, by burying it, or pouring it onto the earth or into a watercourse, burning it, or for air, pouring it into your hand then casting it through the air (like farmers do with seeds).

Obviously that might not always be appropriate but it’s one to consider, with the final statement of “I commit this offering to your element, (Spirit’s name), of air/fire/water/earth.”

Do some divination on whether that’s appropriate of course, but it honours the spirit whilst disposing of it in a suitable way.

If they don’t have an elemental attribution, bury it, or maybe leave it out if it’s edible - but please don’t leave out anything with chocolate, raisins, sultanas, current, or grapes, they’re highly toxic to a lot of animals. :slight_smile:

You can also wrap the offering in clean paper and place it in the trash, doing the “candyfloss” hand-gesture described here before wrapping it,. to ensure that there is no residual energy from the spirit.


In some cases mostly around the african region the offering would not be served in a bowl or cup instead the entity would be called to an object (tree mostly). Then the offerings weather it be alcohol blood of an offering or semen would be spit or thrown on the object while dancing around the object.

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Offerings can poured out in one’s yard, ground, crossroads, rivers, oceans, or even the trash.
I usually just throw it in the trash or in my yard. But there are certain spirits that I go to the female and male crossroads for.

Offerings to spirits carry with them the same theological basis as the communion in the Roman Catholic church. It is called transubstantiation. The Roman Catholic church teaches that the bread and wine in the communion service becomes the body and blood of Christ. That is why, according to their dogma, when you take the communion you are taking into yourself Christ’s body and blood.

When you offer some food as a sacrifice to an entity, you are inviting the spirit to inhabit the sacrifice. Therefore, the same principal applies here. You should eat and drink the offerings you are sacrificing to the entity. The result is that you will become an extension of the entity in bodily form.

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No no no. That is definitely not a rule. You should most definitely not just give an offering then decide to eat it afterwards. It can quite literally poison you.
You should only eat it if that’s your expressive purpose.

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Got to agree with Euoi on this. You would not want to consume an offering inhabited by certain spirits. Something like a death spirit or hot spirit or even one’s ancestors could lead to less than desirable consequences.

Communion is exactly what the name implies, communion or joining of the self with a spirit or force. This is similar to the eating of Runes drawn on bread or cookies, eating the rune delivers the power to the individual, basically a type of invocation. An offering is not the same as a communion, an offering is given to the spirit as either a display of devotion or as part of a working relationship “As I do for you so shall you do for me” or in some instances to appease a hostile spirit.

The majority of my offerings are thrown out in the trash, they are left out for 7 days and then removed and fresh offerings are then given. I throw away my old left overs, anything the spirit wanted should have plenty of time to be consumed in a 7 day period.

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Yes, you don’t want to just go gulping down anything that has who knows what energies imparted and imbued into it, it very much depends on the exact nature of the offfering, the intent behind it, and the relationship you have with that spirit.

I’m going to copy something I posted elsewhere here about the four types of offering that seem most common, there might be others I missed out:

  • ones given to an entity which must never be taken back, for example, offerings made to the dead which will bring misfortune if they’re stolen by the living, things that are destroyed by the offering process, whether by burning, breaking (swords and knives are often found in that state by archeologists, that seem to have been destroyed when brand new and thrown into water courses), or other destructive methods;

  • offerings meant to be consecrated by the the being to whom they’re offered and which are then redistributed for the benefit of humans, e.g., prasad in Hinduism, or the practice of wearing blessed talismans - and, along those lines, I know some Hindus will dress images of Lakshmi and other gods in their own best jewellery during Diwali, and then remove the items and wear them as normal afterwards, which is similar to lending a guest your bedroom while they stay because it’s the finest in the house;

  • offerings that remain entirely unaltered and which humans can also enjoy, which includes any temple or church, and the images of the gods etc., which humans are encouraged to use as focal points for devotion or offerings;

  • offerings that exist entirely in the mind, such as renouncing certain types of food, or fasting completely; devoting one’s entire life to some being, and offerings of time and attention through prayer, celibacy, and so on.

Each has different meanings, the recipient spirit knows this, and there’s a lot of custom and folklore to back it up, so knowing what type of offering you want to give, for how long etc., is paramount.

I wonder if its okay this way i do, i usually offer a spirit beer or something alike - i leave the opened bottle or glass of beer on it’s sigil for 1-2 weeks, then i just usually pour it down the sink afterwards. I just offer these for the sake of offering i don’t always do magic rituals.

Well the purpose is of course to have good relations with those spirits.

That is fine, surprised it doesn’t start to stink and draw bugs by then but the method is fine.

Good to know, actually takes quite a lot of time to get those worms and stuff appearing - but i have a method for that if someone needs :DD

At the same time i could ask, is it ok to have drawn the sigil yourself - even if you were not the most accurate copy drawer? Well some sigils are easier than others at least Lucifer’s sigil is easy to draw. I’d print them otherwise, but i got some bread stuck in my printer…

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Is discarding the Spirit’s offerings right after the ritual, too quick ? As in, i can’t let people find the offering and then dispose it in a disrespectful manner.

God, did I learn that the hard way last month. I offered Asmodeus my last piece of this amazing chocolate I had, and decided against leaving it to nature as, you mentioned Lady Eva, it’s very toxic to certain animals. Throwing it in the garbage seemed wrong. So I ate it, knowing this is done in some practices. And jeeze, did that imbalance me for the rest of the night, my anxiety sky rocketed.

Asmodeus wasn’t angry with me, we’ve been getting on famously together since then. I think he found it amusing tbh, but it certainly was not for me.


Btw, do you guys think that the offering has to be poured into a glass - or can it be an opened can/bottle/something like that? does it really matter?

Whatever has significance for YOU, is sufficient for the offering…

Perchance… I had nothing; was homeless, and had a $5.00 bill, yet, I give this, my possession to you; so that you can feed yourself from it, nourish, sustain, give sustenance to yourself with it. This would be a very significant offering; an emotional bonding and meaningful transaction occurs between us, no?


The[/i] same $5.00 bill, extended from the hand of an opulent man, driving about in his Lamborghini, fur coat dangling about his hide, gold rings dancing about his fingers; extends to you this same sustenance as an offering… perhaps, perchance, in your mind, this shows the effort he is willing to put forth in the relationship. None.

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I actually thought it would be something like that, so the spirit feels that there was some kind of effort.

I leave beer in the bottle and, if I offer a spirit the entire bottle of whatever, I do the same. A shot or some wine would obviously go in a glass. I try to make it as clean as possible and only use a glass that I use for offerings. I don’t think that’s a rule but I feel it appropriate.
I generally only leave my offerings/payment out for 24 hours. I do that because I have limited space that isn’t always private and it’s a bitch to explain why there’s a class of wine sitting out next to food items! I’ve never had a spirit ask for me to leave it longer but I always ask. I probably got this from hoodoo but I always give the offering back to nature. I toss the food on the ground and liquid if it’s in a glass. I generally set full bottles somewhere conspicuous without pouring them out. There’s an empty house across the street from me and I was using the backyard as my disposal area but, oddly, the bottles I was leaving started disappearing. Either the spirits were spiriting them away to their dimension or I supplied some kids with free booze!

And yeah, don’t eat or drink what you give to a spirit. That’s akin to you inviting someone over for dinner, serving them and then eating their plate. I’ve heard some people say they’re tried an offering left out for a spirit and they claim the food/drink tastes “flat” or just simply off. No idea if that’s true but there ya go.

Yeah i wouldn’t eat it :smiley: lol, i just thought that coffee could be easy extra offering for some spirits too, hahah. I guess i could buy something stronger than beer to my … “idols of worship” if they tend to like such things as whiskey more. Offerings i usually do are not even asked, i just tend to sometimes do this as some kind of “worship” thinking that it would strengthen our bonds - my relationship with the spirit.


Thor is widely considered by modern pagans to like coffee, you can probably find more about that on google.

Thor is widely considered by modern pagans to like coffee, you can probably find more about that on google.[/quote]I would have thought Thor would be more of an espresso kind of guy…

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