How to make contact with your Holy Guardian Angel?


I would want to know an easy and quick way to gain knowlegde of my HGA.


There is no “quick and easy” method for the K&C of the HGA. Regardless of what method you use, you are still looking at daily ritual for months.

It can take anywhere between 3-12 months. The whole point of the operation is devotion and it cannot be rushed.


Do you think it is safe for me to evoke a goetic demon without K&C with my HGA?


Yes. The members of this forum do so all the time.


Would you mind to define this HGA? Cuz many Spirits have been called HGA this days. Are U referring to your Genius, or a real holy guardian angel?

Also, if you’re gonna be diving into Demonology it’s of no use getting any of those. You may get a Demon as Patron instead. I mean no offense.

Quick and easy way? Surely there is. But most people only think of Abramelin method. Meanwhile, Abramelin daily operation/ritual for six months isn’t just about getting the angel but preparing himself for the venerable science.


From what I’ve heard the HGA is our Divine self, I am not sure. I talked about HGA because I have read that to evoke a goetic demon is safer to have K&C with your HGA. Is that true?would you recommend someone to evoke a daemon without K&C of your HGA?


That’s it. That was why I said earlier that many Spirits have been called HGA this days. But the holy guardian Angel which I know about and which I have is a real angelic being.

Not a must.


Take note of this: Demons aren’t always that cursed, fallen, beastful, dreadful, heartless, easily angered and evil being as people think. There are Spirits who are not demons but worst than them. Who are the real beastful, heartless beings. So it’s ok to talk to a demonic Spirit freely, as long as you are not rude.


To talk to them inside the magic circle while they are in the triangle of art, right?


Yep, if you have enough space, or a chamber or room for occult practice. Which is most recommended. But one must not be rude while inside the circle.

Like, there was a time I called this certain Spirit, can’t remember his name, he was like, “I will not enter the circle if you give me no gift, nor shall I give true answers to you, nor etc”. So I did offered him some sacrifice according to the terms of Sacred Rites. Though I was armed with Powerful and dreadful Talismans, that will striken terror into him and he will forcefully enter the circle, but I didn’t do that. I did his will instead. Such is the way.

But many have complained that they don’t have success using that method of circle and triangle art. And the reason behind their ‘no success’ I know, which I’d rather keep to myself.


What kind of talisman did you have


Using the method described in the Lesser Key of Solomon, using the petagram, hexagram, the ring, circle etc.Nothing could go wrong. Right?


(But many have complained that they don’t have success using that method of circle and triangle art. And the reason behind their ‘no success’ I know, which I’d rather keep to myself)

Curios to see what your thoughts are on this lufero PM me if it’s not too personal for you. If not that’s fine


Yes, but that process, that ceremony is a bit too long. But if you don’t mind, there is no problem.

You may write out your own invocation. Use the words, humbly, beseech, implore. Not just I order, command, etc They will come in a way you don’t like, and if the circle you prepared is not powerful enough, nor are you armed with Talismans that they fear, you’re in danger.

Even if it’s a simple circle you prepared, just two circles, name of some angels around it and the Tetragrammaton; but if you’re armed with Powerful seals/Talismans/pentacles that are dreadful to them, you’re safe. Yet do not mock or abuse them cuz they will tremble in your presence, yes, you will notice it, but do not because of that see them as children or order them any how. Apply total respect. And they shall be willing to always come to you whenever you call them.


These days I’ve been calling Spitits recorded in Theurgia Goetia. Uhh In my first operation, it looked like a whole nation came into the circle. I couldn’t believe it. Now my point is, I called the evil, churlish, stubborn and wicked ones but I was heavily armed, that when I speak they reply instantly. Nevertheless, I still talk like: If it pleases you, O great Chief Spirit, help me send off the Spirit of Darkness troubling so-so person, because I read that thou art excellent in chasing them away where they haunt.
And he, instantly, send from the battalions that came with him to go to the location I mentioned and do as I asked. Such is the way.

Some minutes later I made a phone call to the people the Spirits are haunting, and they said, “Oh we thank God, everything is fine now.”

It’s not really the circle or constraining them that’s rude but the manner of approach. And the manner by which they are constrained.


They are of different types, ready made. I just wear the right one(s) when it’s time to operate.

But with Spirits I’m already familiar with, who has tell me to call on them anytime, who are free with me. I don’t bring out the Talismans, I do leave it under my garment. But calling a Spirit for the first time… Ah I get fully armed. Except it’s a good angel I wanna call.

It’s not my thoughts but what exists, reality. And it’s not personal, it’s esoteric.


So I should call them with authority and commanding but at the same time being humble and pleading. About the pentacles, the ones described in the ars goetia: the solomon ring, The Pentagonal figure of Solomon made of silver with the seal of the spirit on the other side of it, the hexagram in calf skin are enought?



Yes, enough. Though, beside using the seals of the Spirit and the Tetragrammaton seal behind it, I didn’t use anything else from the book. I used those recorded in the Greater Key of Solomon.


Not the same thing, but take a look at this for getting a mentor who’s your Personal Daemon:


By the pentacles in the Greater Key of Solomon, are you refering to pentacles of the planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, The Sun, Venus, Mercury and The moon? The description of the frist pentacle of Saturn is “great value and utility for striking terror into the Spirits”. is that the one you used?


Yeah, things like that. But it isn’t just merely drawing it. Like the first pentacle of the Sun (El Shaddai), I have it casted on a lion skin. It can also be prepared on A4 paper, but an inch of a lion skin must be added, with temple incense, wrap it, and seal it with a yellow or gold thread.

One of it. I use this particular one alot.

The Pentacle which has a scorpion… That one has no ingredients, it can work well if drawn with ordinary ink. It can be drawn on an A4 paper. But I always make them into a seal. After drawing it, I add Sasorabia perfume or temple incense, then wrap it with red silk thread. Very terrible.