How to make contact with your Holy Guardian Angel?


For my first evocation I would want to call duke Dantalion, . In the Greater Key of Solomon, the first pentacle of the Venus says “serve to control the Spirits of Venus”.Should I use the Venus one since Dantalion is a venusian spirit or any other would serve and i can draw it on A4 paper or where? and how the hell did you find a lion skin?


I just checked the book, Goetia, it wasn’t recorded that he is a Venusian Spirit, but if you’re certain that he is, then you can use the Pentacle.

Yes, on A4. With the color that correspondence to that Planet. Or paint the paper the color that correspondence, and write the characters with black ink. Me for example, I would write with any ink color or animal blood, and then seal it with silk of the planetary color.

From those who sell Spiritual materials.


I deduced he is a Venusian Spirit by the metal his seal must be drawn: Copper, which is the metal associated with Venus, and I’ve read the best hours to evoke him are the hours of Venus . Would it be ok if i draw the pentacle in the metal of the planet, like, I draw the first pentacle of Saturn in lead, which is the metal associated with Saturn?


Ok. Cool.

Yes, it would be.


Use Venus, yes. There are often problems with the associations of spirits to their specific astrological correspondences, because they are rather complex beings, and the certainty of their essence characteristic for a particular planet may be easily confusing.

I heard so many versions of planetary influences for Dantalion, that some really made me wonder if people who claimed these influences, really have met this spirit. In one, quite famous list of demonic correspondences he was under Mars/Pluto influences, which completely don’t match the nature of this spirit in my opinion.

He is mainly assigned to Venus/Moon/Jupiter and these planets are kinda alright I feel, but the safest way is to use Venus as a more reliable and tested influence.


I’ve read one of your posts where you talk everything about Dantalion and give tips for working with him. In this particular post you said that.

Great post, very useful.
So you have already worked with him, right? what method did you use to evoke him? Is the one described in Ars Goetia ok?


Thank you, I need to update my post btw but the basic stuff I wrote there are alright.

Personally I didn’t use goetic method, I’m more into invocation than evocation, because I’m rather sensitive and my senses are enough open to spirit’s presence. I wanted his energy to stay close to me, keeping a deeper connection, so I didn’t need to evoke him externally, but that’s just mainly my choice and my kind or the relationship with this spirit.

When I called him for the first time (or rather catching his attention) I used elemental demonic circle according to demonolatry method. I used it once and then I stayed with daily sigil opening and meditation. You can see the invocation there:

I’m not sure if you find it useful for yourself, because there are people who simply prefer to evoke spirits and work with them in more goetic way, that’s understandable. I’m just sharing my experience and you can benefit from it or leave it.

Dantalion is rather a calm spirit and he’s very open to telepathic communication and your thoughts in general, so there’s a high chance that he will hear you anyway. If you aren’t planning to use him more than you are able to give him own work in return, he doesn’t have the tendency to be aggressive or unpleasant, but also don’t be inferior.


Greetings can show me those talisman ki dly please


They are the Pentacles recorded in the Greater Key Of Solomon.

After preparing it, I make them into a seal. Like this:


Because to get them on metals or buy the ready made is not easy, and besides, it works on A4 paper or parchment, so…

See this:

At times I call the Spirits into a crystal ball or a mirror, such as this.

This are other stuff I work around and arm myself with:


Can you actually see the daemons on the mirror? When you ara doing an evocation do you put the seals on your pockets or what and show them when they appear ?
Very good drawing by the way.


Do i have to do all this when doing an invocation to lucifer


Yes, they appear through the mirror.

I use mirrors to call, mostly, Holy Angels. But for other Spirits, Demons, etc I use the mirror for those I’m familiar with, so I don’t use any seal for them.

But calling them via circle, I use the seals. Some I hid under my garment. Some I suspend around my neck. Some are brought out even before saying the Conjuration, but some remain under the garment except there is need for it to be used.

Like there was this Spirit I called long sometime ago. He was just looking at me, won’t reply anything I said. No greetings, no nothing. Just staring at me. So I brought out of the Seal, the type I know will strike terror into him. He was so furious, caused thunder, shouted, and he went on his kneels and said, “Master, how may I serve you?”
I was terrified myself because I didn’t know that’s how things will be. I thought he is to see it and start talking. So I hid the seal. And told him to rise up. Begged him, apologized lol and then he started staring at me again. Would you talk, please?

Him: Anything for me?
So I offered him incense. Then he started talking.


It depends on how you operate.


Amazing experience, thank you very much for relating it. I’ve never done a evocation myself but i’m about to do. The frist time you have done it were you afraid of not working, like, not having the demon responding your call?
About the seal: you draw them on the paper and then you cover them with silk, right?


Demons are not the first I operate with, but the holy angels. Because of what we hear, what we read and what we’re taught about demonic beings. We are full of fear.

And my first magical practice was a big failure, the angel I called Chardiel refused to show up, I only felt strong cool breeze in my chamber of practice, I was even thinking he would show up anytime… But nothing. I called again, same thing happened. But I didn’t stop, cuz we’re taught that if we call and get no response we shouldn’t give up because it takes time for them to acquaint themselves with us, been an angelic seed and human who are of flesh and blood.
This is the art I used then:

Same as my first time invoking a demon. Very strong breeze, blowing here and there in the room but no one appear. Belial was whom I called.

It was around that time I came across BALG. Explained myself here, and that same night I started seeing different entities, appear in my vision, at times it’s their character/seal. I saw a woman that same night under a yellow moon. Later on I found out it was Lilith. So, it’s likt they all came to present themselves to me, or say Hello, lol, like finally, the lost one has come back.

Yes. Some I apply temple incense, some perfume. Some requires some ingredients for it to be powerful enough to subdue the Spirits.


I’ve read this post of yours where you said that

In this case you were not using the method described in the Goetia.Were you? It is said in The art of drawing spirits into crystals that the most pure and simple way of calling the spirits or spirit is by a short oration to the spirit himself. The goetia itself has some conjurations if the spirit doesn’t come, you didn’t use them, right?. In that evocation you said that Belial come as the guy in matrix lol, how did you saw it in the astral?

Regarding your last reply: Is the power of the pentacles the one you attribute to them, like, it can be made of paper, or lion skin you can put perfume or not it is going to have the same power? Because you have done the third pentacle of Jupiter on paper, and in the book is said that it should be made on silver, it would be good if you could explain me this.


Oh No. My second attempt to call a Demon. The first was via physical manifestation, but I felt only strong breeze. So I started looking for other methods that will work for me cuz I’ve never dabble into calling other Spirits but Holy Angles.
So that afternoon…I was meditating about Belial, how will I get to this demons…so let me try astral evocation. I then pictured his sigil hanging in the air, callling out: Oh thou who art without master, called the wicked one, but great king art thou, O Belial, come…to my surprise, the sigil appeared on the wall of my room and vanished.

Yes, some orations are long while some are short. But some of them won’t answer to the oration. Some would come and won’t reveal themselves. Depends on the nature of the Spirit, though.

No, I don’t use them. I’m not forcing them against their will. I’m not going all ‘solomonic’, he misused the powers. I don’t want to.

Recently a Spirit was sent to give me stroke, and he did came twisting my fingers. I first taught that part of my fingers are short of blood, I tried straightening them. But it won’t stop. Then I asked a Spirit beside me, and he said so-so person sent you so-so thing. It’s a deadly stroke. I got furious, not at the faggot who sent me such at attack but at the Spirit who was sent and was really gonna do it. I searched him, I was gonna punish him for it, but then I let it slide. He said he had to do that so I would know such attack was sent to me.
Now my point is, if I would abuse and misuse the authority and power, I could have not talk to the Spirit at all, and just go ahead to suffer him, ‘How dare you!’ I give total respect to all beings. I don’t use terrible words against them. I don’t do binding nor burn them, though some are stubborn and very wicked, evil, but I always try my best to keep my temper in control.

Yes, he did. With big boots, tall. All blacks. I’ve this ability that when I call a Spirit, I could see them hear the call, see those who would hear, look at the direction, see whom it is calling them and ignore and those who would hear and come right away. Space is nothing to them, I mean distance.
So when I saw him coming, some dirty Spirits arose and crossed his path from passing through, he turn back, called his soldiers to clear the way.
And after they did, he walked upto me majestically.

It varies. If they’re not casted on the metal, some are not so powerful. Like one of the Pentacle of Mars, said to be protection against weapons, if written with ordinary ink on A4, it won’t serve more of it’s purpose. But without the metal, we tweak it, write it with the blood of a fish. And make the skin of that fish into a parchment, fold the paper in it, and then seal it with red silk thread. It’s terrible. No weapon so ever would touch whoever is armed with it. Also when a pregnant woman is in labour, having trouble giving birth or there are chances surgery would be needed, just place the seal around her neck. She will put to bed without any stress, in short time.

Yeah, that Pentacle of Jupiter will serve it’s purpose by just applying a sweet and strong odour perfume, or temple incesne. While some of the Talismans doesn’t need anything at all, just draw it, seal it and it’s power!


One more question. Do you think the planetary hours are important? when you are drawing the pentacles, doind the evocation do you observe the hours and the moon ?


Well, yes, they say it is. I’ve observed it in the past, especially when I started, but now I don’t regard it anymore. I do things the right time I need it.