How to make alter to lord Lucifer

Well it’s not help or something every one in balg
Help me out and thnk u guys so much
And merry Christmas and happy new year too
And i want to know how to make alter to lord Lucifer

First off, thanks, and merry Christmas to you too :slight_smile:

Do you have money to purchase things? If so I suggest a black candle, a white candle, and a Lucifer novena candle.

Then I suggest a big paper you can attach to the wall behind the desk for your candles, this paper has to have Lucifer sigil on it

And maybe get a statue of Lucifer to place on the desk in the middle between the candles


This is pretty lengthy but he discusses how to make an altar in detail.

And here are pictures of altars for inspiration:


Lucifer novena candle
What is it

If you search you can find it on Google or Etsy

Okey thank u