How to make a talisman for warding/protection

Yeah I was just interested in his results(he never updated). I’m trying to work on shielding, warding, cleansing, banishing, etc. I searched on here read a lot threads but nothing to help physically with shielding, warding. For example, a physical witch jar can help with attacks/protection. I’m trying to find a physical way to shied/ward/etc. sorry if I didn’t convey it clearly

Ah ok, have you tried a talisman? You can make one out of a necklace that you enchant, and it’s cheap and not conspicuous to wear.


I have made two tailsman but how do you make one for shielding & warding? Haven’t seen one for that. Is there tailsmans for protecting/ward/shied yourself on the astral? There’s no telling what’s happening to me on the astral plane.

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First of all, it’s worth bearing in mind that the magickal one is you, so the talisman will only have as much functionality as the energy you give it.

Then, the way I do this, being a fan of the Norse current, is get an Aegishalmr pendant, which is the “helm of Awe” and has a history and weight of human consciousness giving it strength as a warding talisman.

  • With your pendant in hand, open your circle and call the directions/element/watchtowers as you prefer.
  • With your intention, holding the talisman in the open palm of you non dominant hand, place your dominant hand over the talisman, and easily and surely, notice any unwanted energy flowing out of it deep into the Earth, where it cannot return. This is a cleansing.
  • Next, in the same position, easily and surely, no hurry, push energy from your being into the pendent. As you do so, hold inyour mind that the Aegishalmr will surround you with protection and drive away any unwanted spirits and energies that venture into your space.
  • Keep doing this until you get an intuition that it is enough. If you are tired and feel it’s not enough, it’s ok to repeat this as many times as you like.
  • Close your circle and ground by walking around on the grass outside.

For the house,I actually like old fashioned iron horseshoes nailed above the entrances.
You can also place iron under your bed to help protect you while you sleep.

The Helm of Awe, Icelandic, mention in the Galdrabok I think, as being worn of the forehead to protect warriors in battle. You can seethe idea of it just by the design, like many forked spears poking out in a defensive circle.