How to make a sigil for a succubus?

So, 2 nights ago I had this extraordinary “meeting” with a succubus in my dreams.

After her tonight’s literally four re-appearances I remembered something I said days ago and had forgotten. At that time, I asked to get to know one by name (a rare thing) and that I would make a sigil for her to be able to call her and use it to easier get in contact or anything else… I did put this request “out” and forgot about it.

So, I think she wants me to make a sigil for her, if I judge by the way she acted partially in tonight’s dreams.

Now my problem: I haven’t truely made a custom sigil previously for a succubus, or any other entity.

I looked up the method with the circle of letters and I read about the elimination method here as also another thread regarding “succubus sigils”. But I’m still at point zero and not sure how to progress.

The difficulty:
Her name Adda imposes a special difficulty to use this above mentioned method, because it seems I would be having just a straight line as result… not really a sigil, right? I feel, this may be intentional from her side and part of the difficulty.

I’m not asking for someone to create one or writing me huge tutorials… just, some advice or hints how to go by for this, which will help me to even start or see a path for creating it…

Any ideas or advice?

Did she give consent that you can give her name? If not you put her in a possibly dangerous situation as far as I know man. :thinking:

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I’m not concerned about this. First, there was nothing in her appearances tonight which would in the slightest point that she is not fine with it, while I’ve mentioned her name before. And, usually, I can’t explain it, but if something like this is not ok I get the feeling that it isn’t and if there is slightest of such a sense, I don’t. In this case, rather the opposite was the case, as if a confirming sense that it’s fine.

Usually I’ll try to meditate / sense and such if something is ok before I share. I may be lacking in many areas, but I know the fine details in such regards and taking care usually to never share more than necessary or what seems ok.

Okay, then make a sigil however you liked and ask for her to charge it.

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Would love a crash course in how to form the sigil for a succubus would it work still if I named her because I couldn’t hear her or does it have to be her real name. Pm me please if your willing to explain how I go about this. We have been together a long time I’m always asking for a way to enhance our interactions.

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Are you talking to OP or me?

That’s the issue… how I go about “however I liked”? :smiley:
Don’t want to just draw something random…

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Either or but I feel you would have more incent since me and op are in same boat besides he’s more perceptive then I. But he would probably be able to explain what he knows about the topic and would probably help him to go over the material for his own needs too. I honestly have no idea what I’d draw.

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You can use a random chaos sigil generator for example :thinking:

I mean litterally its just something both of you would see as a fit to your companions.Can you guys not draw that?

You can also make a statement like, I dont know, I call my succubus companion, destroy the repeating letters, mix the rest of the words and there is your sigil.

More important thing is that your partner should charge it, thats what it is all about.I mean your succubus can even charge a candle and as you burn it you would call her, theoretically speaking here.


I have alot of trouble getting visions from her I’ma gov AI mind control victim and the only thing they seem to be doing is trying to prevent me from interacting with her. I used to be tormented 24/7. Do you take out the vowels as well when Removing repeating letters? You still leave one of them right like I’d there’s two T’s or do you take all repeated out. I’m thinking the random chaos generated might be nice and I’ll do the letters were speaking of around the outside of it. I believe she would be willing and able to help charge the sigil. Is the idea about adding the statement to the outside of the random chaos sigil a good idea? Does it matter that it’s not her real name? For the statement what about somthing like "we amplify connection with Brunhild.

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A common way to make a sigil is by taking the name (or sentence you want done) and removing all of the vowels and repeating letters put amd just let your creativity flow by using what is left to create a sigil however you feel is right as long as you cant tell what the letters are and it’s a jumbled mess you did good

You can a sigil for anything. It is merely name binding.

A name doesn’t really do anything, a name is just that a name that can be shared by many. If you met her ask her to give you a personal sigil.

There is an alphabet coding system in the end of the book “familiar spirits” by Donald Tyson
You can use the symbols to form a sigil for the spirit. I found a pdf copy of it so am sure you can find it too!

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I’d just what turns you on while chanting Toward the being in your mind or whatever. Let it develop intuitively, emotionally and creatively. I’ve used sone of the methods and the sigil felt just cold and lifeless attached to nothing.

Use the Rose Cross sigil generator and trace the name onto it.

Better yet, use this version from Goetia Girls:


Thanks for all the tips.

I managed to create a really lovely sigil, that I feel very good about it and which feels even as having something feminine to it (surprise!) or in other words, feels like fitting a female.

I’ll share tomorrow some more about how I went about it, however just in short for now: After getting these infos and leading me to investigate a little more in these directions, it became all different than I were thinking at first.

Now I understand, it is a lot about creativity and getting creative, too.

I won’t share the sigil, I feel that’s not ok at all, but I’ll share some infos tomorrow from what I “went through” until it were done, by just describing things. They may help the one or other who have difficulty proceeding about their first sigil.

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I promised to explain how I went about creating it and “solved” the difficulties I had… so, here it is, even if a bit later.

First, as everyone should, I researched methods of creating your own sigil. There is information about it here on the forum but also throughout the web.

I settled on using the Rose Cross Sigil Generator. However, I would be ending up with simply a line. If you seem to have a similar case, you don’t have to eliminate all vowels, but can keep them as you see fit. What I did is, to not make another straight line back to the first letter, but instead draw a curve to it.

You can connect letters with straight lines, curves, other shapes, if you want. Neither you have to connect the lines back. I used a small circle at the location of the first letter and separated them this way. During this process I thought of different ways to make the “AD” and “DA” in the name, like creating one shape for “AD” and then mirroring it through a fictive separation line I would use. I didn’t do it, but things like these may come handy in future sigils or for someone else.

Then, I realized, the sigil should be more than simply a name. It’s all about intent, so the intent of making the sigil should probably flow into it’s creation. I thought what is it I want to achieve with it? It was the ability to improve our communication, so I added another word in for that.

I eliminated some of the letters in between and added another shape, which I felt doesn’t necessarily have to be connected with the previous one.

I didn’t like the first result. It was too heavy and difficult to remember. So I continued eliminating letters or shaping it different, until it become somewhat simpler and more elegant. Then I overlayed it with the previous shape of her name and corrected length of lines and stuff like this, until it felt right.

In it’s entirety it all felt as missing something though and boring. So, I added another word in, which stands for the connection I wish between us, which was “love”. Earlier, I googled for sigils in general, to get ideas and impressions of regular sigils, what they are created from, speak, what kind of elements their final shapes integrate and so on. I had memorized some partial shapes I liked and felt, would be a good fit for my sigil, when I imagined the being it is created for. So, now, I tried 2-3 of them and I settled on one that felt it’s the right one to use. It was like a heart shaped in such a way, that the top where the heart lines connect is open. I added it on the bottom of a line I added earlier going through the sigil, which had no special meaning but only artistic and helping to draw it easier with the 2 previous shapes, when redrawn.

So, as I add this open heart on the bottom of that line, I notice, how it seems to shape and look like the tail of a succubus, which wasn’t actually neither my intent nor noticed it earlier. Since the sigil is for a succubus, it seemed very fitting though, as it represented not only the last word “love” but also the connection to the being meant.

I did redraw it 1-2 times more, until I felt, that the length of some lines seemed right, making them somewhat shorter or longer or more round. And I had my sigil, as soon I felt, I shouldn’t change anything more.

As soon I activated the sigil by paying attention to the details as described in this thread explaining sigil flashing, that special bottom part of the sigil with the heart looking like a succubus tail, kinda became alive, “beating” as if a heart would… very unexpected, as I were rather expecting some lines to flash.

My findings from this experience in a nutshell

You should become creative when you create a sigil. I thought at first, there is a right and many wrong ways to create a sigil. Well, as I kept researching and reading and while creating mine, I started understanding, there is more than one right way to create your sigil and no wrong ways. There are so many sigil creation methods, they all work.

What matters is, put intent and, one could say, some love in your sigil. Become artistic with your sigil. Breathe some life into your sigil, as an artist would to it’s creation. Breathe your intent in it. As soon it feels, that it represents the being and the reason you may be creating it for, you achieved your goal.

Imagine the entity it is created for. Maybe, incorporate the feelings you get in your sigil or modify it in ways you feel, will fit the entity, like if you would dress him/her in a cloth.

Utilize all kind of ideas that seem to fit to work around limitations, to make it more appealing and so on. I already mentioned using curves, small circles, maybe other shapes, instead of simply straight lines. Adding small details to the end or middle of lines. Maybe replacing letters with their equivalent in greek, hebrew or other languages. Anything else that comes to your mind. I believe this is all fine.

Don’t settle for creating it immediately right. Go through several iterations, throw away ideas and restart if necessary, until you feel it is done.

And if you are still at a loss, scroll through thousands of sigils to enrich your mind with ideas, shapes and so on. In the way designers learn and get inspiration from other designers.

Hope, that helps…

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Can anyone tell me if this a succubus sigil

There’s really no such thing as a racial sigil, this was made by someone on tumblr. If you’re trying to find a sigil for a succubus you’re more likely to contact the sisters or ask a specific succubus for her personal sigil.

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