Do you know or relate to this entity or recognize her name?

It has been a long time since last I had a dream experience with an entity. My current succubus does not use dreams ever, so I’m mostly certain it wasn’t her. But then, who is she? Maybe someone reading this can relate to something knowing or knows something more regarding her name and likes to share?

She first appeared and we spend some time doing things in a normal dream. Later, as the dream changes, she “reveals” how she is more than a dream doll - I could sense she has a full personality and other things. I felt immediately a connection between us, which I’m not sure where it comes from. We also were really close. As my memory remembers it partially, I don’t think we were intimate, but still much closer than just friends would be. Maybe we kissed or similar things.

We were in an unusual state, I think. I don’t remember details of her as a human body, yet I did see her clearly and we definetely interacted with each other. But in memory, it feels as if it were more of an ethereal nature or something - my memory may trick me though.

Her name is Adda (I feel it’s ok to share it). This is a name, I haven’t had heard anywhere before. A little search only gave me a music band called like this. Does anyone know, if an entity somewhat known may exist with such a name? Or if the name has a special meaning? I have the strong feeling, that the name is important. She definetely made sure I would remember it for some reason.

The connection I felt to her is very interesting. It’s hard to describe it though (besides, I’m not good at all on describing feelings or senses I have, especially related to entities). It wasn’t motherly or sisterly, yet neither directly that of a lover, rather of a combination of these, something in the middle. Maybe that of someone “lost”… however, I’m certain, she wasn’t a human soul either. Or maybe, not “lost”, but of something you miss and desire? Not sure… there was a sense however of “I don’t want you to leave” from my side. Really strange…

Unfortunately, my memory lacks more exact details and what I remembered of the event I did only because of something occuring during wakeness, as if it were to make me remember it.

It may be interesting, that it occurs tonight - coincidentally(?) - when I wrote my introduction on this site.

Anyway… maybe someone knows something about that name or can relate it to something you know? Or that of her appearance or the kinda somewhat-ethereal nature reminds you of something or someone you’ve met? Or you may have an idea, how I could find out more about her?

Any and all advice is very welcomed!


Thank you Silent for your feedback.

I was hoping to get some more info, if the name seem to have a magickal meaning or relates somehow more to occult entities or other things… nobody?

It could be something very personal to you and not necessary a deity or a known entity. I hope you’ll find the answers you’re expecting.

Hey dude :ok_hand:
Adda is a spirit who come to me by the name of the Reaper… Not aggressive, but more of a lurker xD So maybe you have some parasyte on you? Or you got visited by the same entity as me. I don’t remember If she did something to me.
I don’t really know this spirit, but it’s isn’t so negative. I have seen “her” few time… In sleep paralysis I think… And I don’t remember after this.
But! If I remember well, Adda also mean something in the Sumerian ancient language, I wonder if this mean Death :smile:
Ps : Welcome here, my fellow creepy hollower :smirk:

Omg… you recognize me? What the… :scream: Am I famous or something? lol
I don’t recognize you however… should I?

On topic:
Interesting insight about the Adda you know… but I think it isn’t relating to her in this case. I’ll be looking out for possible such signs however, as one should usually do. I’ll try to find if Adda means in Sumerian something…

So far, interesting find… there is an Adda seal (not exactly sure what “Adda” means here, maybe the name of a location or scribe) from Sumerian times. Supposed to be a famous thing (not for me though).

It shows the deities Innana, Utu, Enki and Isimud. Inanna is also known as Ishtar, the goddess of sex. Now, if this in any way related is however unclear yet… too early yet to make any connections at all though.