How to make a personal spirit?

i’m curious about how to create my own spirit i read so many things about it but i had to ask you people here. some advice would be appreciatetd


Creating your own spirits is known as servitor creation. Servitors are astral spirits, witches and magicians create to assist them with various task. They can be use to accomplish almost anything. Servitors are best describe as robot spirits with artificial intelligent. If you are familiar with an Iphone then you probably use siri. Image a robot with Siri as its AI software.

Believe me there is no limit to what servitors can do. Some people will try to tell you that servitor can only accomplish things you can do yourself, however that is not necessary true. If you program your servitor to learn skills and abilities it can learn skills you don’t necessary have. Remember servitors are astral being so they have advantages me and you don’t have. For example servitors don’t need to eat or sleep and can acquire knowledge from other spirits in the astral realms.

Servitors can serve as healers, protectors, sexual lovers, and even spellcaster. I have servitors that are so advance they can cast spells and do otheobs like healing, balancing and aligning chakra energy centers, and cleansing and purifying your aura energy field.

So they are a real treat. Other thing with servitors is that their easier to work with then some spirits as the don’t have a bias opinion. Programming safety measures in a servitor is very important when working with them. You can even create servitors to act like spirits instead of artifical robots. Below I will list various books all on creating your own spirits. I own every one of these books. Feel free to ask any questions as servitor are mainly the astral spirits I work with on a daily basis.








All the books I listed are also avaliable in Amazon kindle and pretty cheap as well.


This is very interesting, but do they have physical projection?

Isn’t that similar to creating a Djinn?

When you create your servitor depending on how develop your psychic senses are you should be able to sense their presence. Servitors manifest like any spirits one would evoke. My servitors for example can be sense in the room like a demon or angel was evoked to the point other people can feel them. They will not appear physical like the movies has misguided people. But you can feel their energy and presence. If you have astral sight you can even see in your third eye.

You can communicate with them like any other spirit. Servitors can enter your dreams or you can travel the astral realms with them. They are just like spirits but instead of evoking one your creating it.

I’m thinking about sharing one of my servitors for newbies to experience so they can experience how servitors operate. However I’m still working out the details.


Djinn cannot be created as they are wish granting spirits. Djinn are from the Middle East system of magick and most western people know them as genies that grant three wishes. Arabic people and people of gypsy descent who familiar with this system of magick involving djinn. Djinn are not created spirits they are evoked type entities like angels, demons, Voodoo LOA, or Hindu deities.


wow that information was awesome, I’m really thankful :slight_smile: !!

Did you use what methods to create them, do they have any benefit to the magician? Beneficial strong and real.

i know you are being bombarded with questions but my mentor had servitors like that how do you go about making them that strong? (so others can feel them)

im going about working with servitors again

he let me walk around with one of his and it toke me awile before i realized i could see it the entire time.

It’s energy, just gather it and form it into what you want.

You can break it down into as many or as little steps as you want, but basically just gather the energies and put it together to form what you want then dictate what it does.

Try piecing together bits of different spirits to create a new being if you want a solid way to do it.


That is actually the best way to do it ime.

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2 techniques I posted may assist you:


so i could use different properties from different spirits so create my own ?


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okey that helped a lot thank you :smile:

To make your servitor strong you should follow the advice @thatrandomguy gave. Use the energy of an evoke being and channel that energy to create your servitor.

For example if you wanted a protection servitor to guard and protect you from psychic attacks or earthly danger then you might summon Archangel Michael and use his energy. Make sure you get permission from the spirit first before you use their energy. This is also important to know as well spirits can assist you with creating servitors especially the goetia demons, angels, and etc.

For example lets use our example earlier on our protection servitor. You might call on Archangel Michael to use his energy to create your servitor, you can also ask Archangel Michael to help you in creating your servitor. In this example Archangel Michael will help you to create your servitor but also will give your servitor his energy.

Last point I want to make, powerful spirits can create servitors for you all you have to do is ask them. For example when we as witches or magicians call on a spirit to accomplish a goal we have such as money, love, healing, protection and so forth. We can also call on the spirit to help create a servitor for us.

Let say you need a healing servitor. You can call on Archangel Raphael to create a servitor for you that has healing powers. If you need a servitor to empower you spells and rituals you can summon Lucifer and ask him to create you a servitor that can boost the energy and effects of you spells and rituals. A lot of people don’t ever know that you can summon spirits and literally request them to create servitors for you.

But remember if you ask a spirit to create a servitor for you ask a demon like Lucifer or any of the Goetia demons like King Belial or King Paimon. Angels are good to call on as well.

Use your imagination, if you want a servitor to influence people’s mind and thoughts, call on the demonic King Paimon and request him to create you a servitor with mind control abilities and King Paimon is a master at manipulating the mind.

Make sure you give the spirit a good offering and include candles as well. Because the spirit will be creating a servitor for you it will require some good amount of energy. The candles is just for the spirit to draw on external energy and convert the energy for itself to create your servitor and the offering is payment to the spirit for taking its time to create your servitor.

Go over the details of your servitor with the spirit you summon.

The main details you should communicate with the spirit about your servitor should be

Purpose of the servitor
Abilities of the servitor
Image or pictue or how the servitor will look like
Create a sigil for the servitor
A vessel for the servitor. A vessel can be any type of crystal gemstone, necklace, or ring.


Sounds easier and more effective then I was told he told me meditate on it for 30+ plus days and they get really strong.

To the point where anyone in the room even if they aren’t energy sensitive could feel them and it was weird they like made your eyes go to the back of your head for a split second.

I know him and @Micah would either love or hate each other :joy:

He had one he used for curses he charged for 180 days and let me tell you that boy could hurt.

But I see what you are saying like from sitri I don’t remember where I read it but it said you can make succubus’s out of his shadow and I worked with King Paimon before and made one that was partially his energy and partially mine.

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Those book covers and title makes me think:
MODRONS esp monodrones

Who now? :joy:

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