How To Make A Pact | Pactmaking | How to make a Pact with Bune - 15 Minute Video Tutorial

Dear forum members,
As I have personally had many questions when it came to how to make a pact I have decided to create a 15-minute Video Tutorial about how you can make a pact with the great duke Bune, for money, success, wealth and or freedom. The principles are of course general and can as well be applied to all other spirits.
Included is when to make a pact, how to do it, the process, what to offer in a pact, what time frame for a pact and much more.

Here are some of the important points from the video:

  1. The pact has to be realistic in regards to what you offer and what you seek in return. The more you can give and are willing to do, the better.
  2. Do not sit around and wait for stuff to happen. Put in the directed actions to manifest your desires. The spirit will help you by keeping you blessed with the needed synchronicity. If you seek a new job - apply, go out and search, learn and do what is necessary.
  3. Have an established relationship with Bune / The Demon. Practice sensing and hearing the gods. Meditate, do the rituals, do the spells.
  4. The Gods help the most dedicated. Be of use for the god you are working with. Make good offerings, do it regularly and show your respect and appreciation on a frequent basis. Offerings:
    1. Regular Blood Offerings
    2. Altar that is regularly filled with nice items
    3. Sacrifice
    4. Services
  5. Be specific. Write everything out. Do the pact after an evocation and communicate the terms with Bune.
  6. Sign the Pact in Blood (!) This is necessary

If you need to change a condition (not recommended), communicate it with Bune / The Demon and offer something in return for changing the pact. Think the pact through before you even consider doing it.

The time frame for a pact: at least a year, longer time frames are recommended. Adjust your goals according to that. A pact is a tool to realize long term goals. For urgent matters, a ritual or spell is better. A pact can help you achieve long term success, wealth, and many more of your personal desires.

Blood from pricked finger, candles, incense, rum, tobacco/cigars, dates, honey, oranges, chocolate cake, flowers, perfume

Disclaimer: This is not an act of self-promotion. I do not care about likes or subscribers, but I do care to give a spirit exposure that has helped me to change my life drastically.


Great video. Is it possible to do a short cut with him, and other Demons ? Such as, “Bune, I offer my body and mind as a Living Phylactery for you to come into me and possess me, ride me, flow through my blood, feed through me, day and night, as you wish”.
And, this being said, if the Demon wants me, he will come into me. ( In theory anyway.

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can she help me win the lottery?

Ran out of lancets and I can’t spend any money rn, could one use other bodily fluids?

@Sacredblood Got any sewing needles to prick)? Got a paring knife(not recommend)? Paper (for paper cuts)? There are alternatives to lancets if your stuck I think. I’m not saying to use em though.

As to alternatives… no good ones.

Piss & shit I’d say are no go. Would you like someone to give ya a piece of shot as a gift? See what I mean. Ditto sweat. Imagine if someone gave you a stinky sweat covered cloth or Kleenex?

Saliva is a possibility but not a good one (not even if you tint it with tempra paints).

So maybe wait til you get more lancets?

Yes I would- jk​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hello Sacredblood,

You do not need blood as an offering. What is a spirit going to do with blood? What you can do is offer some of your energy or time astrally speaking.

Blood offerings came from the concept of drawing out sigils in blood. Sigils are drawn in blood to connect the magician to the spirit via their energy. This means that any part from a magician can be used to connect to the spirits. Some examples are tears, skin, hair, nails, blood, spit, etc. What I recommend is taking these substances and blending it with calk. Then you can use the calk to draw out the sigils.

Offering, fancy altars, etc. all mean nothing to a spirit and are a creation of entrepreneurs.



Blood is your life force and demons have been more then happy feeding off my blood offerings

But I get what ur saying

Is there any tuturial with Lucifer pact?

Just replace Bune with Lucifer and you should be good

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