How to INVOKE instead of evoke BELIAL

Can anyone experienced give a simple explanation of invoking Belial? Step by step explanation and details for myself and others that are interested. :pray:

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There are tons of threads on the subject, if you use the forums’ search function.

As for invoking Belial, I just focus on his sigil, enn and energy and he just shows up. :woman_shrugging:


Please keep in mind that this is my method that was used and that there are many, many different was to do the same ritual. I second the motion of using the forum’s search bar.

When I first invoked Belial, it actually started as an evocation. After preparing my space and performing the LBPR, I used his enn and his sigil as a focal point, placing the sigil in the middle of a triangle I made with three pillar candles in front of my cauldron full of sand and a lit charcoal tablet. I lit each candle, declaring the gates of fire to be open for Belial’s essence. I put some incense on the charcoal, declaring the gate of smoke opened for belial’s body. I then bled, allowing the blood to drip onto the sigil and a drop on the incense, declaring the gate of blood to be open for his power to take form. As the smoke engulfed the space, I recited his enn over and over as I swayed back and forth, losing myself to the rite and visualizing a basic human like shape I’m the smoke as I allowed Belial to shape the form as he wished.

Once he formed, I told him my request for invocation and asked for his consent (very important). Once he gave it (a beginner will have to rely on gut feeling if their astral senses are not strong enough yet), I welcomed him into my body, my mind and my heart while in that space for the purpose of informatiom. I saw him walk up towards and into my body, allowing him to flow whatever needed to be said in regards to questions I prepared. After it was done, I saw him step out of my body, said my dismissal, and watched him dissipate into nothingness.

Once again, this was how I did it during my 90 day pact with Belial. It is less formal now since, I just need to establish the connection with his enn and sigil and we draw each other in but, looking back, going about in a more formal way seemed to have earned some respect from him towards me. But once again, that’s just how I did it.


Sigil magick and enn chanting I think are the easiest personally. You should probably read those links that @Nagash sent for a more thorough explanation.

For sigil magick, this may be a good start,

For enn chanting, you may find their enn anywhere.


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I almost always invoke instead of evoke. I invoke by meditating and chanting on the sigil drawn in my blood, and when I have made contact, I simply state that I invoke the demon, and the intention and desired result of the invocation. Then I have the sigil open for as many days as I feel the effects. Usually 1-2 weeks. Then I burn the sigil and sacrifice something in return.


Hahaha. I should mention this. King Belial may change your sexual orientation if you invoke him. Love him though. xd

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As far as feelings go during the invocation, it flared up my old rebellious side from my teenage years with a very strong urge to flip off the whole world. Keep in mind that it was during an entire 90 days worth of him being invoked into me, vice versa, blind evocation, possession, and a whole stream of maddness blossoming into knowledge. It got very hard to see where I ended and Belial began. He’s been tagging along for the ride ever since.


I am so jealous of you. You have such great relationship with these powerful beings. :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t come easily my friend lol I had to work hard for all of the relationships I have established. Some trials I passed, some I have failed. But my entire point of sharing any of my path with others is to show it is very possible to achieve if you are willing to be open and white knuckle the hard times. The benefits still take me back quite a bit.


I’ve heard he’s very powerful so you might want to be sure before starting with him if you are newer. You might want to sort of work your way up if you haven’t already. Also, apart from some of the sources here and the books available through the BALG website, VK Jehannum has some great resources on his website, you just Google his name and Belial and most likely he will have chants and invocations for Belial.


Hello there! May I ask if you give any offerings? Thanks

I admire your bravery. I tried calling him before and I felt scared feeling his presence and remnants for 2-3 days in my house. I felt footsteps and my house felt gloomy and cold.

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My method of invocation is very simple. With Belial, I called him as I usually do, then I said, “I invoke you Belial, for the purpose of…[insert purpose here].” And that was it. It doesn’t take long. You might feel energy flowing into you, or some similar sensations.

With Lucifer, his energy was different, I felt it flowing into me through my crown chakra, and it felt like someone was giving me a very light sedation - very relaxing and calming energy. It was nice.


Through the working, I learned that Belial himself did not scare me (keep in mind that indonrespect him regardless) but my expectations of him was what did. It was a tough lesson in a way, but he is known for them. I don’t know of it has any revelence to your case, but it may be some food for thought


If I am asking for his help in a matter, yes.

Or if he asks.

King belial may change your sexual orientation? As in straight man into gay man or something?

Evocation is better IMO

Invocation is a prayer to the daemon and evocation is using a meditation and channeling .maybe invocation can give time and praise and evocation can summon a daemon. Hail