How to Influence Online and Physical Divination and Receive Accurate Readings (3 Easy Steps)

I had a bit of an ah hah! moment one day. I was trying to explain to someone else how you can push energy and intentions in the direction of something, specifically a computer program and get better results than you would by just allowing the computer program to run its algorithms on its own.

I usually find it hard to describe what I mean to anyone who doesn’t have pretty good handle on how energy works and what the hell I mean. Hopefully this will help.

The process is the same whether you are using a physical method or an online method of divination without requesting outside spiritual aid or influence.

  1. First you have to figure out what your question should be. This is the most important part and it’s okay if it takes a few minutes or day to figure it out. You probably know basically what it is you desire to know, so you just need to think about that and how to word the question. You don’t want it to be a long series of several questions, or something with lots of options. You really want to hone in on what the essence of the question is- what exactly it is you need to know. If you allow yourself, the best wording for your question will surface from your subconscious.

Sometimes this takes a few minutes, hours even for me, so if you aren’t sure how to word it right away, that is okay don’t waste a lot of time on it, take a break and later when you remember you need to figure out how to ask your question, do the first part of this step again. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to know what to ask, what matters is you get the best wording for the question so that it’s closely energetically related to what you want to know and you get good, verifiable and useful information from the response.

This advice actually came to me third party from Azazel when I was new to divination, and it’s been super useful. First figure out the question, then figure out the appropriate media.

This process allows you to develop your claircognizance, or sense of just knowing without anyway to know. This is basically how you can collect information from energy without having any knowledge of what it actually is or what is actually going on. Someone else can probably explain exactly what claircognianze is, better than I can. For me it’s mostly just a strong sense of knowing things about a situation, person or thing that I have no way to have learned or to know about.

  1. Now that you know what you want to ask and how you should word your question, you need to figure out what method of divination to use. It’s okay if you do the process backwards and reverse the steps. Sometimes it’s obvious which method, but not which question and visa-versa. If you instinctively thought, you wanted to use your brand-new tarot deck, then you probably should.

  2. Now you push the energy of the question towards your chosen divination method. This part is where is people say WTF are you talking about Ket,. I know, but that’s how it feels if you’re working with energy. You are taking the energy of the question, you defined it so precisely that you now have a personalized energetic signature for it and what it means to you, and you push it from you to the divination method.

Now if you’re thinking that I lost you, it’s okay stay with me, I got ya. (I hope)

In English, what I mean is: Know your question, figure out your method. When you are ready to begin think about the question again. Think about the words, think about what you want to know- but not the possible answers, forget those. Think about it and when it feels right start the divination process. This may mean shuffle your cards, click and select from an online deck, type your question to @discobot fortune

While you’re taking the action that leads to the response, think about that question. Think about what you want to know, look at the deck, shuffle it, push the buttons etc. but the entire time think about the question and think about what you want to know. This hones it in, connecting the divination method directly to the question, so that the divination method basically knows what it’s looking for.

Complex shit, yet it’s so god damned simple that I don’t understand why we haven’t been telling everyone how to do this for days and years and months and lifetimes. Probably because it sounds kinda crazy to think your thoughts can influence an inaminate object, particularly one run by a computer, but you can.

If you want to do a reading for another person, you do the same thing. You define who they are. That can be a username. @DK is all I need to know, to know who it is. Think about that name, think about who they are if you know them- but not what you know about them or the situation.

If you think about what you know about them or the situation you will get a reading that reflects your thoughts and your feelings on the subject, including your claircogniant and clairsentient impressions. It doesn’t leave any room for the real answers to come through and basicaly front loads the process.

Instead, think about the person, what they look like if you know, what they smell like etc, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know- especially after you practice. The more you practice the easier it is and the more accurate your readings are. If all you have is their balg username, click the image, make it bigger.

Look at the letters in their name, look at the image they chose, you don’t need to know why or how they chose what they did or who they really are, you just need to know who they are right now as the person behind that information.

So, in summary to read for another person, think about what you know about them- be it just their name, just a pet name like honey boo bear or someone you see every day, think about their question, then when it feels right do the actions of the divination to get your response, while also thinking about the essence of the question and what it’s asking.

Good luck, if you want to use @discobot for practice I think there is a thread around here somewhere and you can also pm it, to keep it private if you so desire.