How to get rid of curses from E.A.'s books

Hi there. I recently downloaded some illegal pirated pdfs of E.A.'s books and scanned through some of them (I always do this before spending money just so I can get to know the author more). I was instantly hooked so I decided I will buy the entire (ebook) collection of E.A.'s complete works and some BALG courses when I get enough money (which is very soon). But while reading through some posts I found out that apparently the pirated versions of EA’s books are cursed. I wonder how the curse works? If I only read the knowledge in the books and didn’t attempt anything will I be fine? Will the curse be lifted when I buy the actual books? Or do I need to do extra steps to get rid of them

There is no curse. You’re fine.

Are you sure the posts you saw were referring to EA’s works? The only discussion about illegal copies being cursed that I can recall is regarding the Gallery of Magick stuff.


This is not true, as noted above.

Others are known to curse his works, but that’s written right in the book, usually in the preface.

I recommend that in ANY case you get to grips with having good spiritual hygiene so that should you be affected by any curse or just bad energy from peoples negative emotions, you can immediately tell and banish and cleanse. These are basic skills all occultists need, so you can recognise and fix issues as they arise.

We have a bunch of beginner level tutorials here, I would suggest practicing with these before doing any baneful magick particularly.


I forgot where that post was (I saw it before making this account) but apparently someone sensed cursed energy from one of EA’s pirated books.

And you trust them why? Other people’s UPG is NOT cause for you to suddenly get into a state of fear and start making assumptions.

Check your energy yourself, and act on what YOU sense not someone else.

Bear in mind, you yourself can manifest bad luck and curses on yourself simply through being afraid of that. So maintain a calmness and control your emotions.


Thanks, I’ll look into that. And I’ve read Robert Bruce’s psychic self defense, I’m not sure if the “negs” he talks about have anything to do with curses.

Got it, ty.

Ars Aurora also claims to curse people. At least in one of his books I read that.

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E.A. has said himself on an Odysee live chat he’s uploaded his complete works to Torrent sites. Yes, his entire complete works.

Thats why I laugh when everyone is so tigh-assed about PDF’s on here.


He did it himself? Do you know the reason he did that?

He said if people like the PDF’s it will encourage them to buy the Leather-Bound Books.

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That’s actually smart. I was skeptical when I first found him so I downloaded the pdfs. Now I’m planning on purchasing his courses.


Some software companies did the same at one time.