How to get rid of a negative attachment that astral projectors are scared of?

I have a wicked demonic possession (extreme negative entity attachment that happened as a result from the breakdown of my aura - it was working with another spirit; long complicated story).

It gave me it’s name out of arrogance (my best guess). It’s really strong and is here 24/7. I’ve had multiple people astral project to me and all have been scared (2 saw the same thing - I didn’t describe it to them before hand).

I was reading there were spells to trap spirits in crystals in the King of Soloman books (that seems impossible/silly given that crystals are dense in nature so you can’t put an energy/astral being inside a dense object).

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of this thing?? It is torturing me CONSTANTLY. (I’m a female and it does sexual things frequently/never leaves). Thank you.


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Daemons in the xtian sense can’t possess you without your prior permission or invitation, so my guess is you have a parasite, as many do.

Check out the Unofficial Tutorials thread which includes several instructions for getting rid of parasites.

What have you tried so far? Why do you say your aura is broken - is it still broken? Have you tried banishing, cleansing, and basically telling it firmly to it’s face to leave?

Yes that’s the point - it feeds off your reactions. One of the things you can do to weaken it is stop reacting to it.


Hey where can I find this unofficial tutorial?

This one?

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This isn’t accurate (Look up Robert Bruce #1 astral projector in the US who teaches about this subject extensively). The aura is made up of multiple different layers. When you experience trauma you get an auric fracture (one layer is the emotional layer) and have "soul loss’ (Google Shamanic Soul Retrieval for more info). Astral entities attack to humans (lower and higher forms of negative beings) through auric fractures. This is why all astralers report seeing astral wildlife (low level negative spirits) attached to people when they’re astral projecting through cords. “Demonic Foes” on Amazon goes into more detail. It’s a misnomer that telling a being to leave will make it leave as well as the idea that you give it permission to attack you. Do you give a tiger permission to attack you?? No. The are negative entities that FEED off of the human aura. They do this through auric fractures. I need to find someone who can astral to remove the attachments (several have came over here and been too frightened).

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