How to gain the favor of a demon?

Is there a way to do this?

I don’t know if looking at an entity’s sigil and such (vibrating their names, repeating enns) qualify as an evocation, so the magician should give a request/command, or if as a minor contact it’s a good way to make friends. In the first case the operator, by summoning spirits, would progressively gain their favor.

Depends on the perspective.

Some people say demons are just an aspect of your own mind, therefore gaining the favor of a demon would be “being at peace with your own mind”.

Some people say that they wish to experiment the physical world and thefore an offering idea.

Other people say that they only desire is to give you want you want to help you evolve

What I like to do is invite them in. I ask the Demons respectfully.
Come into me please Take possession of me Ride me forevermore As you wish
( A month ago, after asking this, a voice said in my head, “I accepted your offer”.)
Right after this I asked the above and my eyes went to 2 words on the page I was reading, “Already Happened”.
The reason I point out this last one is that a couple years ago, I was reading something in the Maergzjirah Cabal literature, and my eyes went directly to 2 words on the page, “They Died”.
Two people popped into my head. Days later I learned that one of them died. Coincidence???
They point here, staying on topic, is that if one approaches them respectfully, then they might just well respond, when a person is ready, of course

Try these :+1: