How to evoke a person's astral body

Hi guys. So I dunno much about evocation, but I am doing much to manifest reconciliation with somebody from my past.

I am doing a white magick love/lust spell which does not violate free will, I intend to use another lust spell which also does not violate free will that I got from this site.

I have been sending psychic messages to this woman AND her fiancee, basically telling them how their relationship seems only on the surface to be healthy while actually being codependant and highly likely to end in divorce, following past patterns in this woman’s life.

I have also been sending her telepathic messages urging her to leave her fiancee and reconcile with me, explaining that only putting her ideals and learned lessons regarding forgiveness and self healing into PRACTICE gives them any real meaning, and she knows this. I explain that as perfect mirrors for each other, our abandonment of each other is a means of playing out a recurring pattern of abandonment rooted in C-PTSD dude to early traumatic experiences which caused us to internalize the false notion of being broken, worthless and deserving of abandonment. I tell her that by forgiving and loving each other and by reconnecting, we are putting into practice a very important act of self healing, wherein we reconcile with, forgive, unconditionally love and invest in that scared, traumatized infant that feels abandoned and reassuring it that it is okay and it is rightly loved. I make clear that tak is cheap and only by DOING do we actually prove we mean it when we say we’ve learned our lessons, forgiven ourselves and others and healed and moved on in life. I tell her there is a difference between moving on from one’s past and running away from it. I tell her that tRUE moving on is to bury the hatchet and reconcile, because you view the disowned self in me as worthy of reconnection and love and forgiveness and appreciation. Running away is abandoning the self she sees in me.

I send messages to both her and her fiancee explaining how and why she is using him, how and why he allows himself to be duped into it, what they both codependently get out of it, how this is not love and how this is bound to end in divorce, abondmenment, heartache, more burned bridges and suffering for all involved.

I send her messages explaining how our reconciliation is crucial to our self love and self healing, because it affirms our intent with ACTION.

I have sent prayers/messages to all three of our higher selves asking for aid in the matter and urging them to better connect with their earthly selves by directing them towards calling off the marriage, at least temporarily, and directing my ex-friend and I to reconcile.

I am now looking to evoke her astral body so that I can get this across more directly and powerfully. I haven’t really developed my clairs much. Mostly clairaudience. But I intend to do what I can and I have a vivid imagination to help me.

I am urging them to do this FAST because it is important to avoid tying the know and locking themselves into an unhealthy codependant toxic relationship.

I make clear that working on her relationship with ME is what is healthy for both of us, and letting her fiancee go to work on himself and find the woman he is MEANT to be with is best and healthiest for HIM.

I am looking to tell this to their astral bodies BOTH.

I send love and stuff telepathically as well to her.

I also intend to evoke Clementia, King Belial or Set and Anat, Au Set and Amaterasu to aid in this matter.

King Belial and Set I have sigils for, Astarte/Anat has the Asteroth sigil, and I can figure out something for Au Set. I have Amaterasu’s sigil shared on these forums, otherwise I might have used the “Land of the Rising Sun” flag.

I would like some help in doing this.

What must be done to evoke her astral body?

What must be done to evoke Clementia and these other afformentioned deities as a Neophyte?

I feel time is of the essence.

I am also pushing full steam ahead on my life goals, writing raps so I can start making money online making music, knowing this is aligning myself with bringing this manifestation to fruition.

I feel getting off my ass and showing the courage to chase my dreams is critical to getting her off of her ass to motivate her to take the plunge and reconnect with me. I can TELL she wants to, yet attempts to reach out have been met with blocking. Why? Because of above stuff I talked about mostly, and because she is AFRAID to take the plunge. Procrastination mixed with false reports of progress to convince herself she is moving forward when she takes zero action. I am rectifying that by taking action myself, knowing it aligns me with her taking action towards me and having the same courage to do what is truly in her heart to do: reconcile with me and heal herself, practicing self love together because we are one.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Evoking a living person is as simple as evoking any other spirit, theres no difference of any kind.

Perhaps its even easier if you can get something she owns or uses as a link instead of a sigil.

It seems to me like your concern here is far deeper than her “healing”. If you can’t be honest with yourself about what you want and how you’re willing to achieve it you’ll probably run into some trouble.

In other words, since you’re specifically trying to force her towards this course of action, you have to be prepared to accept that it may not and probably is not truly the best course of action for her, otherwise her higher self would be much more willing to step in and help out even without your evocation.

Not acknowledging and looking for that possibility just increases the chances of failure and of you hurting both her and yourself.


I have just done EXACTLY as you said, and prayed to each of our higher selves, leaving it entirely in their hands.

Then, I read this post LOL.

It’s fine. Good advice. Thanks.

Also, there is no “force” They have the free will to do as they please with the energy I send their way. The success of the white magick still depends on my own personal change.

Also, people do not always listen to their higher selves. Still, I gotta let it go.

Although I still intend to reconcile, even if just as friends.

What would you recommend I use as her personal link?

Would her artwork be a good idea to use? maybe a picture?

Look in the tutorials for the simple evocation guide. Adapt it for the number of evocations you need to do.

Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide - New Magician Help & Introductions - Become A Living God

You can use their name or anything else that you have attached to that person (username, name, place-of-birth). You know who they are. The Deities will know who you’re talking about. Don’t over-think it.

Unless you have permission from them both for the level of action you’re taking, then you are. Fortunately, we don’t really look down on that here, but let’s not sugar-coat it.

Finally, please keep in mind that if this is a test that one or the other is supposed to go through for some reason, this may not work or may be diminished. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again or similar, if you didn’t like your result. It may mean you should contact the deities first and make sure they’re onboard with the action and will help ensure its success. Some people use tarot for this. If I’m going to call upon a Deity, I ask that Deity. So, regardless, you’ll want a means of communication.

Hope it helps.


Really? It is not my intention to violate free will.

The stuff I’m doing, I was TOLD simply communicates my intention to them on a psychic level, but leaves their free will alone.

If it violates free will, I shall stop doing it.

Maybe manifestation scripting is enough. Huh…

Thank you for posting the evocation guide.

You don’t really evoke their astral body, you evoke a projection of their energy body which more times than not will take the form of what their soul is or will take the form of what you’re use to. It all depends on the choice of the subconscious you’re evoking. If they come they chose to come consciously or subconsciously, if they don’t then they won’t.


If you’re influencing the actions of others, without their consent for the acts you’re producing, you’re “violating” their free will. In my opinion, there is no white magic on others that they don’t do themselves, on themselves.


Hmm… I shall take this into consideration. Thanks.

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Don’t get me wrong, this is my opinion. You could just as easily evoke them and talk to them that way, without the Deities, too. That would be an influence, rather than an intervention. I’m not sure if it would be more effective than what you’re currently doing, but it may be worth considering.

I get the feeling that that’s what I’m doing. I’m basically just sending her telepathic messages saying that even if her stance is that it’s best to “move on” from the past and that what matters most is how you treat the NEW people in your life, mistreating the old people who come back into your life when they come back is an action which speaks far louder than words and tells you that you still refuse to change, regardless of what you say.

I also sent her the message that if from thousands of miles away, the scared traumatized child within her screams out from within another to be loved instead of abandoned, that the only way to reconcile with the scared traumatized child within herself is to answer that same traumatized scared child in another-self by treating it as she would care to be treated. Ignoring and abandoning those cries for hep is ignoring the cries for help that are coming from within herself and being reflected back to her by that scared traumatized child in another-self that calls out for reconciliation and love. These things only come into your life if somewhere deep inside you have invited that. She has invited me back into her life so she can heal her situation. If she hadn’t invited me, I would not have invited myself. That’s the truth of how this works. Even psychic attacks are unknowingly invited by the self to another self. So if I re-enter her life saying “Please give me another chance” It’s because she MANIFETED that mutually. Why? Because I mirror back to her things within herself in need of healing, and if the past is truly resolved, then it stays in the past. When the past comes back looking for resolution, then the past is still the present, and still needs resolution, or it would stay in the past. Blocking it out, saying “stay away from me” and refusing to change the situation means you refuse to change yourself and turn a new leaf. IT means you refuse to move on. IT means you are running away. Running away and moving on are two separate things, and whatever rationalizations one uses to convince oneself otherwise are in fact total horse crap and just self deception.

Even if I’m am psychically influencing her, I am right. And I am only doing so because we both MUTUALLY desire reconciliation somewhere within us, or I would be leaving her alone. I am mirroring back to her unresolved issues within herself because we are mirrors for each other and we are in fact one being. Deep within she knows this. She is just running away from her problems.

Constantly posting Facebook posts, artwork, poetry etc. saying otherwise is just denial. Actions speak louder than words. IF she believed that shit, she would feel no need to constantly TELL HERSELF she is moving on, she would accept it as true. She is clearly unconvinced, because she keeps manifesting stuff like this, keeps feeling the need to constantly remind herself and keeps making excuses while she keeps behaving exactly the same.

Since she keeps cutting off avenues for her past to return for healing, taking action on HER end becomes increasingly necessary to resolve it. It’s easy to say “Oh, I’ll just treat the NEW people in my life better” but when the OLD people in your life come back, and you treat them the same, you already prime yourself to treat the NEW people just as bad, because it is ultimately ALWAYS the self you see in others who you treat the way you do.

So I just keep sending her these messages, making it clear that until she puts her money where her mouth is and actually HEALS her relationship with me, she is just lying to herself about how she intends to treat others. And therefor she is lying to herself about how she intends to treat herself.

I keep reminding her that regardless of what she tells herself, the truth is that how she treats me is a reflection of how she treats herself. It is one and the same. Mistreating me is mistreating herself. Blocking me when I reach out, despite my own changes is mistreatment. If she really believes people can change, then she should believe I can change. If she truly believes that SHE is different now, then she should be at least OPEN to the notion that I am also changed. If she REFUSES TO EVEN CONSIDER the notion that I can be trusted with another shot, she is affirming to herself that the self she sees in me cannot be reformed, thus invalidating every positive thing she ever says about her own healing progress and will to heal herself and change.

I just keep reminding her of that, and telling her that if she keeps shutting out the possibilities to RECIEVE an opportunity to heal herself, she makes it increasingly necessary to take the initiative on her own end.

Also, what if I only had the deities work on ME while I send her messages and communicate with her, so that my communications will be more effective without violating her free will?

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Look, this is a brutal post. I didn’t want to type it up, but I’ve been in your situation. I’ve tried to tone it down for the past thirty minutes. I don’t think I’m going to work on it anymore.

So, this post is mainly about you and how you’re justifying your campaign, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking down on it, but think you need to seriously look at it and the reasons for doing it. It may be uncomfortable, but that’s between you and yourself. I’ve been there, but wasn’t actively involved in the Occult at that time (took a break).

This isn’t a love-and-light action, either. I think you should be honest with yourself that even your influence campaign is a gray/black action designed to get what you want, rather than window dress it into some altruistic action.

This matters to you, but less so to her. She still seems to be getting the attention she wants from you and you keep going back. Why would she change her actions if she’s still getting something out of them?

If that makes you feel better, then sure.

Somewhere within us… You’re trying to justify your actions. If she wants this and is actually ready for it, then it will get done. Accept that you want to do this, resolve that inner moral conflict, and perform the actions. Or don’t.

Have them work on you so you can move on. Continuing to work on this “relationship” will likely produce the same results you’re getting now. Start trying to actively change this situation with actions, walk away, or continue to keep being swept up in her situation with no tangible benefit to you. This doesn’t seem to be a two-way street.

Finally, you cannot save her. It is not your responsibility. She can only save herself and you may delay this with your actions. The most efficient actions you can take right now are to perform a cord-cutting ritual to remove attachments to/from her (on yourself), ask them to work on your confidence and self-esteem with relationships, and petition those deities to draw someone worthy of your attention.


You’re right dude. And this post was is FAR from “brutal” I find that “Brutal” honesty is in fact just honesty when it’s done with the intention of honesty rather than burtality. Brutal honesty is only ever brutal when brutality is the point of it, or people project their own brutal self judgements onto it. That’s MY opinion. You are telling me what I really need to hear right now, and I thank you for that.

I can see you are even now coming from a place of empathy and compassion, because you’ve “been there” and I appreciate that.

Thank you.

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You’re welcome.


You know what kills me? I was EXPLICITLY TOLD by a member of my sorcery family that I have a Twin Flame, and I am tasked by the gods with “seeding” her.

Yet I still obsess over THIS girl. Hell, she might BE my Twin Flame. Even so, this is unhealthy.

You wanna know what’s funny?

I decided to just get to doing Homework, and found this quote about the monster Scylla, by Circe in Ovid’s Metamophosis:

“In vain she offers from herself to run
And drags about her what she strives to shun”

So I thought it was SOO good, that I went onto Facebook to post it. After I post it, I scroll down on my wall to look at other posts, and I see this, and it’s absolutely PERFECT:

From here on out, I’m changing my tune. I’m putting in all my energy into my personal development, so I can be worthy of whoever I’m meant to be with. And from here on out, I accept NOTHING LESS than a woman who is worthy of such a version of myself. If this woman can become that, good. If not, someone else can.

Either way, I accept nothing less than what a man who who aligns himself with his own highest version is equal to. Certainly, he deserves better than what this woman CURRENTLY has to offer. And if she refuses to ever cultivate it and offer it up to him, someone else inevitably DOES.

I’ll settle for nothing less. She can settle for that which is aligned with her current self. She can dress it up how she wants. I don’t care. How she treats me when I extend the olive branch shows how little respect or love she has for herself, regardless of what she says.

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Sounds like a positive start and the link you posted is spot on.

I wouldn’t get wrapped up into the twin flame stuff, either. It can be an easy recipe for abuse and is a romantic new age concept.

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you’re right. Even if it’s true, I refuse to be chained to it. I deserve better than what this woman has to offer. She deserves better than what she currently has to offer herself.

I KNOW I can get what I in my highest version of myself am worthy of. No twin flame needed. And certainly no toxic fairweather friends needed.

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King Belial once said this to me in a dream:

“If you want her you can have her, but then you’re stuck with her”

Later I asked his and Astarte’s opinions on the matter in a tarot. King Belial responded in typical King Belial fashion:

Why do I ignore his warnings when they’re so fucking grave and explicit?

Fuck this girl, King Belial knows what’s up! He knows I can do better.

Thank you so much King Belial!

And thanks norse900!

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Hey man, I’m looking to just fucking get this bitch out of my head and out of my life.

I admit though, I REALLY want to tell her off first.

I just want to make her aware of how badly she has treated ME over the years, how full of shit she is, how it makes me feel and overall, just what I think about all of it. I want her to know my perspective and feelings and have to deal with it however she wants to deal with it, but I want her to be aware.

And then, I want to cut the cords. Just completely cut her out of my life and mind and energy.

And then I wanna completely move the fuck on and work on myself.

Fuck her bullshit and her relationships and her manipulative, lying, deceitful, irresponsible, parasitic, selfish asshole ways.

I am done with her and I’m glad I didn’t even HAVE to dodge the bullet, because the bullet dodged me.

Once I get all this shit off of my chest and I am sure it has all reached her, so I leave NOTHING off the table, I just want to completely cut her out of my reality.

I’ll forgive, I’ll move on, I’ll get her cords detached/cut, I’ll remove anything and EVERYTHING that reminds me of her, so NO ENERGETIC LINK CAN EXIST anymore, I will do EVERYTHING to purge her from my life, since that’s how she wants it. She can have her shitty fucking life of piss poor excuses and selfish behaviour. I just want to hold her accountable by sending her a REALLY STRONG, no holds barred final fuck you of a goodbye and then cut her out of my life. Then work on myself.

What do I do and how do I do it? Who do I evoke/invoke? Any advice?

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Simple English Demonic Evocation Guide - New Magician Help & Introductions - Become A Living God

Substitute a picture or similar (even a pencil drawing the looks like crap, it’s just a link) for the sigil and you can user her name for the enn.

Tell her what you need to tell her and when you’re done, release her and close the ritual.

If you don’t want to do it this way, you could do a poppit , paper doll to represent her, etc… and treat it like a curse, you’re just leaving it at words. Burn or bury the doll in the end, to symbolize either burying the relationship or burning out your desire for her. Repeat as needed.

Be aware that this could have effects if you starting putting the intent to harm or harass her. You’re using the same ritual one would to curse, but you’re not putting the intent to curse into it. You’re releasing the emotion and frustration, though, instead of keeping it pent up inside.

I would encourage some time in nature, too, if you can, to try to help ground. Exercise also helps release energy. It’s up to you, though.

Edit - Oh and before the curse thing causes you some stress, you don’t need to call any spirits at all - except hers, if you want to go that route.

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