How to Drop Mind

If you read anything by EA or taken some of his courses you will occasionally see reference to dropping mind. It is a fundamental skill wherein you silence the verbal chatter and daydreaming mind. It is a skill that you will use for virtually everything that you do. I would like to share a meditation of sorts that will teach this in a very direct manner. It is very simple and yet very powerful.

With this, you simply relax and become aware of yourself as an observer existing behind your eyes. From this vantage point simply gaze out into the world around you. You may notice that if you are daydreaming or have mental chatter going on that your vantage point has shifted. You are no longer behind your eyes. Simply returning your focus to being behind your eyes has the immediate effect of silencing the mind. Work on extending your time being behind the eyes to longer and longer periods.

That is it in a nutshell. A few points on this. This is not a trance meditation. In fact it will have the effect of giving you extreme lucidity and clarity in this world. As you master the technique you will be able to do this anywhere, even while doing mundane tasks. This lucid state, once sufficiently mastered, will be used in everything you do. With divination and communication with spirits you will become a clear channel for information. With evocation, you will be employing the magickal imagination instead of the weak daydreaming mind. This lucid state is also used in soul travel. So while this meditation focuses on the physical realm, this skill can be carried over into altered states of consciousness as well. Use it. Master it. It will then become second nature.


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Another way to drop mind instantly:

Close your eyes, then imagine them turning inward to look at each other.

You may feel a slight pull between your two eyes, or hear or see something like 2 orbs connected by a blue electric volt when the eyes connect.

Then breathe evenly and deeply as you keep doing this.

You’re going to feel something between them, the same way you feel when you rub your hands together and hold them 5 inches apart. That feeling is the bioelectricity connection that allows for the observer effect.

You’ll also notice your mind shuts off IMMEDIATELY.

When you open your eyes, you’ll see things a little bit more vividly for a second or two, before you return to normal consciousness.

If you can keep the feeling of your two eyes looking at each other while you open your eyes and look outward, you may be able to prolong the state.

These are pre-hypnotic techniques used to put people into trance. There are followup techniques, but by itself this has use.


Will this method enable you to drop mind for an extended period while doing ritual tasks?

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Thorsson goes into this in his Nine Doors curriculum as well, and one thing he suggests that I found helpful is to have a string of beads in your hand with room on the string for them to move. Think like a single line of an abacus. While you are trying to find that state meditation, every time your mind wonders, move a bead from one side to of the string to another. Having a physical counter will help you focus more intently, and over time you will find yourself moving fewer and fewer beads.


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This might help while in the learning stages. At some point you want to dispense with that and carry the exercise into the everyday world and live in that state for as long as you can sustain it.


Agreed, but everyone needs a starting point. When you are no longer moving beads and can sustain the meditative state for extended periods of time, I believe it naturally will begin to carry over into your everyday tasks.


One way i do this, is to pick an object in the room. Gaze at it. Say nothing, do nothing, don’t even think about it. Just gaze at it, focus on your breath. Eventually you’ll be in a similar state.

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I’m putting down my phone to try this immediately. I have never thought of my eyes looking at each other but I can totally see how that works.

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@Faustus, I know that it may sound like a dumb question but could you possibly analyze on how the perspective of being behind your eyes looks? Because I am not able to make what you say work for me, even though in principle it sounds direct just like you said. Thank you in advance.

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Try the void meditation

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That’s a very good technique and with fast results! Kudos!

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