How important is mental health in regards to working with spirits?

Well, considering that magick can drive a even a grounded person into psychosis, I would say that having a stable mental environment is very important. Magick is an inherently destabilising force, and the more equipped you are to balance that force within your psyche, the better. Eliphas Levi even wrote in one of his books that those who would practice magick should seek therapy to make sure their mind was in order before beginning.


I would recommend you first work on your mental health. Look for professional help. Unless you very experienced working with spirits and your anxiety and depression is at a light stage.

Otherwise it could couse panick attacks and other levels of mental insanity.


As someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety in the past, I would say it is very important to have at least stability and awareness of signs things are going downhill before working with spirits. While my work ultimately helped free myself from the prison I created within my own mind, there was a constant need to reevaluate my state of mind during it to make sure I was not going off the deep end, which can be easy if you are not honest with yourself.


Can I ask why you’d discourage working magick on an SSRI?
I take one. Aside from blunting my senses, I’m certainly not on a hellish rollercoaster. In fact, it’s saving me from said rollercoaster.


SSRI’s are to stabilize your state and magic as @DarkestKnight said it correctlyis putting yourself into psychosis. Regular magic practices, not relaxation or smth, can counteract beneficial efects of SSRI

At least this is what I experienced few times

I would still wait for any unbalanced feelings to slide away at least first before reaching out to them. Depending with what spirit one is looking to work with it’s better to approach them with a much clearer state of mind to help understand each other easier on what you look for into working with them. It’s always better starting out with clear Intentions ready to have a set mind and begin discussing the things you would like to aided with. Whichever spirit it may. Being in good health in general when you know your feeling good is always a grate thing to begin with. Heck when I reached out to goddes Lilith for the first time she eventually aided with plenty of things not even myself could ever think of achieving regarding a healthier lifestyle. Was struggling when I first approached but my mind was still balanced at least to a certain extent which definitely helped my communication much clearer.


yes true, but i was struggling, they helped me a lot


It’s what makes these various spirits so wonderful to work with in the first place. Keep your mind easy man same with you @dagar We all got our own struggles one way or another.


I am late to the party, because I always am.

In another post of mine, A Personal Account of Parasites and My Own Ineptitude in Magic, I talked about how my own mental illnesses played into the parasite problem that I had, and those experiences are what I base my opinions on.

I believe that it is important to ourselves to work on our mental health prior to diving into evocation and pathworking. Sometimes, mental illness can make us fall prey to things like escapism or delusion, which could cloud our judgment when evaluating the realness of an experience with spirits (or reveal parasites). Depending on where you are in your practice, you may be already at an advantage or disadvantage when interacting with spirits and these internal “stumbling blocks” can only add to that.

It is possible, with practice and self-awareness, to have a valid experience and use those spirits for growth, but it requires being aware of your biases and actively challenging those when interacting with spirits.

Faustus wrote a post about the importance of the state of mind in rituals here that I think would be excellent, additional reading. In terms of methods that could help when working with this type of handicap, he also wrote another article that I think is great for this subject: How to Drop Mind.

I’d also add that this is an important thing to keep in mind when undertaking such a task:

At the risk of sounding like a double-talker–intent drives many things. If you go in with the intention of asking for assistance with the area that could potentially prohibit you from advancing in your practices, it could be worth attempting the work but taking your experiences with a grain of salt (which you should do always anyway, but I realize this is easy to say and hard to do even for me). It would also be important to recognize the risks and take steps to mitigate them. Practices such as grounding, shielding, and cleansing would be critical to keeping your space clear of potential hazards that could damage your experience.

In terms of spirits used for addressing the issues I perceive you are dealing with: Paimon appears to be a good resource for this, but could I also suggest additional entities if you decide to pursue this method of addressing your problems?

In Goetia Pathworking: Magical Results from the 72 Demons by Corwin Hargrove, Murmus is an entity that can calm thought and remove unwanted energy.

The book also suggests that Buer can also assist in mental and emotional healing. I can say that in my own pathworking on this spirit, I found myself at ease and found the pathworking of Buer to be a pleasant experience.

Another entity, Leraye is also suggested by Hargrove to assist with increasing mental strength, though this could be in relation to intelligence mor than


Damn thank you! And thank everyone else yall are amazing. I’ve decided to wait until I’m mentally stable now. Thank yall so much!!

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I don’t think magick is putting yourself into psychosis. Psychosis is a loss of touch with reality. Magick is seeing the bigger picture of reality.

For me, medication, magick and mundane practices like eating properly and exercising are all a huge part of fixing my mental health.

Personally, I think mental health is extremely important when working with spirits, but I’m not sure if that’s the paranoid asshole in me, or the cautious witch. Could be both. But I do know that weaker mental states are easily exploitable, so take a break whenever you feel particularly vulnerable.

I don’t summon anything when I’m vulnerable. Not even household spirits, because I have no idea what’s lurking, and spirits and deities don’t particularly owe us the truth. Yes, I know, have faith in them and they’ll have faith in you, but I’ll be the last one to have nightmares for 6 months because I let an asshole in and they took advantage of me.

If you must do spellwork, you should enhance your banished, protecting, and binding magick first. I suck at it, so I haven’t summoned anything since I restarted my path.

Take what I say with a grain of salt, though. I’m a witch, not a magician or a sorcerer. My situation might be different than yours.

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Metal health goes hand in hand for anyone serious about magick. In most orders it’s part of your training and critical part at that. Let’s take astral projection as an example, when astral projecting most will in counter the lurker on the astral plane. The lurker is a part of your own psychic that will try to stop you from going to places or even stop you from astral projecting at all. When you start doing magick you must face aspects of your psychic the you have suppressed in order to advance. Let us remember that psychology is one of the eras of magick that has been excepted into main stream science for good reason it works. But psychologically came from the occult and been practiced as a very important part for thousands of years by most orders for good read. Carl young one of the more famous own teachings run parallel to occult teachings. I could go into much more detail but the post would never end lol. I would recommend you read some of israel regardie works as he was undoubtedly one of the greats of occult modern time who later became a psychologist himself as he found most of it he had learned in the occult.

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Why not call President Buer for depression and anxiety

King Paimon is patient and he will listen your problems not like Andras who just wanted to leave.
But paymon has a bad habit of making me fear of him
He yelled at me,
And I told him, I am armed with the power from Supreme Majesty in a commanding tone
But call him king otherwise he will not do thee homage.

He stopped shouting and listened my problems. Overall a good king.

Ask him if he can help you in your depression.

You can also speak to mrbunglu who is very much drawn to him

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Ty mr de Santa :wink:

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Okay listen…

Put the sigil of President Buer in between 2 blue candles.

Gaze at the sigil while visualizing your illness slowly fading away.

Command your statement to the President.

Thank President Buer for his help.

You must feel your depression anxiety all gone away.

Hail President Buer.


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King Paimon is fucking great - From my experience I think It has less to do with him trying to make you fear him and more about your level of courage to stand beside King Paimon rather than having him look down on you - In terms of “yelling” that’s again- just a test- I’ve realized He does things simply to see how you have GROWN - and how you will react or not react - King Paimon is great to discuss real life issues with - Be it your own - or worldly - universal issues - If your heart is on your sleeve and your truth is flowing out of you - He respects your openness- He listens and gives great advice - even if its blunt and “harsh " most of all the times king paimon has seemed " harsh” was for my best benefit in the long run - tough LOVE in a nut shell haha-but King Paimon is great when you need solid advice on working through mental problems - He teaches you to NOT let yourself become a victim on behalf of your OWN DAM self . And I think thats beautiful – Best of luck to all with any mental issues - we GOT THIS

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:+1: :+1:

i have discussed my issues and Paymon said he would help me out.

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