How to do a money spell

Hii i wanna start doing some magick and i wanted to try the money spell but i don’t know what i need to do. I’ve looked but found nothing other than people asking how to do money spells lol.

Well, a “money spell” is a pretty broad request, and can mean a lot of different things, so what kind of money spell are you looking for?

There is: candle spells, magick squares, sigils, evocation, invocation, vibrational alignment, visualisation, affirmations/afformation, self hypnosis, mojo bags, jar spells…the list is endless

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Try the book called Initiation into Hermetics , or the Lesser Key of Solomon , these are both very good books for this idea , try manifesting something as small as $5 for a test and then slowly scale up , in no time you’ll find you can manifest easily about $300 a week , then you keep practicing new formulas to manifest more a week . Practice makes perfect over time .

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i didn’t even know they were that many types now i feel stupid lol

thank you for the advice

Np , ask more if you’d like .

Any magical technique can be used to manifest money. It’s a pretty common desire so practically every magical system and tradition has them.

If you want simple, Chaos style sigil magick is probably the easiest.

If you want more complex, a full evocation of a spirit of wealth.

However, I recommend the books The Magical Cashbook and Magical Riches, by Damon Brand, and 7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer.


okay thank youu very much

could you do a money spell everyday or do you have to wait like 1 month or a couple of weeks before you can do another one?

Depends on the method you use.

For example, a Chaos style sigil is a fire and forget type of spell. You can do a second one as soon as the first one manifests.

A magick square would be opened, and carried with you until your result manifests.

A full evocation would be a once and done kind of thing. You give the task to the spirit and wait for it to be done.

A mojo bag could be used indefinitely, you would simply have to recharge it every so often (usually once a month or moon cycle).

A ritual such as that in The Magical Cashbook should be done for 11 days or until the money shows up.

An invocation to Jupiter can be done daily.

A candle spell can be done once, or the candle can be dressed in money drawing oil and burned for a few hours every day.

You can use as many different methods as you want to. For example, you could fire off a sigil on Tuesday, burn a dressed candle the next week, and evoke a spirit of wealth a few days later. However, the problem with doing things that way is that you won’t know which method actually worked and which did not.

If you want to work that way, a layered spell would be your best bet. In a layered spell, each ritual would target a different part of the overall goal.


okay im going to try the Chaos spell. Is it good for beginners ?

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Yes, a Chaos style sigil is perfect for beginners and are very popular.

Essentially, you would create a statement of intent, and convert it into a glyph. Then, in an altered state of consciousness (like the blank moment of orgasm) you visualise it flying off into the universe, and promptly forget about it.

Your subconscious mind will then manifest it for you.


whats a glyph. Im such a newb

A symbol, a picture that represents the desire, a pictograph.

oooh wow rthats easy

Here’s an explanation of the technique:

And this:

I, along with probably 99 percent of the forum would suggest bune

Long story short. I did a rather simple working with Bune last November when I was freaking out about my financial situation. By the end of the day I had thousands of unexpected dollars. ( The way it happened couldn’t be made up

Bune makes things happen that make magicians giddy with excitement because the results are ridiculously good.

Broke again because I did a bunch of stupid stuff with with that money and want to work with Bune again but to bring up an amusing anecdote I saw people on this forum talking about years ago. I don’t want to use that spirit as a “vending machine.” The results were solid. I could still have some of that money. I really need it again but Bune is deserving of my utmost respect.

Anyway. Not to derail your thread but does anyone have a suggestion on sort of not seeing a spirit as a “vending machine?” I owe Bune my utmost respect and love but I feel like a kid telling his mom he’s hungry or something. Like Bune is called and appears as if to say “jesus christ this guy asking for money again.”


If you treat the spirits with respect, I don’t think you’ll run into the “vending machine” problem. From my experience, the demons enjoy it immensely when they are called to do their work. It’s like giving them an opportunity to “flex their muscles” and do what they do best.

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This is my experience as well.

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