How to destroy the protection of my target protected by Hindhu gods

One of my target has a strong protection from hindhu gods so whatever magick i do reverse upon me and my family. I did a black pullet it reversed upon me and i felt severely sick, then again when i tried to attack, one of my close family member fell sick. So am very much aware of breaking protection by angels and demons but what is the effective method to destroy the protection given by hindhu patreon. @DarkestKnight @Mulberry and other friends kindly enlighten me on this.

Hmn, I would say you have two options. a) try a binding to cut them off from their belief in and connection to their gods, b) pick a route around, when a brute force attack isn’t working then more of the same isn’t advised. Depending on the person, the sneaky route in b is probably easier.

My feeling these days about Hindu gods is they are more towards the mystical than magickal. That means there is no astral device or structure you can dismantle. You have someone standing in their subconscious power as a “child of the gods” and basically their Will as an aspect of part of the same being that you are, is outperforming yours.

So you have to break that stalemate, and you want to do that in a way that’s useful, which means going back to the drawing board, reexamining what the problem is and designing a different solution for that. Usually it’s that a person is an obstacle, so looking at why they are an obstacle provides the key. Maybe you approach a side factor that is an underlying cause of the issue or a support of them being an obstacle and fix that. Maybe you heal them, or bless them so that they move out of the area and are gone from your life. There’s often multiple ways through.


Can you suggest me some methods to bind them off.

Personally my goto is a poppet binding combined with a freezer spell. I posted that here:


Does the protection from the gods not also protect against that?

It might, we don’t have much info here to tell… but it tends not to be seen as a direct attack to defend against: So say, mirror shields are not effective, ime, against bindings.

There’s an old adage I fin to be true, if you fight directly against something you give it power against you. Magickally speaking, by your actions you are acknowledging it is a worthy opponent and has strength worth fighting, which make it stronger simply via your belief in it.

So as is done in Tai Chi Chuan, don’t fight: step aside and use your opponents own strength against it.


What informations do you have about the target? How do you know if it hindu gods that protects the target?

After series of mishappening following the rituals i did, i approached a person who is associated with a deity and who can reveal info through divination. He said that it was durga devi who was protecting the target.

Yes @Mulberry is correct, in hindhu pantheon we first bind off the person from getting support of thier gods, ancestors, before doing any baneful activity. It is possible. Though am not familiar with that method.

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people often fixate on The Target.

but much harm can be engendered by influencing those around them. not in a way that harms them necessarily but changes their dynamics with the target to create the desired outcomes.

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By influencing the surrounding innocents may get affected unnecessarily. So i try to avoid that approach.

this is true but desired outcomes can be achieved without unwanted collateral harm if one is precise.
simply influencing multiples close to the target to start viewing them suspiciously for example will cause much disruption and confusion and the breaking of bonds.

and all actions have unintended effects, it’s a matter of perspective.

were you to sufficiently damage the target directly then those same innocents would be harmed arguably more if the bond remained as is.


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