How to deal with love?

Hello everyone.

I have been in love with a girl from my school since we first met, but I realized a couple months ago that she doesn’t feel the same about me. Now every time I see her I feel frustrated and it’s like my heart is bleeding. I asked some of my gods to help me through this mess, but I still feel like utter garbage.

I also feel like I gotta show off when I’m around her. Like I get all energized and become loud and comedic only to get her attention. It sickens me because it feels like there’s no way out of this situation.

Does anyone have advice on how I should proceed? Or what I can do to get rid of this love?

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I’m sorry you feel that way. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve definitely been there.

OK, as for magickal suggestions, well it depends what you want to do. Do you want to make her see you? Create a servitor to fill her mind with constant positive loving thoughts of you, night and day, with the command that she feel no ease until she speaks to you face to face.

Many of the Goetia demons have the ability to make a person come to you in a sexual way if that’s what you’re looking for .Sitri Sallos and Gregory immediately spring to mind.Staying on the Goetia route, there are a number of demons who directly influence minds and hearts.

If you just want to get rid of the feeling, perhaps a cutting and clearing type spell? I’ve personally used the Hoodoo method of bathing for 7/9 days before sunrise every morning in a bath filled with lemons and lavender. As you get out the bath, say a prayer that you be cleansed of any residual feeling for her, and step through two lit white candles, as if they’re a door to a new you.

Sigils could employed to make the person physically leave your location so you never have to see them again.

Just some ideas that I’ve used in the past. I hope whatever you do, you find some peace.


Thanks for the quick response!

With love magic and such spells I’ve noticed those never seem to work. But I’ll think about it. Maybe this time it’ll be different lol.

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I mean, it’s just from my own experience, but love spells can be thought of more as opening and expanding whatever feeling there may be in the target however minuscule, and bringing it to the front and centre.

Then you could work magick to keep her enthralled with you.

Might sound a bit odd, but when it comes to unrequited love, there are usually power dynamics in play. You act differently around this person, you want to get her attention. Not an easy thing to hear when you really desire someone, but often this unrequited desire can only serve to make you feel the distance between you even more so, and then, to idolise her.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is examine your attitude and make tweaks to it. This is a kind of indirect magic. Direct magic would be casting some spell on her to make her fall in love with you. That may well be an option, but there are other things to consider first, or as well as, that primary goal.

First, this might sound bleak, but in any relationship, the one who cares the least has the most power. So aim to expand your horizons. What would make you focus less of your attention on her? Find a hobby you’re passionate about and can pour time into. Start playing a sport. Expand your magic to look to meet other women.

Again, this is probably going to sound like utter bullshit to you if you’re in love with someone, but once you realise there are other amazing women out there (whether you choose to pursue anything with them or not), it will make you feel more secure. It will remove that feeling of “my life won’t be complete until I have her”. Or you might be reading this thinking “but I don’t really want a new hobby, I just want this girl, and any magic seems pointless if it’s not directed at that specific goal”. At this point, you have literally nothing to lose, and it’s not going to harm you in any way to find other things to take up your time and mental energy.

Many women, if they sense this attitude of “I must have you, nothing else matters to me”, it can repel them. If you have nothing else going on in your life besides spending all your time pining over someone, then what would you actually have to offer them if you caught them? Emotionally healthy women are not sexually attracted to servility. You need to have more to bring to the table than just “I’m attracted to you”.

So, work on your own attitude here. If you feel like you MUST have this person or your life is meaningless, and you only want to devote all your time and attention and energy to thinking about her or how to get her, you are inherently devaluing yourself. Focus on what is good about you, and expand those qualities in yourself. Make yourself the kind of person any girl would be happy to have as a partner, by pouring some of that time and care and attention and energy back into improving your own life.

Two outcomes here – either she notices, and is impressed, and decides to give you a chance, OR you find that your own life is now so rich and fulfilling that your attitude towards her changes, and you see her as just one of many options out of the multitudes of people who could be well-suited for you.

Also my apologies if any of this comes off as harsh or me making assumptions, but just wanted to give you something to think about.

If you want to work with entities to help you here – as far as demons go there’s Belial, to help you take control of your own life; Sitri, to help you “exude an aura of lustful power”, Cimeries, to “remove subconscious fears that weaken you”. There are various other angels and sigils and spirits that can assist you in finding your gifts and talents, in being motivated, in becoming confident, and so on. If you specifically want to remove your feelings of love for her I’d look at cord-cutting rituals, a freezer spell on your own emotions, or contacting an entity of love like Sallos or Archangel Haniel to ask them to remove these feelings from you.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


OK, women hate show-offs, at least many do. Maybe you are simply unable to be yourself around her. Anyway, I know it hurts, when I was young love took up way too much of my time. Thing is, young love is hardly ever going anywhere.
I would suggest work on yourself, make a list of goals - what you wish you were like - then from each goal figure out what would make that happen. This way you got a recipe to work with. And what does this gotta do with love ? Well, self confidence and knowing who YOU are will attract the RIGHT person. Good luck, and don’t worry. Everything will work itself out in the end.


each situation is different for each person, what i i will say is that first ill leave the spells to the more experienced members to provide to you, as i have none as a beginner. 2nd, as someone with a little experience in that department, I say start with seeing if you can have self control. if that is difficult, then strongly consider time away and distance. if you decide to do that then talk to them, don’t ghost them. be honest and forthcoming about why you wish to take a break from the friendship. then, give yourself the space to heal. you will need to heal because it will hurt for a bit. you will suffer some. after you heal give a little more time to create the lines or emotional boundaries. after that be friends. if it becomes a problem again then rinse and repeat

Awesome advise, thank you @Veil, I wish I knew this a year ago or so.


Me too honestly :sweat_smile: especially this part:

As with all things though, we learn and grow as we go. “The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago, the second best time is today.”


I’m actually your opposite. I’m all energic and confident when there’s nobody i like around me.
And then suddenly start to feel vulnerable and silence myself while i’m near a woman i find attractive.
Friendzone is a common phenomenon in modern society tought.
You should detach yourself before you hurt yourself too much, i know it hurts because i also ruined my life for a girl i was obsessed while ago when adolescent.