How to correctly invoke without having to dominate or irritate the spirit?

Hi, it’s me again, I would like to ask your wise advice, what kind of correct evocation should I do? if someone has a link from a pdf I will be very grateful to do, I do not want to do the invocation with the Solomon method, but I want to do it in a safe way.


anybody here?

Please use the forum’s search function in the upper right of your screen. This forum is full of information on how to perform an evocation.

Also, be aware that we do not trade PDFs of copyrighted work on this forum, if that is what you are seeking.


sorry, I still have not learned how to use the site correctly, I created my account recently, thanks for orienting me.

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No problem. The search button is the little magnifying glass.

Here is a link to some information that will help you:

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Your title says “invocation” but the post says “evocation”. Which one are you looking to do?

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evocation, sorry, Translator translates wrong

Could always stick to simple evocations, like fairies, monks, dragons, etc.

Honestly though, I highly doubt you would be dominating them. Your sub conscious will be prepared for their presence because you already performed the ritual and if you believe in the power so does your sub-conscious so you will most likely be listening at that point. Think of it as like “Magick Brainwash.”

I suggest the search engine as there are quite a few beginner evocations on the forum.

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