How to convince yourself spirits exist?


I’ve been trying to convince myself anything exists ranging from demons and angels to just ghosts in general. I’ve studied psychology for the majority of my life and believe it’s really took a toll on acquiring any type of spiritual belief. I would be happy to believe in superstition or anything really in the spirit realm in general.

Are there any daily exercises or ways to train myself to believe that entities other than humans exist? I’ve done daily meditation for 15 mins daily for about half a year now but just view it as a way to empty the mind. It doesn’t really relax me and I am unable to feel any type of spiritual presence while doing so. I’ve attempted praying to Baal, Lilith, and Lucifer before meditating hoping to hear or see something and again, no results.

I might be hardheaded and I’m really trying to stop thinking logically and scientifically but it’s so I ground in me that it frightens me that it may be fighting a losing battle unless I could forget everything i know and start over.

Can anyone reference me a book or series of exercises/routines/rituals I can perform daily to just have some sort of faith that something outside this reality exists?

Thanks so much!


Surprised how emptying mind is not relaxing your body, anyway best is to start working with angels. They respond is pico seconds and you will get ample of evidence.

Evoke Belial using EA Koetting’s Incantation to Summon Forth (you’ll need to scroll a bit). Ask Belial to prove that he exists. For me, he threw a framed award off my wall. Scared the shit out of me; here’s the thread I made at the time.

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Don’t get me wrong, I feel my body parts go numb and they are obviously asleep but as far as feeling relaxed, not so much. I’ve even gotten to the point where I can ignore the urge to swallow, scratch itching sensations and such. It basically feels empty but nothing more when I meditate. I guess you could say I just go through the motions because it’s supposed to be good for you.

Thanks for the advice. Will try to do it and be present with the process rather than just mowing through it. Anything special other then mentioned in the post to do to make it more viable?

On Magic maybe this will give you some answers.

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As master Oogway said: “You just need to believe”.

Listen to master Oogway! For starters, he’s a talking turtle…that alone is enough to start listening to him.


It’s ok to get confused I’m no expert at meditation either but ultimate meditation is to be fully in alignment with your inner being… I like Joseph Campbell’s idea of sacred space… this is one fine way to meditate

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One believes or they don’t. Only self can reveal this.

Belief has zero to do with it, the confidence in working with a spiritual force or entity comes from TANGIBLE results. I’d advise focusing on developing yourself and getting attainable reasonable results and then expanding on that.

For exampe If you are just starting out it is very unlikely your going to be able to use magick to manifest a million dollars unless you have a source of income that has the real potential to provide this.