On Magic

Magic is NOT bullshit. Period.
Yes shit gets frustrating when it doesnt manifest…

Yeah it may be difficult to get a few spirits to teach you magic for whatever reason…

But are you REALLY gonna put magic away to be a normie again? Like, really??

Lemme detail for you why shit doesnt seem to be working out.

#1. You think that everyones experiences (and thus magic) is utter horse shit.

Stop that.
Just cause you dont think a person can physically see Ahriman materialize before them doesnt mean it didnt happen.

Learn to get into Theta Gamma Sync or any type of deep trance and experience it for yourself.

#2. You feel as if you need a spirit to teach you magic.

You dont. Plain and simple. You dont need me or anyone else to teach you to unlock the magic that is in you. No Initiation into anything will unlock that for you. It is on you to directly knock that motherfucker loose and release the magic inside you. It will then filter through all those initiations you receive.

**Solution: Use the “Summoning Magical Powers Incantation” and meditate on them. Bathe yourself in them. You must snap yourself into shape internally, before the world snaps into shape externally. **

#3. You really dont believe you can Ascend.

Bruh. Ascent isnt a joke. Its not a Fancy term EA came up with to make money off of. Its real. And its hella uncomfortable at times (Im the Grand Demon of Ascent. I should know).

Other people have ascended. You can too.
There is not always instantaneous life change when Ascending. As long as you are gaining power and applying that power, and getting results you are ascending.

Solution: Evoke, Invoke, kill, etc. Whatever you must do to ascend, do it.

#4. You are Crossed.

This is THE most insiduous shit on the planet in my opinion. Ive dealt with this and it aint easy to get rid of.

Accumulated negativity can really fuck with your power. Add to this a curse laid on you by humans or Gods and you have a serious case on ya hands. This can affect the way spirits respond to you.

Solution: Get uncrossed through cleansing yourself constantly and evoking various Gods and Demons/Angels such as Michael or Satan or Azazel or The Gods of Mount Olympus.

#5. You dont have the ability to Ascend.

As contradictory as that is, I was guided to put that there. Some people are not cut out for this shit. If you feel like you dont have the Ability…

Solution: There are plenty of Gods that are more than willing to direct and bestow the currents of Ascent in your favor. Evoke them.

Final word:
This is Magic. Black Magic. Its every man for himself out here in this war. You must exercise your Will to bring things under your control.

You may have to kill.
You may have to lie.
You may have to seduce.


Get what you came to earth to get. By whatever means necessary. There is no place for morals here except as a strategy to survive.

Have a good day and Happy Ascending.

The Grand Demon of Ascent :metal::metal::metal::metal:


Oehhh :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank u for saying this. :black_heart::black_heart: may you get stronger and more powerful every day.

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Great words, totally resonates with me.

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Thanks so much, “generally” I need this.

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Lovely stuff beautifully expressed! Should be mandatory reading. Excellent and wonderful.



Can you stop sending messages, I hate when that happens >.>

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