How to cause REPULSION, REVULSION, REJECTION between 2 people permanently, for their Union is built upon the betrayal, pain and suffering of their mutual friends without Shane or remorse

Is there any way to cause two people to feel REPULSION, rejection, REVULSION, SEXUAL DISGUST and total rejection between 2 people?
Whose Union is built upon the betrayal, pain and suffering of their mutual friends without shame or remorse.


Entities can help with that, don’t know any other method since I usually only work with demons

Sour jar would be a good one to look into.

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Amon - break friendship
Glasya Labolas - break parntership
Vine - break the will of mercenaries
Andras - just fuck them up, but can break relationships
Amducias - break bad habits

All according to Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove


There are also Olympic spirits that can help:
Hagith (Venus) can cause lovers to part.
Arathron is associated with the powers of Saturn and can destroy anything really or stop it in motion. He can destroy relationships too I believe.


If that is really the case then I don’t think any work on your part will be necessary because it sounds to me as if these people are the kind who care little for those around them and it would probably be safe to say that when the infatuation wears off and the novelty of their union is replaced with the reality of relationship reciprocation and understanding it will fall apart on its own.


are you skilled with the sour jar?

Yes, I’ve used them multiple times.

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My demon of choice for that would be king Asmodeus. He is great for separating lovers, but I don’t think you want to go over the top baneful with him. I would invoke him for the seperation part, and then Hekate can handle the rest.

There are others you could call on, but I choose those two, because the first specializes in seperation of lovers, the other can give a mighty spanking if some have truly done you harm.

I know from experience, don’t call on Hekate unless you know for certain you are not in the wrong, because she will end up punishing you as well.

@C.Wilson, May i have the directions for it. I would like to do it ASAP!

I’ve actually been meaning to write a tutorial on it so I will link the thread to you.

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thank you sir

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