Tutorial: Sour/Vinegar Jar

As a species, our strength comes when we have numbers on our side. This can be a problem when said group gets in our way to success. While groups can serve as a strength, their one weakness is the individual bonds that make up the whole. Damage enough of them, and the group breaks apart. This spell is traditionally used to cause break ups, but can be altered to effect relationships in a profession, bonds within a group of friends, and any other situation that involves people working together. This is a highly adaptable spell that can be altered based on what you feed into it. I will discuss the base first and then provide a list of other ingredients I have used in the past.

Base Materials you will need:
-A jar
-Cayenne Pepper (to create arguements)
-Vinegar (I prefer Apple Cider Vinegar as it is something that was sweet turned sour)
-Names of the targets, written out on pieces of paper
-Black candle
-A spirit of your choice (Ancestors are preferred but I have had Beelzebub helped me out in the past as well)

In a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, set the ingredients in front of you. Take some time to mediate, breathing deeply and paying attention to how your stomach rises and falls as you breath. Feel your body react as you breath. Call out to the spirit of your choice, whether by name or through something like an enn. For ancestors, I use a prayer. Go over each ingredient and have the spirit “bless” or “awaken” each to bring their natural qualities to the table.

Take a jar into your hands and visualizing it being your target’s world. It is their job, their home life, their views on others, everything. Solidify that the jar and all it will contain will be how they perceive life. Take the names of your target and visualize the individual. See them as if you are holding them in your hand, entirely at your mercy. Add them to the jar.

Work the cayenne in your hand, pushing your anger into the plant. Let it absorb your hate in order to carry it into the individuals, pushing the intention for the hatred to be lashed out at each other. Add it to the jar. Hold the bottle of the vinegar in your hands. Visualize the liquid being a source of decay, breaking down the lives it touches. Pour it into the jar, leaving an inch of empty space on the top for gases. Cap it (not too tightly as you want the gases to release, but enough to where you can shake it without spilling) and put it down, taking the candle into your hand. Rub the candle into your hands, pouring the last of your hate into it. Set it ontop of the jar and light it, starting “As this candle burns down, (your target’s names)'s fate is sealed. May their world sour and decay, their bonds break, and be left wanting. So it is.”

Let the candle burn down, creating a wax seal over the jar. For the next week, shake the jar once a day, adding more anger into it to stir things up. Do not dwell on the working beyond reminding yourself to shake the jar. After the week, dispose of it. I usually run it through dirty cat litter and throw it out with the litter as a final “screw you” but I have had success burying it as well. And that’s it. I’ve had results manifest by day three of the working but I’ve had some that took a few weeks. It depends on the target really.

Some Optional ingredients:

Soil from the target’s property (helpful when you want to sour their relationship with their land)

Sulfur (adds a baneful element, but can cause the jar to explode due to the gases released if you are not careful)

Cat and dog hair (traditional ingredient so they may fight like cats and dogs)

Business cards (when you are tackling an entire business, especially the relationship from one business to another)

Belladonna (adds toxicity to a relationship)

Urine (basically a “I piss on your life” element which can be helpful)

Coffin/box nails (basically to put an ending to the matter entirely. Think the phrase “the final nail in the coffin”

War Water (brings an extra kick to the jar)


Nice write up. Thanks for sharing.

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No problem at all, thanks for reading. This is one of examples of a spell where you are working with the spirit as opposed to petitioning them. Traditionally (or at least how I was taught it by a friend who’d family practices hoodoo), with a more animist practices, the practicenor would be working with the spirit behind the ingredients as well. This would be done with offerings and prayers to “awaken” them, which is why I included a spirit being involved to bring added power to the ingredients. This a wonderful piece of history that can still be used today.


That makes sense. I’ve been resistant to go into the Hoodoo area, as I, for some reason, hadn’t made the animist-additional spirit connection when glancing at the topic. I’m assuming that’s how the kitchen witches are likely pulling it off, too.

Thanks again.


Hello I just made one with vinegar lemon black pepper. Cayenne Pepper . Hot piment sauce ( did not have hot piment) needle dragon’s blood 3-4 too increases the spell name of the person
Wrote down the date . And see can’t say how much time tho. I wrote on the paper open your eyes and the name .

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Can i bury this in a graveyad? Or add a graveyard dirt?

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