How to banish demons from my life?

Help ASAP someone help!!!
Demons are destroying my life and they are jokeing from me how to banish them instantly
And block them so they instantly get banished.
And block them so they cannot effect my life.

Some solutions: repeat the sound to “shush” (shhhhh) and the vibration of “i” (iiiii) pronounced as in “image”.
Also, the prayer beginning with “Clementissime Deus, cujus potentiae non est finis…”

Here: 2nd link down:

Demons? How certain are you about them? I mean, has that been verified? Because… why would they have a reason to haunt you… realistically. They’re mostly parasites… The psyche?

Now, this was a brief description of the situation, so I won’t delve too deeply into it, but I’ll give you a few ideas or suggestions, as someone who isn’t an expert in this field and can’t provide professional advice here. First, as respectfully as possible, verify who or what it truly is. Perhaps it’s a spirit in need of help… Use banishing herbs, sage, and frankincense (don’t forget to leave exterior doors and windows slightly ajar or open). Place salt in corners or in water and on thresholds… black salt would be best here. It’s wise to create your own holy water (unless you’re someone who uses the one from the church, but…) or simply activate salt and water and spray it on walls, thresholds, windows… Regularly cleanse your own energy and your surroundings. And certainly, a few protections around the house, around the bed, in rooms, wouldn’t hurt. It’s important to emphasize that in a serious situation, banishing shouldn’t be attempted by someone inexperienced in it, as it carries certain ‘risks’ with it.

So, the first step - discern beyond the veil of fear and apprehension what the actual situation is and how serious it truly is!

Once again, this is more of a suggestion and an idea than advice, as I’m not an expert in this field, and it’s better to consult a professional.

Tell them to leave, by virtue of your own power and in your own name. They don’t have the right to your life, like this-

“Demon of behavior I command you to leave, you have no right to me and mine, I have the right to be free of you. Go!”


I would say they are parasites. Lower spirits, malicious energetic vampires. They bring you bad luck and suck energy from you. Sometimes they protect you - but it’s tricky. I met many people (who are called “jinx” in popculture) who were partially possessed. Sometimes even they thought about somebody and they sent energetic signal that destroyed something.
If you are unexperienced in Magick, you can just buy these instruments:

  • pendulum
  • white salvia incense
  • palo santo
  • a few quartz (rhinestones).
  • a white candle and a black candle
  • an egg and a glass half of water with salt

the simplest way to cleanse yourself is to burn the Salvia leaf and to turn around yourself (the best way is three times). Then you do the same with Palo Santo.
WIth a pendulum, you simply take your photo (or a specific person), knock the table with the pendulum, then ask it to cleanse the person on the photo. The pendulum starts spinning and you wait until it stops. then you knock again.
You just burn the white candle and ask it to protect you from magickal attacks. (you can write your wish on a paper and burn this paper in the candle’s flame). Then you burn the black candle and ask it to banish the evil forces around you.
You put the quartz under your pillow. The second one you can keep in hand visualising it cleanses you. Remember to clean the minerals with water, or keep them in salt - once a week. You can charge them in the sun or full moon.
With the egg, you just keep in in your hands, visualising it vacuums all the bad energy from you. You can also turn around you 3 times visualising the egg sucking the parasites from you aura. You can also rub each of your chakra saying that it is clean now. After this, you break the egg and pour the entrails to water with salt. You leave the glass close to the bed when you go sleep. The next day, you throw out the water with egg (you can observe how the egg looks in the water. When the curse is strong, the protein can look boiled!).
These are the simplest methods. If it doesn’t help, you will need to talk to professional esoteric/occultist.

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The LBRP will help you a lot. But if the attachment to the demon/demons are too powerfull, one solution is invoke Saturn Planetary forces, with the hierarchy given from the HOGD (yes, RHP magick) Another solution if you aren’t open to rhp magick, is to call a Goetia Demon to remove that spirit/spirits. I think Forcalor would help.

No i dont want to banish them now

What did they show you?

The only LBRP won’t help.

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