How to ask an entity for something without evoking

I live in a house with people who do not believe in magick etc
Im wondering if there is any way that i can evoke the entity (safely) by even praying to a sigil and attaching the targets name and petition with the intentions of what i need to have done?


Yes, that is called a petition. There are multiple threads here on that subject

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Yeah i know this but what do i do to get in touch with the entity without evoking them do i attached the petition to the photo and sigil or?..

You simply burn to petition.


You mean burn the entities sigil with the targets photo and petition?

With a petition you don’t need the seal. The petition is addressed directly to the spirit so it is unnecessary.

However, if you want to, you can draw the seal at the bottom of the petition.


So im lost here again…
How would the entity know im asking for something?
Can you explain?
Like what do i do with those 3 things

You don’t need a photo with a petition.


Ahhh so just the targets name and date of birth?

You don’t need the birth date, just the name is sufficient.

If you write a petition and say "bring me Bob Carlson, " they will know which Bob Carlson you are talking about because it will be in your intention when you write, and when you read out loud, your petition.


Ok but again if i cannot evoke the spirit in my home
How can i get in touch with them?

Which part don’t you get?

A petition is NOT an evocation. All you are doing is basically writing a letter, and then reading the letter out loud before burning it.

It’s about the least complicated spell you’ll find.

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So you mean i just read it loud i dont do the demons enn? Do i focus on the sigil while saying the petition?

No. There is no need for an enn. You write your petition, light a candle, read the petition out lout, and then burn it, with a feeling of gratitude.

Read the link I sent you.


Mate… the tutorial has ALL the information you need. You don’t need anything else. Is what’s on the link, nothing more. That’s the spell.

ETA: I think your real problem is that you can’t really do anything OUTLOUD, isn’t it?


Thanks so much for your help im reading now

Do you think i can petition pomba gira this way?

Do i need to leave offerings?


If you live in a Catholic house (though I don’t recommend lying) but lighting a candle is NORMAL and they won’t take it in any bad way.

For the offering, call in Pomba Gira first, ask her which she prefers, leaving her offering outside, or a simple candle can sometime do. Pay attention to your dreams, sometimes entities does communicate like that. You don’t need a petition for that, just the prayer in any language that makes you comfortable and maybe a candle lite all along the ritual (7 days).

Good Luck!
Looks like you’re trying to get an ex-back.

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The problem is i cannot evoke any entities and wondered if i could just pray to her by petition

Yes trying to get the love of my life back!

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Well this applies to ANY entity. Wether it’s Azazel or King Vine or Pomba Gira. It seems you’re in shock and really looking forward to doing this petition cause you keep asking the same thing using different words lmao😂 So to sum it up:

  1. Write your petition
  2. Include the name of the entity, the name of your target and what you want to happen (as detailed as possible)
  3. Read the petition visualizing the outcome (you can read it out loud, whisper or read it in your mind, it doesn’t matter)
  4. Burn your petition
  5. Forget about your spell and don’t lust for results.

No, a petition is NOT an evocation or invocation. It’s like you’re asking a favour from the entity. Treat it like you’re asking a favour from your mom and keep your intent as honest as possible.
Yes, you can draw the sigil at the bottom of your petition even though it’s not necessary as fellow member has already pointed out.

Take a breath, relax. You got this. Believe in yourself♥️
And don’t spam with any more questions. We have covered EVERYTHING you need to know. Good luck!