How the fuck do you sleep at night

Well, we’re getting into spring time. Warm days tend to mean warm nights. And that means I won’t be able to get sleep so easily.

I have a hard time sleeping unless I’m under a heavy blanket. The more pressure the better. Idk, and it according to relatives it’s quite abnormal. So, I tend to have sleep troubles during the spring and summer. I take sleeping pills, but they tend to have me either wake up at the most in opportune of times or just not until the afternoon.

Anyone know of a possible alternative?


Mundane: valium

Magickal: there’s a few sigils or rituals which are meant to promote healthy sleep. from memory I think there’s one in Tempest’s new Angels of Omnipotence book.


Try wearing tight clothes instead of heavy blankets! Maybe this pressure could help you sleep!

Can you afford an AC?

Fasting 8 hours atleast before sleep should lower your temperature, if you can sleep hungry that is…

Or alternatively, stuffing yourself with just the right amount of food to make you sleepy right before bed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Smoking (or alternatively drinking tea made from) skullcap and mugwort can help. So can taking magnesium supplements. there’s two kinds and i forget which kind is the right kind though. :thinking:

@Johnny_Samhain can you see about getting an actual weighted blanket? You might be able to get one that’s cooling but still has the right amount of pressure. If that’s possible – not sure. I, too, like to be swaddled in layers of blankies when I sleep. Been thinking about getting a weighted blanket for this reason. But luckily we’re moving into winter in my part of the world so soon I’ll be all cosy under 3 blankets with a sheepskin warming my toes while I rest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have allergies, so I use.some Benadryl at night.

I also use Magnesium Citrate and Chamomile tea. Chamomile a bit before bed to prep me for it and the Magnesium to help my stay asleep.

I did speak with a medical doctor for all three and about taking all three at the same time. I would still encourage you to do the same, as there may be other things going on that your doctor may want to speak about.


Use a weighted blanket instead of just a heavy blanket.


Recently I got 10mls of what must be concentrated elixir of mugwort from the Happy Herb Co. (Australia) and it works! Will give you dreams as well.



A bottle of Rum would do the trick :rofl:


I don’t… that’s what daytime is for xD


Well, I sleep during the day so I will adjust my advice to fit. I tend to sleep with a heavy blanket year round for the pressure, although I have in the past sprayed some water with lavender essential oil to help me rest. I usually have a snack (something like peanut butter or something that is not sweet) or an herbal tea. I’ll take melatonin and put on an audio book to listen to, keeping my device’s brightness low and away from my nightstand (that way the light does not bother me and I have to get up to turn off the alarm, making it easier for me to wake up afterwards).

There are lots of audio books free on YouTube. Lately, I have been listening to “Starship Troopers” or other older science fiction books.

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Its not easy for me to sleep as well, eveytime I try to sleep I woke up at 3 am and feel the presences of some entities . I got used to them by time so we are okay.

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They plainly don’t know jack shit, then:

As well as anxiety, some people with PTSD/cPTSD, people on the spectrum, or with sub-clinical trauma & low mood find them useful.

And they don’t need to be cotton as that preview says, try whatever’s most available for your budget, then refine it from there.

You got some great advice (in general) above, you could also try different ambient sounds on YouTube, like ocean waves, rain, rain and distant thunder, train noises, there may be one which helps you. Also try not eating anything starchy during the day, then having that at night instead.

And avoid screens for about an hour before bed as a minimum, this includes your phone.


ask a spirit that is know for it’s cold powers like Hel or a water elemental ?

create a servitor that will regulate your body temperture ?

ask your higher self to make you unnafected by the effects of heat ?

use energy manipulation to create a cold Aura around your body ?

i mean, i think those should work

I have the same problems too, only when its really boiling hot.

Don’t forget Melatonin supplements.

Safer than drugs, melatonin is produced by the body at night and is the trigger to make you sleeps. It is produced in response to darkness, and your biorhythms. So if you have a lot of bright or blue-hued light before bed, such as from a cell phone screen, that will reduce your ability to sleep. Getting a supplement helps.


I second the mugwort, but suggest using blue lotus instead of skullcap personally as thats what I have experience with.

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Go for long loooooong hikes and spend as much time as possible outdoors. Trust me, you’ll sleep better.

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… and camomile, vervain and lavender. You can guy sleep/calming teas in the grocery store with these combos.


I live in a tropical country but also need a heavy blanket. Personally I point a standing fan over the blanket, I find it helps with the heat while the blanket shields me from direct wind. Avoid the wind hitting the head. On really warm days I uncover my legs and/or replace the blanket with a big jacket. Also I keep my room in a redder-light setting after sunset.

I also have trouble sleeping as the weather gets warmer. Heck I still need fans on even during winter.

I’m basically a furnace at night, to my great dismay

When it gets warm, I’ll have a fan or two running in my room (to help cool the air down) and also I’ll splash water all over my skin/torso…cold water works best. Uncomfortable in the moment, but it helps cool you off and makes sleeping much easier in my opinion. Since your skin gets wet and cold and, I find that helps maintain ideal body temp.

Oh and obviously pat yourself dry lol with a towel. The point is to cool down quickly not go to bed soaking wet.