How not to lose yourself and your mind in magick - Ultimate Guide

Magick can and will change your life the deeper you get into it, but the deeper you get into it, the more you require knowing how to keep yourself stable.

This is a very needed and important aspect of magick that is overlooked often - why focus on the basics when you can go straight to astral projection and exploring reality, right?


Here is how to keep yourself stable and sane while practicing magick, and how to avoid falling into insanity without control.

Working Out

Work out.

Seriously, if you are not happy with your body, get outside and work the fuck out.

If you are unhealthy, you are putting massive limits to your magick and on your mental ability to be unfazed with shit.

So not only is your energy fucked, your thinking is clouded, your discipline falters, you feel more depressed, you become un-grounded.

If you take one thing from this guide, it is to get into a damn routine and pump out those workouts no matter what.

This will be the biggest game changer for your magick and for your life.

Don’t limit yourself, LHP is about breaking those damn limits, so don’t put more onto yourself, go out and work on your body.

It’s a damn shame for your magick and your potential if you’re a fat slob.

Get the fuck out and work out.

That’s the only tip you need.


This should follow from working out. Eat to grow. No sugar, don’t shy away from carbs but keep them in check.

If you’re working out hard, you will eat a lot, so eat.

Keep it disciplined, and this opens a whole lot of new avenues for you. You will be properly grounded, you will be stable, you will be growing stronger, and have more energy for magick.

And if you ever need a ritual to be extremely powerful, you can fast for a day or two to quickly un-ground yourself - controlled insanity, so to say.

The best tip for eating is to read up on what your body needs when working out, give it what it needs, but don’t pig out unnecessarily.


No friends, bad social skills?

Practice it.

If you are stuck in your home without socializing for weeks at a time, this WILL take a toll on you. Right now, whatever you say, you ARE in your physical body, and your physical body is a social animal.

Without socializing, you will biologically fuck yourself up, and this will fuck you up further in magick.

Your socializing needs will be unfulfilled, and you will limit yourself magickally, by making yourself extremely vulnerable to doing loony shit.

Best tip I can give you? Start saying hello to every stranger you pass on the streets.

Then after you’re comfortable, start asking them questions, such as “how you doin’?”.

Soon you will start having more friends and sexual prospects.

Don’t let it take over your life - enjoy it, but remember your mission.

Work and Career

If you’re homeless, your magick will falter. Don’t shun material things. As Above So Below - money is not material, it is spiritual.

You don’t need to be a billionaire, but get your finances in order. Make sure you are independent, and stop doing stupid financial shit.

You’re only fucking yourself up, no one else.

The major benefit of focusing a part of your life intensely on work and career is that it grounds you. Make yourself love the grind. It will bring discipline into your life, accomplishment, and ability to develop your magick as you use it for work.

What I recommend here is to look into creating your own business. Your situation does NOT matter. No matter what it is, you CAN start your own business.

Drop the excuses.

Take your experiences with a grain of salt

Way too often do you see magickians go off the tangent how they are vampires, demons, angels or whatever else, incarnate. And even great grand missions on Earth that they must fulfill.

And way too often do you see them talking about the different titles they might have received, or being the family of such and such spirits.

This does not matter.

What changed? Nothing. You are still here, you are still doing the same shit.

It does not bring benefit to you to think this, you are only stroking your ego.

If you receive such information, take it into consideration, but don’t get obsessed with it, continue improving yourself.

My tip for you - listen to your spirits, but with a grain of salt.

Subconscious Fears

Keep in mind any fears you might have while doing magick. If you are afraid of something, it can get out of hand with magick.

If you are afraid of possession for example, you are vulnerable to obsessing over it after an evocation.

And these obsessions can last for a long time, and seriously fuck you up. Debilitating paranoia and insomnia can occur.

Be aware of your fears, and REALIZE when you are obsessing in an unhealthy manner.

Discrimination and Skepticism

You need to know what you are reading, and take everything with a grain of salt. The most obvious areas where this can apply are different conspiracy theories and information clouded with dogma.

If you are just beginning in magick, do yourself a major favor, and stay away from those, until you are able to sift through the bad to find the good.

As you are reading more and more on magick, read and feel what the authors are saying - do they feel and sound dogmatic, or loony? Or do they seem grounded in reality and results?

Use your intuition, and when you find someone that is grounded in reality, take what they are saying with a grain of salt anyway. Whenever you find a theory you feel strongly for, still be skeptical and look more.

Avoid sticking to one thinking or idea, do not believe everything, and keep in mind that not everyone is as they make themselves seem.

Be skeptical, question it all, and IF it works then use it, but be free to change it if you find something better.

Keep Evolving and Keep Silent

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are done. There will be greater heights to achieve. Keep evolving, more and more, and don’t let it get to your head. This ties in with the first few parts I mentioned.

You don’t need physical titles for yourself and your magick.

High Priest/Priestess, Archwizard, you don’t need that crap.

Doesn’t mean anything.

And stay silent. Don’t tell others about your magick, unless it is a very rare, special case. Keep your workings secret, all of them.

Keep evolving and keep silent.

That is all.


amazing!!!thank you!


That was very good. Best thing I’ve heard in awhile


Finally someone exposes some of the people on this forum. Good info


lol i don´t know how to socialize (i have c-ptsd)

Thanks man .
Sharks always swim and there is no stop for them.

That won’t work for me, best case scenario I see this conversation going is:
Me: “Hello…”
Stranger: " Hi…"
Me: “Fuck it, never mind.”

Walks away while flipping the bird


“Good morning!”
“Good morning.”


Don’t limit yourself.


I see where you’re coming, don’t get me wrong, I just believe some things are not for everyone. The above advice work better with healthy and younger people, imho. For example I have strict instructions from my doctor to avoid some of most common exercises but all and all I can’t complain, at least I can still go outside and walk for as long as my body allows me, some aren’t able to do even that.
Also not all of us can or want to socialise as much as others, it’s normal, that’s why we have different personalities. Some want to be social butterflies, others prefer just a couple of good friends both are acceptable in my eyes.

P.S. By all means, if you’re around your twenties go outside and meet as much people as possible, don’t allow yourself to become a hermit from such a young age.


Sometimes sadly I feel that people may have obsession with occult because they don’t fully like their lives and subconsciously they want to return to the Ether/spirit world and run away from this world.

People fascinated with occult direct their energy very often to higher levels that make their energy and concentration unbalanced. Occult is very interesting and people want to evolve as fast as possible but they forget that they’re not only a spirits and they are on physical plane that rules with it’s own rules. You’re physical, so you have been created here for physical functioning. Quid pro quo - U can live on Earth but you have to sacrifice your highest spiritual attributes. I think it’s not really that bad because we’re the spirits all the time and this “short journey” on physical plane is something of a different experience for us.

However, this obsession also depends on the beliefs and I know that some believe in full reincarnation (I don’t judge and not redirect, but I think it’s sad) and that you must “running and evolving to end this sucking life” don’t you?

Ahhhh. Somebody finally said that. And you’re absolutely true.

We’re all humans, friends :wink: We are playing the same game.
Human potential does not depend on it’s godform - because all beings have the same potential within. You can be a demon king/queen on other side, but you still must go to work, eat, drink and sleep. And you still have problems/challenges.

it’s even hard to say that your godform is “better” than others cuz all spirits and humans (well, I would say it’s the same here but not really, u understand) are unique and have their own life, which another man/being will never have the same.


Fire spit some major fire with his article. I love it. especially the part you just quoted him about. I’m seeing this a lot lately, in some magickal circle.

It’s very important to remember we are humans. Just like the rest of the 7 billion people on the planet.

‘Losing yourself’ is actually necessary! People are just masks they forgot to take off, and molded to them like the movie Clown.

There’s no reason to cling to the things you know and have done, when there’s so much nobody has! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to strengthen the mind too. Meditation makes sense of “crazy”.


Thank you for your post it was just what i needed! Very good points and advices on everything.

Fucking great post! Thank you for calling bullshit on the FUCKERY people put up with and glorify in occultism. It’s stupid and frankly embarrassing.

For the longest time i refused to give myself any credit for what i could do, because end of the day, i’m still a fuckin chode. There are many human beings who don’t do any magick at all, but they’re properly socialized, have good energy, are healthy, financially secure, have discipline, and imagination. Then there are magical adepts who can’t do shit fuck all but they be conjurin like crazy. Who would i rather be? Every time i’d rather be the well-adjusted person over the Magister Templi who can’t get their shit together. Yet i find myself turning more and more into the MT and i fucking hate that. It’s the trend among esoterics to want to descend into madness or end up dying in a ditch bc ‘more spiritual’ - you know what, FUCK THAT.

Let’s all get our shit together and give up on the Jesus myth. The beautiful loser thing is fuckin DEAD. We can do better than that guy. We have to.

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Love this! Thank you for taking the time to share this :blush:

You have no idea how many loony magicians I’ve run into who have no balance and basic knowledge of magick. They often times get in trouble with spirits and end up being destryoed by their own minds and their minds shatter. In that state they have don’t know what is real and what is imaginary. It’s an awful fate. Thanks for sharing. People must know.


Forget magick, you can lose your mind to the mundane.
There are plenty of people who will tell you how things work, and when they don’t, you can just run right into that brick wall that is reality.
There is plenty of dogma and unrealistic propaganda around that people believe because they think not believing it is somehow “crazy.” so they believe, and when it doesn’t work the way you are told it works, you just have to give it up so you can gain some measure of sanity when dealing with the horde of brainwashed zombies.


Keep evolving and keep silent.

That last bit: I see where you might be going with it.

But if I’m wrong, I got to ask: Wasn’t this very forum a solution to the problem of silence? To more easily allow us to share whole currents of knowledge and figure out what works best and why instead of it all hiding behind dogma?

Silence is different than secrecy. Silence is more about letting the result of your actions do the talking. Some mages don’t understand that

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