How likely is it that I can get my ex back

I am a complete beginner, only found magic yesterday, well I need my ex back, how likely is it that a full beginner can get their ex back fast using magic

What is the success rate of magic

My ex and me have not talked in a year and I need him back how can I use magic to get him back please help

Right now, it would be a miracle even with magick.


What makes you say that. The point oF magic is that anything is possible, isn’t it

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A word of advice: Please don’t get your hopes up. Magick works, but it does not work like it is portrayed in the movies. Just like everything else in life, there is no 100% sure fire fix-your-problems-overnight guarantee.

The problems that led to the breakup with your ex will still be present so even if a spell works, unless those issues are addressed, the result will only be temporary. There is also the possibility of your ex fighting off magick, if his will not to get back together is stronger than your will to get back together.


with neediness and attachment

That term is not too far off.

but magick will work
you must first learn how to detach and have abandunce,which will act like a magnet for your results,chasing it ,it will only make it run away.


Well how dose magic work then. What is it really if it’s not “like movies” and how much can it do for me in my situation

What do you mean by detach and have abundance

It’s hard to explain, but as a beginner, you are not going to be creating miracles, and your desperation will work against you.

What @Xag_darklight meant about detaching, is what is referred to in the occult as “lust of result.” What this comes down to is, the more you want something, the less likely you are to get it because your emotional attachment to the desire pulls all the power away from the magick.

Your situation is not unique, and we get a lot of newcomers to magick seeking the same goal, so I recommend you try the search function in the upper right and check out some of the other threads about getting an ex back. There is a lot of good advice to be found there, as well as spells.


Not very high, I wish you would have put thought into your name, it seems like you just did it real quick and want movie magick to repair your life LOL
I’m sensing a trolling type personality!


You said you haven’t talked to him a year have you wanted to get back him this whole time or is this a thought?

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Its because I wanted an easy to remember name.

Yes I have wanted him back all the time

Ok, I will try using the search for spells. Thank you

By the way, it is a rule of this forum for all new members to introduce themselves in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, so please do so.

Has he moved on? and how old are you may I ask, so I can make sure my responses are appropriate.

He met someone else but they are taking a break from each other

I am 24, he is 25

I didnt try to be rude, this was my point.

Thanks @Xag_darklight


If you WANT him back (and if you’re really hurting or undergoing withdrawal symptoms), don’t count on it.

If you decide you DON’T want him back, he just might turn obsessive (I speak from personal experience).