How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide


When ever you want.


Time doesn’t matter


Thank u brother…


cool, he fascinates me!


Saw the description and thought I’d share this.


How often do you summon King Paimon


I guess it depends but I barely summon him since he’s with me already most of the time listening to me.


One thing I’ve noticed, in my experience, once you make a serious effort to contact them they are always listening after that.
Summoning them then is more of a reaffirmation of the bond and a good way to honor them.


That’s true


Hi Manosman,
I hope this message finds you well. Since you have sort of taken over to responding to messages, I thought I would reach out to you. I have been a witch/maginician for many years now, but have never worked with spirits/done spirit evocation. Recently, I learned about King Paimon in a religious history course I am taking and I am extremely interested in contacting/working with him. However, I really want to read up evocation in general first. Could you kindly recommend me to some beginner books?


Hi there, first of all, take a minute to introduce yourself to the forum. It’s one of our few rules.


Secondly, I haven’t read any books about that specific subject so I can’t really recommend you one. I do though, recommend you to search on the forum for evocation techniques and choose one that suits best to your style.

I’m a simple person, so, after I relax myself in a quiet place, I use the spirit’s sigil or I think of the spirit’s name again and again until it comes. It’s easier that way.


Hi Manosman,
Thanks for the reply! I did post to the new members thread about an hour ago but then got a message that my post needed to be read by an admin before being posted. I hope it goes through soon, I’m excited to explore this site!


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Do your best and good luck!


What did they say about Him in your course? Also, what is the nature of the course (college, certificate, etc)? I only ask because it excites me to hear that someone is learning of King Paimon outside of occult circles. It’s exciting!


I was also thinking the same thing :joy:


I heard he has a solar nature, and that day time is the best time.


There is no best time or anything like that. Anytime is good.


well said! I’ve noticed that whenever I wear my pendant of KING Paimon’s sigil that people treat me like, well, royally…and not because they’ve seen the pendant. It’s the energy King Paimon envelopes one in. I’d recommend wearing His sigil to anyone wanting a meaningful connection with Him.
King Paimon is not evil at all! He will fight for His children and those loyal to Him, but He is not cruel. Not as I know Him.
Think of King Paimon, Lucifer and the demonic/divine pantheon this way—they ARE the good ones,the teachers of humanity for those who are worthy. The old Judeo-Christian ‘war’ god who thought He was the only god and then when he found out that wasn’t so, used his people like pawns to kill off the other gods. Well, tell me who is evil truly and who has maimed, brought suffering and vengeance upon the world? It wasn’t King Paimon nor was it Lucifer, but they and those on their realm get blamed for everything.