How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide


You should respect him a lot, always address him as King Paimon, and try to be fully dressed when you summon him since he prefers that.

You can find his sigil on Google images easily and his enn wherever in the forum. Also, you don’t have to use a defensive circle or triangle since you won’t need it here.

That’s all. Do your best and good luck!


I only want a blessing for good luck! Is there a proper way to star the prayer? And what do you mean by fully dressed?

I have questions about King Paimon and I would like to talk by message!


When I’m saying fully dressed I mean don’t try it topless and such. Also there is no certain way to pray, say anything you wish. For example, when I pray to Lucifer and King Paimon, I keep it simple and to the point, but you can say anything you wish.

You can PM me if you have more questions.


You mean like “I wish for a blessing to protect my son and myself from people who will try and do us harm in anyway.” Every time I run into someone I don’t like they try to do something to me. I have other problems but that is the biggest one. The second one is money problems but that’s not a real concern because I’m detached from that mostly because I just gave up.


If that’s how you pray then yes. I also pray for protection. But try to be more like: “Please protect my son and myself from people who will try and do us harm in any way”, that’s more like it.


Can I sit in a chair or on my knees?


That doesn’t matter, you can be on your bed or even standing.


Is there a certain day that is best to do the evocation? Is there anything else? Should I write down my wish and set it on fire afterwards?


No, you can do it any day you want. You could write down your wish but I personally don’t do it (and unless you perform a specific ritual, you don’t have to)


If I offer food to him do I have to offer something else after I’m done like art? I’m asking because I have prepared everything so far food, candles, a small cup of chocolates, a cup of Mountain Dew. A pumpkin for decoration and a small bowl in case I need to burn something, I have the Sigil ready and drawn out. I got dressed up so I look clean and proper wearing my favorite necklace and ring. Also should my son wear clothes? He won’t be apart of it but he runs around a lot and will get in the way of the evocation so he well be seen a lot. Should my house be clean too because right now my house is a mess.

I want to make a good first impression!


You don’t have to offer anything else at first but you can ask him. Also, it’s up to you if you want to clean your house or not. I mean, if you feel more at ease in a more messy house (many people do) then leave it as it is.

You don’t have to think too much about it though. Just go on with the summoning so that you can see it for yourself.


I did the summoning but I don’t think I did it right… :confused: How do I end a summing?


You don’t end a summoning. You just say goodbye or you can say that you don’t need anything else at the moment and stuff like that.


I’m starting to feel like it did work so I feel a bit happier :slight_smile:


Hello! I have a few questions. 1) How were you able to see and hear both Lucifer and King Paimon like how did you develop your senses to that point 2) did you do any super special ritual to summon King Paimon (I use a spell that asks Lucifer and a demons seal but it only worked for one demon) 3) does he have the ability to change physical features like height and body? And if he can’t than what demon/entity can? 4) what are the things Lucifer can do for the summoner?

  1. In order to develop your astral senses you need to meditate and practice a lot. I believe that you could use runes too for your rituals for better results, but developing your astral senses first is a must. So, practice and meditate. Meditation can be 10 or 15 minutes every day.

  2. I simply think of his name again and again. I’m connected to him so he comes right away. In my first two summonings I used his sigil and a visualised circle of my ccreation just to power me up and have more energy. But I now only think of his name again and again.

  3. He has that ability and I believe every spirit can. Or at least we can see them as other things too.

  4. Lucifer can actually do a lot of things. Unlike other demons, he’s a jack of all trades when it come to what he can offer (I believe the same for King Paimon). Lucifer can help you in love matters, he can help you become a better magus, help you in rituals, help you improve your astral senses, etc.


Thank you! And for #3 I meant a humans height and body, like can he change another humans physical features?


Oh, well, I’m not sure. You can ask him. But he can at least give you some advice or send you to someone who is willing to do it.


Okay, thank you so much!


Can i summond our beloved king at anytime? Or theres a specific time? Like Day or Night? Thank you…