How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide


Sometimes, they tell us to do things we don’t like, because they know our future and so, they know how we’ll end up if we do these things.

I mean, sometimes it feels bad, but they know better. They actually never gave me a bad advice (or at least, something that gave me bad results). So, you should at least consider it.


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I see King paimon everywhere… I Wonder why…


:heart::heart::heart: Congratulations
I have learned from your story also and definitely can relate to the horrors of bad “men”.


Speaking of mistakes although I have erred in not going anywhere fresh art work instead of an older painting is made that I actually like. I pour a shot of Orange Liqueur with activated sigil smeared w menses. ( appart from a phrase that slipped through my lips as sleep camearly the first time I attempted evocation. And more recently the sound of hooves galloping)… have I not shown suitable respect to a Being and king? Or am I still attached to worrying? Or…


In my experience, start with frankincense. ***King***paimon is fond of frankincense and it is a pretty basic offering so it tells him that you are a new practitioner.

I may be wrong but I do believe king paimon works closely with father satan himself. King Paimon will guide and initiate you and then send you in the right direction if another demon would be better in the given area you are working on. However, for a new practitioner, he is more than capable of assisting in all areas.

Ps. He earned his title, it is rather infuriating seeing people drop the “king”. He is not paimon to you nor I, he is KING Paimon.


What if you have ants and cannot leave anything? We even have to store cats biscuits in the fridge. I have fine liqueur but i don’t drink (they’re mini bottles). I’m wondering. For ancestors I sometimes use an untracked uncooked egg on altar stays for a week.
Would king Paimon or Belial or someone else mind if I did that for them ?
I mean the ants it’s ridiculous


If you can;t leave them, you could try any of these:

  • wooden (not metal, generally) sealed boxes, like cigar boxes, to place the offering in so it;s able to be left a few hours

  • find an outdoors space, dedicate it to that spirit temp or permanently, bury the offerings there (avoid anything fatty or very sugary, chocolate, or with raisins, currants, or sultanas in, because these are toxic to a lot of animals)

  • use offerings like mini liqueurs that you open but then re-close and pour onto the ground or down the sink (no lavatory) afterwards.

There is a de-linking method shown in this post for making wsure, when you take an offering off the altar, the spirit’s energy is no longer connected: Tutorial : Tool-Free Magick Using Your Hands

Or finally simply don;t offer food, offer artwork, poetry, candles, incense, and leave the consumables off the list. All pisirits have a range of different things they enjoy, for example Lilith enjoys perfume, others will enjoy art or poems dedicated to them (and possibly shared on the internet, including here) and so on.

I did some artwork as offerings and that was well-received by the spirits. :smiley:

If you don’t consider yourself artsy (and are not interested in developing that), think what else you could do for them, for example posting details of rituals you used and praising them when you get a result, most spirits want to spread their name and be thanked publicly.


Create a moat barrier


Thanks heaps


Who would be good to summon for matters related to love…? I was very happy to see King Paimon was good with beginners, however my matter is mostly love related and I don’t believe he would be willing to work with me if this is the case. Glad I saw your post because my understanding was that he did work with love and may possibly manipulate the thoughts of other for love, or replacing someone’s negative thoughts of you with positive thoughts instead.


Belial doesn’t allow me to drink, he made it very clear, This evening i was on my way to the supermarket and i was thinking that there’s no harm in one beer. Out of the sudden someone threw a firecracker very close to me. That noise terrifies me. No is no!