How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide


Energy is energy, people make the mistake of categorizing it, but even though energy can be filtered, that doesn’t differentiate it.

It could take some time, but that depends on you as well.


I offered my own. I’m not sure what you mean.


Did you offer energy from food, blood, semen, or sexual energy, etc… How do you offer it as in the ritual or anything you say?


No. I offered my “Chi” / “Prana” if you will.
The only Goetia I have offered blood so far is Lucifuge.


So do you just say “I offer my prana to so and so” and to the sigil or do you just emit the prana from your palms towards his sigil?


Haha no. He will know you’re offering it to him. It’s hard to explain. Think of it like a donor relationship with a vampire. You’re giving your energy to manifest him into your world.


Thank you for the information. I will try it in my future evocations.


I hope it helps. That’s how I’ve found my evocations successful. It works with invocations too but that’s an entirely different conversation.


:thinking: for me he was there everytime! But didn’t show him self… it took a while until he manifested as electric field! :zap:I could even smell and tast the electricity… my goal was to see him so I can draw what I see! He stayed invisible even in my dreams… Lol only let me see him when he was going away…


Funny you mention that. When he showed up for me I got an overwhelming taste of iron.


I did my first Evocation of King Paimon last week.
I asked for him to assist me with my psychic ability and magical abilities.
It was a peaceful Evocation. I felt soft ,balmy winds around me. I heard one loud bang at the start of the Evocation , that could of been outside though.
I felt his energy. I felt touch on my arms.
I did not hear anything or see anything, but his energy was very present and I enjoyed meeting him


Congrats on your experience!


:laughing: outside or inside it’s still a sign! :thinking: try putting a device out! He can play with electronics if he wants to!


I will do, thanks. I am going to Evoke him again this week. I am trying to get to know others outside of my groups of 5 I am very comfortable with.


Does anyone know a good, sure fire way to summon King Paimon using tool less magick (don’t have and can’t get materials at this time)? When I pray and talk to him, I always address him as King Paimon, Great King Paimon, etc… (I generally call Lucifer Prince Lucifer or Crown Prince Lucifer). Meditation is hard as fuck, my brain is a radio tuned to 1000 stations at once. Energy work and working on your psychic/astral/whatever senses is confusing to me. I just want to work with King Paimon, I need his assistance, and I don’t really understand the whole energy work, opening your 3rd eye, opening your this or that kind of senses, etc… that seem to come so easily for so many on here. Can someone help a tool less pathworker with an easy as it gets way to contact King Paimon, so I can ask him if he’ll aid me/work with me, let him know I want a relationship with him, communication, etc… since I was told simply praying isn’t enough. Would staring at his sigil, concentrating on him and my desire for him to come, and repeating his enn again and again be enough? Another confusing thing is that, he is to be addressed as King Paimon (which I do), but his enn simply calls him Paimon. Should I add the King when repeating his enn? Somebody help me get in touch with him in as simple a way possible (I’m not good at, or have the opportunity to do, "rituals). Thanks


You don’t have to use any tools when it comes to magic or rituals. Also, a ritual doesn’t have to be wierd or anything. I actually summon spirits with no tools nor anything else.


No, you don’t have to.

While there are many easy methods to summon him, you won’t be able to hear him if you don’t have your astral senses opened. It’ll just not work and the best way to open them is by using meditation.

Now, I see that you don’t have knowledge about some really basic, something that you should fix. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources, even on the forum, that can help you with that.This path isn’t an easy one and you can’t walk it overnight, it need much work and time.

The first step, is to get info about things, some basic things. Then start by simple meditation, not much, but 10 minutes per day are enough. Also, meditation and sunlight can help your astral senses a ton! After a while, you’ll be able to use the knowledge and abilities you gainned to summon a spirit (King Paimon in our example).


Thank you


Thank you and great job! I’m just now starting to work with king paimon myself, this post got me even more interested, thanks!


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Another question regarding King Paimon and Prince Lucifer. I was told that, while I do need an increase of my pain meds (I gave up heroin years ago because it WAS holding me back, not just spiritually and magickally, but in my life in general. The shit just gets to be in the way after decades of shooting IV smack every day. I feel Lucifer, and King Paimon are probably glad I did). But, while I do need a major increase of my legally prescribed for legit reasons opioids and benzos (roxys and xannys), I do enjoy getting a buzz (which takes a lot of high dosage, powerful stuff) a couple times a week, I’ve been told that demons won’t like that. Why? Are they like the cruel Jehovah and don’t want us to enjoy what we enjoy? I feel nothing from even my right /prescribed dose of oxy. 99% of the time it just dulls the pain and I’m not the least bit high (I really fucked my knee up 21 years ago, when I was 23). I do want them to help me with developing my psychic/magickal senses and working with energy and soul travel, etc…, but damn,do they really have a problem with a guy enjoing how he feels sometimes? If that’s the case, why don’t they tell us to live in a vow of suffering type monetary as monks?