How is hell?

Someone has already visited the hell or the realm of some of them (lucifer, king paimon, belial etc.). I still do not do astral trips, but I’m very curious to know what it’s like there and also what they do when they are not there on here.


Here are some topics by people who have made the exact same post, which you can find by using the search bar.


Hum, that’s not exactly what I want to know, but it’s good information.


i get mental visions of it and have a few times been in Satan’s palace via mediation i get the classic paradise lost vibe an underground city basically filled with casinos bars personal homes for demons and spirits Satan’s temple which is massive and always changing expanding also a lake of fire where Leviathan swims around and hell is dark lit by blue light aura some parts look like gardens and forest…

i could be insane and just getting the wrong vibe visions but that’s what i see take it as that…


That place called Hell I don’t understand. I’ve once be in the Space and had thoughts of Hell and I was teleported somewhere…I saw a big pit, with typical Hollywood devil came out, horns, tails. Fire burning inside there. Lot’s of people there, numerous. I didn’t last long there.

I’ve been to Lucifer’s and Belial’s. I did asked Lucifer, like, They say you live in hell?
I see no burning fire in his Kingdom. Same as Belial. Religious preachers are all mouth, none has experience.

They are leaders in their respective places. Like king. It’s their princes, dukes, etc and servants they send around to work out requests we make to them.

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That sounds like Blackreach.

I’ve seen similar blue lit or black lighted gardens come to mind many times in visions and on the astral plane, so reading this here was interesting.