Hindu God's Protection Vs Wrath Of Demons of Goetia

i am hindu and we worship,shiva,vishnu,laxmi,ganesha,hanuman,krishan,even i worship hanuman and believe his powers,but i know these gods cant help me in revenge, so i chose demons.

This can offend many and I may be wrong.
But demons can’t help when you try to fuck with gods( those that are called creater, preserver , destroyer or all three). Hanuman alone can tear any demonic king with all their legions asses so wide that no tailor from infernal kingdmon would be able to stitch it and you would be facing his wrath after he’s done with them.

Second if you think that you deserve justice then try reciting “bajrang baan” as many times as you like everyday basis or search on YouTube “how to use bajrang baan” to get some idea how you can utilise it. Before reciting any mantra or worshiping Hanuman, lord Ram is worshipped search for mantras of ram and start chanting it.
Hanuman won’t even move without the command from ram so ask ram to send him to help you by telling him why you need justice tell him what that guy has done, give some offerings anything just give, atleast when you start to both.


i agree with u but problem is god doesnot listen anyone request many people are praying but nothing happens life goes on.everybody is religious and everybody does some puja in their home , they are not protected at all.hanuman is very powerful he gets pissed off very ezily if we do something wrong in puja also.and if justice comes after 1 year whts the use of that may be at that time i wont care about that guy .

If the person has wronged you, you can ask one of the Hindu Gods to sort them out.

Now the fact that they have a relationship with these 3 Gods is a problem for you. Vishnu and Hanuman in particular are very, very powerful. Hanuman is one of the only beings you can consider to be omnipotent (due to his boons from all the other Gods).

On the plus side they will just negate your attack. If you persist they will step in and then I feel sorry for you.

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Actually Kali Ma helped me with this guy who was an asshole to me in school. He changed schools and no one was hurt.


Unless you sort something out with them I wouldn’t expect to do it without resistance.

Picking a fight here isn’t advisable in the first place, but if you did, only being willing to go half-way is going to get your head kicked in.

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And that is the point, these Gods are Lords of Karma, revenge is not Dharma, if you ask them for help, they may or may not help (i choose to believe that frequent devotional prayer will always get you an answer if done with faith, that goes for any religion imo, and im pretty sure of this, after all, God is everyone’s Father ) and when they help, they do so that no one gets hurt

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I am going to explain you in simple terms mostly or all gods of any pantheon are of offensive type when some shit happen or going to happen only then their energy get triggered.

Spirits of dead, spirits of cremation, demons, dijnns, ghosts, pisach(indian vampire) are of attacking type they don’t give shit just give them offerings for the service you want them to do. They won’t get affected by the karma because that’s what their nature is a lion won’t get bad karma bacause he kills for food or protecting his family. Same for those spirits.

But gods won’t attack just because you want them to because you will get that bad karma for that, so do gods never harm anybody no but they do only for some cases or when they are too close with some person.

You can straight ahead face that person talk with him/her and try to get why he/she is doing that. Sometimes mudane methods are way more powerful than these metaphysical ones and if still he/she won’t understand. Then try to increase your power do mantra chanting there are shatru stambhan (make enemies silent) mantras of kali, do some protection mantra first either of kali or hanuman or Bhairav or all combined.

This will take time but without knowing how to hold a sword you can’t use it. Don’t go to some tantric or aghori or any black magic practitioners for help you never know if they are real or not and you will be wasting money.
This whole magic things sure feels like you can do or achieve everything you like and no one will be able to stop you but in reality it’s not like that.

You must have known about the recent lynching of 2 saints and their driver in Palghar and many other lynching happens all over world with people of different religions we hindus are no different, forceful conversion, Kedarnath flood which really made the place where Shiva temple is a large graveyard with deaths of thousands. We can ask if these beings really exist and people will answer these questions by talking about either karma or some kind of test by the deities look we don’t know no one knows, we have experiences which do shine some light that there are other things which either science hasn’t discovere or will never discover.

Just have some trust that’s all I can say believe in yourself and what you do.


Mantras of baglamukhi are good for enemies who back talk, search for shatru stambhan mantras (binding enemies), kalabhairav will help try reciting his beej mantra before starting any work do tell them why you are doing those mantras and what results you want, don’t go straight for kill.
Start doing protection, mantra shabar mantra will help search for “hanuman raksha shabar mantra”. It goes like " om namo vajra ka kotha…"

I can’t post mantra here because it won’t help anybody because you need to listen to it for getting benefits.

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I forgot one , if you can then do “Durga saptshati” either in hindi or in sanskrit both will work.

This video will help

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If the person is malicious or persists after the Gods give a warning they can and will hurt them. They also know mercy and forgive really easily.

I’ve heard that Aghoris cannot curse someone as it comes with a consequence which results in death of the caster.

idk, i think they are benevolent and merciful or rather, i believe they wouldnt hurt you, but Karma will balance stuff out :slight_smile: but i choose to look at them like this, they have a fierce side sure, but its mostly to help destroy the Ego imo.

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Most higher up powers are fairly even. If they fight each other it will lead to mutual destruction like Loki and Heimdal during Ragnarök.

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Yeah but all spirits have more aspects to them. The Devas used deception against Asuras during the churning of the ocean and Vishnu killed the Demon who became Rahu and Ketu because he took the nectar. A reminder of their darker sides.

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funny you mention that, Brahma granted a boon to the Demon king (forgot his name) that allowed him to duplicate from his blood hitting the ground, the gods realised the mistake and Kali maa emanated from Maa Durga and well…you know the rest

just reminded me of this lol

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I agree with you, but using the baan for this purpose would almost certainly be dangerous.

And there was another story where one Asura pleased Brahma and Shiva and asked them for nothing in return which somehow gave him control to their realms. When he tried pleasing Vishnu and asked for nothing in return, the Deva said that he’ll give him eternal bliss (by killing him) lol

how did that work, did he reach the Heavens?

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I didn’t follow the rest of the story. I’m sure the Asura panicked and asked for something or was killed.

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