How Hindu gods and goddesses are no different from any other pantheon!

Wow, a rant face post about the gods and doing everything right and having nothing to show for it while some ass is a jerk and gets some results.
This is exactly why I gave up on RHP kissing some gods or religions ass and doing what I am supposed to bs. It’s like cats. You know, cats like who they like, and it seems to have nothing what so ever to do with human morality or hard work or whatever. Some people say they are evil. Some cats really like me, and some don’t. Some cats take some time to warm up to me and then become buddies with me when I give them a lot of food and attention, and some are indifferent or even hostile no matter what I do.

Dude, God Shiva in Hinduism is Lucifer. Ganesh, is the son of Shiva. So, whatever you’re arguing about is void.

Honestly, the more i learn about different spirits, angels, demons, gods, the more i learn they honestly are not that different than humans and are not always being 100% with people. For example, V.K jehannum has worked with many gods and beings of all sorts and these beings have aided him, yet he posts a drunk video on youtube bragging about his spiritual power and physical strength and how he would make a great rapist but ‘is not about that life’, Yikes. Just gotta accept the fact that no one is perfect, including your precious gods and demons. Humans need to stop kissing there feet so fucking much, but sadly i believe humans naturally are sheeplike. There will always be the ones who bow and the ones who don’t. Seems like being a fake kiss ass gets you more in life, pity.

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OK, My hyper nationalist Spidy sense is tickling so time to Go Super Saiyan Mode !

@TheGreyGuy @racksus Look buddy, Don’t mistake to basic stuff known to our grandma’s as the Real Hinduism. Just until few decades ago half of the population was illiterate and that was the only spirituality accessible to them. Don’t expect them to know Intricate logic of vedanta or Nyaya or Hidden symbolic language of tantra explaining mysteries of Gods and Mathematics and Cosmos. At the same time they also have the right to practice some form of spirituality, be it just offering some flowers daily or reading the Epic stories.

It may be insignificant compared to what we do but still it is something and something is always better than nothing.

As for the prayers not answered, well don’t blame it on the deity if after offering ONE incense every week he did not fulfill your prayer to Rank in Civil service , which statistically is harder than winning lottery. Prayer like meditation is a faculty of mind, it needs to be sharpened with daily practice.

Don’t just leave your tradition Just CUZ the Surface level religion bothers you. It is for the masses and the very fact that U R in a place like this means U R not one of them.
( Glad that I grew up without any religious Samskaras and in a commie neighborhood as an atheist so my gateway drug was Buddhist philosophy of mind and Vedanta )

Believe me, what Our tradition promises , very few can Imagine. Two of the members here Who Did/Can wield the power of the source got it from the same tradition ( Now i am differentiating the ancient tradition from the Gods ). There is a reason why Majority all of the New Age Movement is Eastern Desi Stuff. LHP movement is nothing but a pudding made of VamaCHara, Kabbalah and some ancient lost pantheons.

Most people can’t even Go beyond that. At most their mind and potentiality of imagination will be -

1- Accessing the power of the God/Source
2- Wielding it without any restrictions
3- Complete Union with It.
4- Attaining the state of Purna Khanda Siddhi
5- At most attaining the Highest Bhumi of Bodhisattva mentioned in the ‘Inner Most Tantra’ of Highest Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism and it came from South India if I am not wrong.

That’s It. Believe me, what this land promises is WAY BEYOND THAT.
For example U Surely have heard the term Rishi, They were/are creative entities on a planetary scale just as Angels are of Maintaining aspect. Out of many things they did One was Bringing new field of knowledge on the planet, Be it spiritual or material. One rishi Brought Yoga, may be another brought naturopathy medicine - Ayurveda etc.

There are 108 forms of yoga out of which only 4 are know and out of this 4 in hatha yoga there are over billion of individual yoga postures each for A particular Race of being- DemiGod-Spirit and then inanimate objects like the parvata Asana.

Out of this innumerable Asanas only 84-300 are known currently. So that should give you a clue what actually lies beyond the curtain. Don’t get disenchanted by some some surface level stupid stuff.

Do your research, the knowledge is there.

As to the OP, Well Just a cup full of energy of the God is not the God itself in it’s entirety . Nor does it describe the LARGER AGENDA OF THE GOD in a cosmic scale . And they do have one, I can assure you. Any entity we work with and bring it’s energy is nothing but an extension of our mind, don’t blame the weapon instead of the wielder of the weapon.

If you don’t like devotion or Tantric method then follow the yogic method where instead of personalizing th being you go inside and activate that part of your sub conscious mind.

Well Have said enough. Sayonara, Gotta train Broly now to get him to Ultra Instinct Level.

Spidey senses and super Saiyan? You really need to spend more time with the mighty Prince Vegeta.

I agree with this, about 85% of shit that we hear from our elders, pundits and other RHP and even LHP Hindu practitioners is just them repeating what they heard from others and they have their heads far up their asses that they won’t believe in truth even if God Shiv himself go to them and try to educate them.

I don’t know what you actually mean by ‘don’t leave your tradition’, but I’ve leave the feet-licking devotional bullshit and the fear of being judged by these entities and the fear of committing “sins” and I will not go back. I’ve neither stopped working with Hindu entities, nor I have turned a blind-eye to the actual knowledge of Hinduism, as I previously stated, Hinduism is a goldmine of knowledge and powers and its knowledge can take someone’s ascent beyond imaginations and I would be a fool if I refuse to acknowledge its knowledge & potential.

Indeed! OP can even turn that landlord’s own ‘weapon’ against him if he wants to and have all the knowledge to do so.

The proper word is Daeva, not god. People who don’t understand that the Daevas don’t work like elementals/thought forms/gods are the ones who don’t always get great results. The image/name is a link to a particular energy - NOT an astral or mental being, but a fundamental aspect of God way, way up there. The goal is to channel that energy through your energy body, to synchronize your energy body to this particular frequency. Proper interaction with the Daevas closely resembles Invocational excercises in High Magic.

Yogis and tantrics use a contemptuous term, “Neo-Hinduism” for the kind of behavior you’re describing. Before the Muslims and Christians came in and slaughtered everybody and burned down the temples, proper Hinduism looked NOTHING like what you see today. There were whole temple complexes for orgies, blood sacrifices, you name it. Men and women were equal and all sexual orientations and identities were known and accounted for. The tantrics have all the source text/vedas to prove it.

One does not “worship” the Daevas. One performs sadhanas. Also, it is good to worship God THROUGH the Daevas, not the Daevas themselves. The Christian concept of lowly creation that is separate from its lofty, perfect creator and grovels before it is TOTALLY foreign to all Eastern religion.


Try to use demons like Belial,king paimon to curse your landlord,see the results and post on here,tell us what is the progress…

Saying that hindu gods is bullshit because you were taught to act and do certain things by hindus is utter stupidity. If you wanna judge the hindu gods then evoke them yourself and talk to them. Don’t judge the gods based on there followers/worshipers. I cannot believe I have to explain you this shit.

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You nailed it.

The only power is existence or consciousness.
Everything conforms to the consciousness involved. We experience our state of mind.
In this case, everyone’s experience of the deity corresponds to the individual perspectives involved.
The fundamental truths, as opposed to customs and traditions, of Hinduism are common to all other spiritual, philosophical and genuinely scientific paths. The words used and the lifestyles vary but the principles remain unerringly constant.